groundingAndrea: This is day three of our 40 days. For the first time in many days, weeks even, I’ve had a day without being exhausted all day. I did as directed last night and went into my resting period from this space we’re meeting in now. What a relief to have a whole day without having this desperately tired feeling after being awake only 5 or so hours!

On-aira: We would say we are pleased you have found again this ancient way of grounding and reconnecting to the Heart of Gaia. She IS the source of your bodily essence, and She will always re-charge you. All you need do is come to Her. Connect to Her with your will and with your trust and love, this is all that ever is, or ever was required.

Andrea: Wow! This is just the simplest thing and yet I never thought to do it. It’s so strange to me that I’ve been practicing grounding regularly and never had such an easy and spectacular result. The way I was grounding was as if to connect to Gaia I needed to run a cord outside of me into Her core. I see now how Her core is inside of me, and how much more direct this is. How extraordinary this realization is! Like all Truth, it simplifies.

On-aira: Yes! Remember this simplification, dear lover! Truth does simplify and though there are beautiful complexities in the interplay and interconnections of the All-That-Is, still the basic facts are simple. Simple, elegant, and obvious.

There is never a need in Creation for extraneous and useless details, all details are needed for function and for purpose. This is one of the natural Laws of form and the delirious dance of matter in form. The form is efficient, and it takes the path of least resistance to purpose fulfilled.

Much misunderstanding comes from looking at What Is and assuming it has incomprehensible and overly complicated form and function. This isn’t so. Instead there are basic mis-alignments of understanding how simple and forthright all relations are in the Living Universe.

Many relations in the Universe are as if they are invisible to Gaia’s human kingdom right now, but in time this will change. The biggest change will be when the human family realizes their connection to everything is the basis of all Life and the matrix of all things, both that which is recognized as living and all that is now thought to be inanimate too.

There is no thing in the Living Universe which is without life and intelligence. Much of what is thought to be inanimate is indeed intelligent and alive, though the aliveness may be outside the senses that humans currently have operating or online.

Andrea: I want to spend another night resting in this cocoon of darkness, this nest in the core of Gaia, the seat of Our heart, mine and my mother, dear Gaia.

On-aira:  We would recommend this highly, as you have already seen, this is causing a primary shift in how you understand your own personal connection to Her. There’s no need to go outside of self to connect to or ground into Gaia. You are yourself, your body IS, a vessel OF, Gaia. As AAMichael has said to you on many occasions, ‘Stop the separating!’

We laugh with you here, and we share the delight at this humorous realization you are having. How funny it is that you are looking everywhere for the relief you have forever at your fingertips, or rather in your very center! Is this not the richest puzzle, a delightful magic act, a surprise ending to a long search?

Andrea: Yes, it is! I feel rather silly, but at the same time humble and so very grateful to find this puzzle and to have such beautiful help to solve it. I’ve been too weary to figure out much of anything, and these last few months have been particularly grueling in terms of what has seemed to be endless purging of what needs to be released, on all levels imaginable.

On-aira: We are here to support you. Allow now for us to buoy you and to float you for a bit while you rest and recharge. This place may serve you as an oasis after a long and weary trek to get here. Never mind the illusions, it is here where you’ve been at all times, but the flights of unconsciousness are still so powerful and creative, that these have exhausted most of your reserves.

No matter. You will quickly recharge and be ready for the next phase of this adventure. For now, we leave you and allow for you to simply BE.

We meet again tomorrow. Farewell.

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