blissAndrea: Hello, On-aira.  I come with a feeling of well-being today, and really no questions. What would you like to talk about?

On-aira: We are pleased just to BE with you. However, we understand that this agreement is about not only bringing greater integration with ourselves and your current awareness, but also the process of documentation that is being done as well.

In this way, there is a form of remembrance, continuity, and a way to connect synchronically to the flow of this energetic movement we have going on.

Andrea: Hmmm. I rarely go and look back on the past communications, though who knows? Perhaps I will at some time and find things I didn’t even notice or understand in this now.

On-aira: We would predict the probability of this to be very high indeed. We spoke in the beginning of there being encoded information for you in these sessions. Much is given that never makes it to the page as well. Still, there is enough to start the ball rolling in the direction of greater integration and this is our wish and purpose of being here.

Do you find it of interest how much easier and more streamlined this process is than when we started it? Notice how easily this happens and how much freer the communication is. There’s so much less contraction in your space in all ways and not only in this particular situation of automatic writing.

As we see it, this was the first of the primary missions we had when we suggested the 40 days of meeting with you. We have, in our opinion, reached this goal to a satisfactory degree, and in less time than we anticipated. It’s very pleasing and quite amazing really to do this with relatively little resistance.

Andrea: I’m not sure I agree about not much resistance, as it felt like there’s been quite a bit over all, but I do agree there’s been a huge movement in that department. I really feel relaxed and confident when I do this now. Though there’s not so much of a feeling of intense bliss that was there in the first sessions. Can you explain why this is so?

On-aira: This is so because you keep ‘normalizing’ your frequency into each slightly different level as you go along. The feeling of being ‘high’ or over the top with bliss is one that doesn’t last because the Being gets accustomed to the level and then ‘feels’ normal within it.

If you will consider, the old lows are now seeming to be far lower than you ever go anymore. Is this not so? Is it not also so that the highs that used to be very infrequent indeed are fairly often an everyday occurrence?

Andrea: If you put it that way, then yes, I have noticed this when I stop to consider it. I wondered if this phenomena was a function of the sacred spiral aspect of awareness? And if the feeling of bliss is a part of the feeling that simply comes from expansion of consciousness?

On-aira: From our view, bliss is an integral part of our now moment and this now moment is all that is. There is no moment without bliss from our view. We understand from our association and integration with you and other ‘grounded’ ones or ‘ourselves in form’ that this is not necessarily so from your perspective.

This is a function of expansion, there’s no doubt that this is a Divine attribute, this bliss, and that it is always available to All.  There is no exception to this and yet the individuated being can choose to put their focus on the lack of it.

This is quite incomprehensible in the collective field of the elementals and our Devic kingdoms. Our connection to beingness, to Creator Source, to Gaia, it so integral to our form and function, it’s not possible to stray from this bliss, which is the Life Force Itself. To stray from the frequency of bliss and Life is to cease to exist in our realm. Can you even imagine this?

We create along with Source, and Gaia, and the Cosmos in the Universal Dance which never ends and is never still. This is what, and who, and how we are as beings. There’s no function, no movement, and no part of our innate intelligence that can be out of alignment with Universal Law at all. Because there’s no deviation, there’s never a now without bliss.

This is the realm of the human too, if only there will be a switch of focus and the alignment which comes with this switch. This is what you and those like you are in form at this time to accomplish.

Realize that what is called the illusion is just that. Realize that nothing anywhere ever exists outside of alignment with Source. This is, in fact, quite impossible, as if it were, Life Itself would stop supporting it. Without the support of Life, the existence is no longer possible.

This puts a much different light on many human thought processes and judgments, doesn’t it? We know this runs contrary to many deep-seated and long-term programming trends among human kind. We say this is the simplest and most straight-forward terms we can find in order to offer it in some way that it won’t be pushed aside as improbable or unimportant.

This is so obvious as to be understandable to the smallest and youngest among you, and yet, in the excitement of the ‘game’ of life, and in the mesmerizing drama unfolding on Gaia among humans, there still needs to be focus brought to the basics, the pre-school lessons.

We say this not to be unkind, but instead to encourage the honoring of what are the simplest and still most important understandings. Without the foundational comprehension of these simple and obvious, the easily observable and provable truths, then there can be no going forward into the light of the new day.

The new era is here, and there will truly be much simplification in order to untie the tangle of unworkable and unusable ways of thinking, feeling, and being. The most important ‘teachings’ of this time are the simplest reminders of what was obvious to begin with.

The parable of needing to become as little children is an apt one.  If one can remember when one was young enough to have it all figured out, there might be much to recover and take forward in the place of the social programming which has replaced and transplanted that holistic and innocent wisdom.

Andrea, our time together is done in terms of our agreement to meet with you. There is no reason to stretch it out, as the integration has occurred we were working for, and the expansion we were asking you to allow is also enough to facilitate the next level of communion.

We attend you always, so there are no good-byes, only we will be stepping aside for others to come forward and commune in an individuated manner with you. Please continue to come and make a space for this communion.

Remember, we are a part of you and don’t allow the contrast of separation to keep up the illusion we have gone away. We are never further from you than the end of your own nose.

We leave you for now to think about what we’ve shared together today and on these pages. We love you, dear firebird, and look forward to when we fly together again. This is not so far away as you may suppose…


Andrea: Bless you, On-aira.  Thank you and the air elementals for all you do and for the part you all play in myself and my journey. Even if our conversations don’t reach the pages anymore, I know the integration between us has made a solid connection, a bridge that will never again be broken.

I love you! Farewell…

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