gratitudeAndrea: I woke this morning to another big rush of Love and Bliss energy which left me vibrating for a long time. It’s been a while since this has happened, but I’m riding this wave of gratitude right now, and I feel like this is part of the reason.

On-aira: Blessings flow along the lines of gratitude, as this holy attribute is in far greater alignment with the Real than what most humans would view as ‘normal’ states of consciousness. States of consciousness which are not in alignment with gratitude are mighty blockades to potentials of manifestation which are of the greater good as well.

Nevertheless, the contrast is allowed. Why is this? You would ask this, and we will answer with the same answer we have already given concerning contrast. Contrast exists in order for the awareness to come to realization and a far deeper understanding of the All-That-Is.

It’s a part of the exploration of possibilities. All possibilities are there for the choosing, none are inherently wrong, only some are out of alignment with LIFE. We say this to point out how those ways that are chosen that aren’t in alignment with the true nature of Everything that exists show, in contrast, in pain, in discomfort, in the way of dissonance, how what is in alignment is, what it is, and also why it is.

No, there are no judgments on this side of the veil of these sorts of choices, all are honored as free will is in alignment of the most sacred kind with this Universe. To judge is out of alignment with this principle and this is why we suggest it be released. Only by the deeper understanding which comes from judging and releasing will there be the knowledge of why this is so. How this works is there for all to find out for themselves. This is a sacred journey and won’t be interfered with.

Andrea: Sigh… It makes me sad that this is so, but I totally get the necessity of it, having been in so many extremes of this ‘game’. Of course, no amount of judging changes the nature of anything, does it? It only corners the perception into another round of illusion and keeps one from being in clarity.

On-aira: Discernment is necessary, and yet this isn’t judgment and this is where there is a great deal of confusion in the human realm. There’s no shortcut to the wisdom that comes from experience and maturity either.

There’s the energetic reality in this now that’s pushing all into greater levels of knowing, along with this is the dissolution of what used to be viewed as survival skills related to linear and ‘logical’ thinking.

For you, as a being, and as you’ve chosen a difficult path to get to this now, gratitude is the key to it all, and we know you know this. You’ve chosen a great challenge this time and we commend you for finding the treasure you have, in spite of every kind of illusion to the contrary. You do see how this has brought the greater understanding of the true nature of reality and illusion, do you not?

Andrea: Yes. Definitely, this is so. As you’ve pointed out, without the contrast, the understanding would not be present. This also points to the rather recent understanding of how it’s become necessary to look beneath the surface of even supposedly ‘mundane’ choices to see if they are also in alignment with love, gratitude, and other Divine principles. Though this is a huge challenge, it feels like it is still far easier to do this than it was in the past.

On-aira: It is easier, and this is so because of those of you who have carried out the greater contrasts in your journey. There is much joy and celebration over this triumph throughout the One Consciousness we all share. This is also a portion of the bliss you woke up feeling, may this wave of pleasure permeate you to your core! Allow for this to be so, as you richly deserve it!

Your nightly reports to the Councils are honored and treasured. We know you don’t remember yet most of what happens there, only the very surface of it. In fact, you and your soul group are specialists, and without your input this sector of our consciousness could not be taken to ascension and back into our unity so quickly. You are the magic key to our health and well-being as the One in ways you may not fully understand for a long time to come.

The energetic upgrades to the physical vessels you and your crew are inhabiting are crucial to the on-going ‘descension’ of what you currently view as Angelic forces as well. Also, there are the Devic kingdoms raising up through the human form and increasing their levels of connection, intelligence and communication.

Like a spiral there is upliftment and also there is a deepening too. The sacred spiral force is taking the human consciousness in both directions at once. Allow for this to be so. We are all ONE. The stretching of awareness is not going to stop, for to stop is to deny the very Life force itself. Those that choose this will not be able to sustain their form.

This is also a valid and honored choice, as not all have given consent to stay in form longer than they wish to. Many have already agreed to much more service than they originally came in to perform. It amazes and lifts up all who watch this play out. We are humbled and grateful for the service and devotion that’s being displayed by those in form. Heroic deeds are to be placed into the annuls of the Akashic records. Many names you will recognize and many you may not, but all are mighty lovers and mighty transmuters of form.

We share this with you in order to help the shift of the realization happening among you. You are the ones who are anchoring the Love, the Angelic energies and all that is happening on Gaia. From Her center, Her heart, and out to the ends of Creation, you are the channels of these energies and how they come into form and play out.

This is a much broader view than you’ve ever held, we know. Allow for this to settle in your awareness and just be with it for the time it takes for it to become integrated. No need to judge it, or resist it, or fear it. Only allow this possibility to be with you and you will see what will unfold to show you the truth of it.

We leave you now to this integration. Continue to allow the energies of bliss and love to support you in this difficult passage. This Divine dispensation is what we sing for you, we sing it without ceasing. You need only to open your heart and receive it, it belongs to you and always has. Soon, dear lover, you will find the way to sing it with us, and then, then the true magic begins…


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