intensityAndrea: My plan to meet with you a couple of days ago for the transmission of information was waylaid by a terrific mood swing and the last couple of days have been, well, horrific. Highly emotional and irrational, and it took me a while of wallowing in it to trace the deep and primal traumatic stuff inside that was coming back to express itself again.

Right on the tail-end of this episode, there was an earthquake nearly right underneath my feet. A 5.2 within 50 miles. After this happened, the high drama dissipated very quickly.

On-aira, can you comment on this experience from your view?

On-aira: Yes, we can comment, and of course, this comment would have to be from our view. We say our view is one that’s broader than yours is at this time, and yet, there are views that are broader still. The understanding that goes along with any viewpoint is going to be in accordance with how broad it is, and this is the journey of consciousness.

We offer to say, that from our view, the experience you have recently had and shared above is one that is pointing in the direction of taking a broader view for yourself about the nature of Reality. The broader view is one that is perceiving the connections between the individual and everything else in Creation.

So, let us break this down into smaller pieces and look at what may be perceived about what this experience is in the greater Reality.

Let us begin with the portion which has been experienced as the most intimate part, the portion which has been producing the intense feelings. The fact that these feelings are ones of discomfort matters less than the fact that the actual discomfort is rooted in the not-now. This is the first realization that comes with the ability to broaden perception.

This will lead to the next portion or layer of this experience and what it means for you. This layer is being mirrored back to the individual as synchronicity of the experiences of those ‘others’ in this realm at this time. This experience is being talked about all over the place, or ones so similar as to be perceived as the same, and this synchronicity is an important clue to the true nature of what’s happening in this now.

The collective consciousness of the humanity as a whole is being squeezed through this process, like wet clothes through a ringer. All that is of the not-now and of the vibrational level of the old paradigm is going to be squeezed out and this is going to happen over and over until none of the not-now is left to re-create that which is unconscious and out of synch with Divine principles and Love.

So, we can say, from our view, this horrific and uncomfortable experience was once again to point out to you what is needed to be released, and released at the deepest levels. Now is the time for the tools you’ve collected to be utilized, and this is a test of mastery and maturity.

There is a choice here, and the choice is one of importance, not only to you, dear lover, but to the collective at this time.

These are the first two layers of this, first your own trauma and the choice to stop re-creating it. Release it utterly.

Next is the collective trauma, which is attached to you by vibrational similarity. Like the action which happens when syphoning liquid, once the suction starts the molecules attract others and the stream starts flowing along the path of least resistance. If you are that path, then as much as you can handle of the flow will be passing through you and out to be released and transmuted.

Remember, please, this is one of the things which you volunteered to do while here. Remember also to pay extra attention to self-care and get plenty of rest, as this is an action to which the body is not yet accustomed to at these levels. The push is on in this now for this to happen and many are serving as conduits. We would ask that those who are called to this LOVE themselves with all their might and that this will support the systems which are at the upper levels of endurance.

The next level we would speak to in this, is that the body elemental, your vessel, is a part of Gaia, an extension of Her in physicality. As this is so, and as there is not truly any separation between any of the kingdoms in Heaven or Earth, we say that what you’ve also been in the flow of those energies releasing from the body of Gaia.

This broadening of the viewpoint, if you will allow it, shows there are connections to All things, All the time. Perhaps it is correct to say that a portion of what’s been felt as an earthquake releasing the deep stress in the ‘skin’ of Gaia is the same thing as the releasing of the stress in the ‘skin’ of yourself.

Can you take this image, this perception and integrate it for yourself?

Andrea: Hmmm. I’ve already had some thoughts and feelings on this. During the earthquake I felt like the deep rumbling was inside me instead of outside me. I can’t deny this was a part of what I experienced. It was almost a relief after the intensity of the pressure build-up before it happened.

I had no clue this would happen, but the earth-shaking was so perfectly aligned with my feelings. Amazing. Yet, on some level, my mind wants to laugh at the thought that the earth would shake because I had a moment of emotional and irrational melt down.

On-aira: May we suggest that the perception of having it be ‘because of you’ is one that comes from being in the center of yourself, but without the broadening of the perspective that this center is also the center of the heart of Gaia.

Andrea: Oh, wow! Yes, this makes more sense now that you say this. It seems that this whole thing is both more complex and also so much simpler than I imagined.

On-aira: We know you are tired and that you’re also in the midst of huge rearrangement of your inner landscape and your ability to reason out what’s happening and why. We suggest a resting period now for the integration of these changes. Allow for the integration to happen and do this with an open mind, please.

Most of what you ‘know’ is going to fall away from you very quickly now. What you will need to know will be available as you go, IF you allow for this to be so.

This is the reason for the discomfort and the not-now coming up for release. Carrying these illusions will no longer serve you going forward and will only delay you from the inevitable. Either release them or they will be swept away anyway, as this is the will of Creator and the Reality of this now.

We will bid you farewell for now and we love you.

Andrea: Farewell, and thank you for these moments. My love to you all.

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