easeAndrea: Hello, On-aira. It’s been a busy week. I started a new task and it’s been keeping me engaged. Just like you’ve suggested a few messages ago, it’s a good thing that I’ve stopped running out my energy just because I happen to have some on reserve.

It’s all a different feeling to how my day and how my energy levels are now. Also of note is the time being a rubber band factor. There doesn’t seem to be any consistent time passage, and this is another round of this. I first started noticing it way back in 2011.

On-aira: We knew there was something coming up, it showed in the realm of probabilities. There was also the measure of desire on your part to partake in a task that challenged you and provided for you to [the opportunity to] hone skills. We know your desire for work that is play. It delights us you have this in your now for satisfaction.

Andrea: It does satisfy to be able to do what I’m good at and to get better at what I do.

On-aira: This is one primary way to know what is coming and to know what is the way to go, this playing and following the fun. Even if this is called work, this is also play for you. Perfectly in alignment with what feels good, and this is in alignment with where you will eventually be going as well.

There’s no more complex way to reasonably navigate. All the old ways of getting to where one is going and to reaching the desired level of achievement are all over now, especially for you, dear lover. Which is why it was so important to position yourself in the proper vibrational environment of ease and of synchronistic flow.

Andrea: Hmmm. Yes, it couldn’t have been more easy, and yet, there’s been a building of rapport and of skills to lead into this situation as well. Who knew it would end up here, but on the other hand, I really wasn’t chasing another job to do.

On-aira: We would say this is in the flow of what will someday be a much broader task, and one you will gain much joy from doing. We would predict this is going to grow, and you will not at this point know how it will proceed. You don’t need to know any of this as it will unfold in ways that would seem impossible or unlikely to you at this time.

Andrea: Ok. I’m just fine with not knowing in advance what will be. I’m actually just fine with most everything these days and I have to thank you for the informative and helpful ways you’ve helped me to reorder some of my attention since I’ve been doing this automatic writing.

On-aira: We attend you, and it’s our pleasure to do so. From our view, there is no sense of time and space such as you experience. We already know what will come and where the future is because this all exists in the now for us.

We know you throughout this beautiful interplay of incredible unfurling. We know you forever. Therefore it’s easy to know you will unfold your beauty without delay and without undue hardship going forward.

The only issues were the ones of bringing attention to the habitual holding of tensions and misalignments in this now that were causing the body to feel discomfort and to manifest chronic conditions. These conditions were contrary to the upgrades happening in the body due to the changeover in vibrational frequencies entering your personal field and the field of Gaia Herself at this time.

We are here to assist in this sacred transition. Your willingness to shift attention and to shift focus is the key to the ease and the transmutation of the physical body at this juncture. We already know you have this victory, it’s already happened in our view.

Andrea: Nice to know this! I do have the feeling of certainty. I didn’t have this feeling before your help with the shifting of my attention and focus. Hmmm, I guess this is a big hint, isn’t it?

On-aira: We would say YES! It is through the shifting that you’ve secured the actuality. The certainty is coming from the shift itself, as the shift has set the template for what is to come. It’s done so in the most effective way, and this was possible by the release of the wasteful and incorrect habitual holding of tension and anxiety. Quite the paradox, we would say.

Andrea: Well, if all it takes is to shift out of anxiety and to hold instead to attentiveness of the body in the now and to being nice to oneself in order to maintain a more calm and ‘be in the now’ focus, then that’s the easiest thing yet. Only it wasn’t so easy, since it went against long held beliefs and habits. Still, the steps themselves were easy, the concept itself is simple.

On-aira: This is what we would say is so. Easy and simple is the way. All that is left behind is not real or true anyway. The old ways served no one properly and served only to keep one in discomfort and in unconsciousness. Not a good place to be in your experience, we know this.

So, any way we can assist to help you move out of this state and into a more joyful place is our greatest desire. We do share some of your experience in a sense and your joy is also ours.

Andrea: What a beautiful thought that is. Thank you for all you’ve done. It may seem small, but it has actually been very meaningful in my moment to moment lifestream. I’ll be coming to commune more often since I’ll have managed my new work load and will have set aside a time for this.

Blessings to you and all those who you represent. To all the crowd of those who are here with you in the gathering. Don’t think I forgot you all are here, I can feel you there when I have these conversations. My love goes out to all of you, bless you and thank you for attending me.

On-aira: With our love, we receive your blessings. Farewell, we love you.

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