knowingAndrea: Hello, On-aira, and also to all those who are with you in this gathering. I feel them there and I think there’s more to come with some of the group there with these conversations. I’d also like to talk more about information ‘gathering’, and your comments about how this won’t be necessary going forward.

On-aira: We welcome you, and this welcome extends to you from all in this gathering. There are many here, we watch, we sing, we attend you all the time. It is with joy that we join you in these conversations. Though there is a style or a certain character to what I/we, and my/our elemental nature bring to these meetings, there is also a ‘portion’ of the rest of the group which comes through as well. We are One.

In this same way, you are also One with us, though you have yet to truly understand this and integrate this into your consciousness, at least not in a waking state. The dream states you have are much closer to this integration, and yet there is still some ways to go until you are capable of ‘holding’ or containing this much broader of a perception. All will come in time. And the time for this is swiftly approaching as well.

This is the biggest part of why we are here now, and why the press to ask you to make a commitment to our conversations in order to bring into your consciousness a familiarity with the REST of you. There is much more to you than ‘meets the eye’, and we would also say much more to what you will come to understand as Yourself. This will someday include us (all who are present here to attend you now), as we are One.

In the meantime, we use the separation and contrast (which we have spoken of before with you) (1.) as the vehicle of understanding. Nevertheless, the truer truth is that we are You, and you are Us, we are ONE.

This will include as well, not only the being (body) of Gaia, not only her kingdoms of the elements, not only every being of every life form, and those which you do not as yet perceive as alive, but also those kingdoms you currently separate into what you call angelic and so forth. They are also You.


This is the truth, and you will find ways to integrate this in time. There is no limit to the time spent doing this, and there is no pressure for this shift in perception to happen at any given speed or time limit. This is the journey of the soul, and though it may take seemingly forever from your limited perspective, it is but a blink of the eye in truth, and in the ultimate reality.

You ask about the information gathering and the necessity of gathering and holding information that is the current state of being in your perceptional realm. We would say this state of being is going to shift dramatically, and those who are most in alignment with allowing this shift to take place are going to have the least amount of suffering over it.

There is so much that is being revealed, and there is much confusion over it. It has been rightly called a node of chaos. All this is necessary in order to show the contrast that has been created for all to see what IS, and what IS NOT, in alignment with Universal Laws and Principles.

These are actually quite simple, yet the secret to navigating in the now in the midst of the chaos is all about releasing all that doesn’t align with What Is [Universal Divine Laws} for the well-being of all. It is truly not any more complex than this.

The well-being of the precious self is the first part, as without this, there can not be the strength and the endurance to go the distance. We would say it is so much more about releasing lies than it is about learning truths. The truths are self-evident, and always have been. Ask yourself honestly what the truth is about anything of any importance and you will know it instantly. There’s no greater authority than you in this Universe.

We, who are serving in other kingdoms than the human one, and are in attendance in this shift of the ages, are here to attend you. This is also so of Gaia, of all kingdoms, of all of Creation. We are One.

The linear thought process is going to be unbraiding, it is doing so now and this is why there is a lot of confusion in the thought processes of so many right now. We would suggest that fighting this process is not only futile but it’s trying to swim upstream in a wave so big that it will sweep you away with it anyway.

There’s no reason why it need be so uncomfortable. Allow for the part of you that knows how to think, and feel, and know [without it being linear], to come forth and lead the way. Allow for the knowing to be there for you without the need to do this in any kind of linear fashion. In other words, allow for this knowing to BE, without attaching it to anything in time or space. It is time to mature and take off the training wheels, dear lover.

Can you begin to imagine this way of being?

Andrea: Well, I don’t know really. I know I have been forced into this in certain passages in my life, but only in severe situations, those situations where I really had no other choice. I guess it comes down to trust in knowing what needs to be known all the time, doesn’t it? And trust that what is known will be true.

On-aira: Yes! This is so. It is time to begin to embrace a new way of being. We say this to you in particular, as you are seated in a placement of modeling for others. Many others are in similar placements as well, and we attend them too. This new way of being is actually not a new way, but is a return of the way it truly is, and the way it always has been. It is the work of certain of you now to walk this talk and model how this works.

Andrea: Oh, my. That may be very difficult to do! Modeling is fine, but the experiences I have are not always apparent to others. Also, they most often assume it is special for me, like I’m some ‘blessed’ person and they are not.

On-aira: Nevertheless, you are here now and we trust you will find the way. You always find the way. Many times you have, and you will again, we know. It already is, and the myriad of creative ways you do this is well known to us on this side of the veil.

Andrea: Again, this is an issue of trust. Not only trusting that the Universe will supply what I need to know when I need to know it, but even more so, trusting myself to somehow find the way to accomplish what you are talking about.

On-aira: This is so. But in our realm, which is beyond the linear time and space you have in the reality you currently occupy, we can say this has already happened. You have done this already, and done it in many different and highly creative ways.

Andrea: Well, this certainly has given me plenty to think about. I wish to stop now and consider what’s been said here before we continue with this. Thank you so much, all of you, for all you do for me and for everyone else too.

On-aira: We receive your love with great joy and thanksgiving. We sing for you, we sing the new world, we sing the threads of the new world for you to weave with. We love you, dear lover, farewell for now.

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