relationsAndrea: This is day thirteen. An auspicious number, I think. There’s been much to think about in the last message. What do you bring forward today for me to be aware of?

On-aira: We’re here always, and this has always been so. Like we said before, there is an aspect of your being which is comprised of what we are, and without this you as a unit would cease to be viable as a unit in physicality.

The difference is one of degree in our current relations. The degree of awareness in you and also in us as a collective Being is heightened and enhanced in this now compared to what was only a short time ago. Coupled with your intent to be open to this communication is our desire to be here as well.

All of Creation is experiencing an upgrade in awareness levels at this time. This makes it possible to span the space ‘between’ us and to have this open communication. We have said we aren’t the only ones in line to speak with you and this is so. More and more will come forward for using this vessel, yourself, if you choose to continue with this method, or if you choose to use any other method with the intent to be clear and to be open to it.

No matter either way, but this is a potential for you to bring into consciousness and solidify what happens for you naturally anyway. These sorts of messages have been coming in and up to awareness in you for some time. After a short time, they subsume again into the realms of the sub-conscious and so it seems like it all has to be discovered again.

This isn’t completely so, and is a function of the levels of energetic frequencies that are going on in any given moment. The lower the base level of frequency, the less the being is able to ‘hold’ in awareness.

This is why the information is given over and over again to refrain from running the energies of the being out in looping and negative thought and feeling patterns. The re-running of storylines, no matter how juicy and alluring, or how dramatic and full of adventure, are a waste of energy that could be better put to use in generating a base level of energy that is fit for expansion.

This is so very hard at this time for most to understand. The practice asks that the attention be removed from habits that have levels of addiction in them. There is also the deadening of the senses in regard to the moment and the being will often times seek that which is already known to excite a feeling of aliveness, no matter if this is to pull up memories that uncomfortable, or even horrific.

The releasing of such habits is partly a practice in getting comfortable with the ‘void’ space that is left in these areas when the habitual looping is gone. A feeling of being bereft can accompany this practice at first, and we would question here, what is it that’s feeling this? Is this addiction to pain coming from the higher self, or is it coming from a facade masquerading as the self?

These are deep and profound questions and we don’t seek to answer them for you. We only mention them in order to bring into awareness what you may seek for yourself.

You often say the words, I don’t know. Within this land of I don’t know is hidden much that you do know. You do know and there is much that only needs to be brought up and into the conscious awareness. This is what we are doing together in these sessions. We are here to attend you and assist you in this.

Andrea: Well, I thank you for this. I do recognize some of what you bring forward as ‘stuff’ I know, and yet, in these sessions I’m understanding them in an whole new way as well. It’s like the information has been a puzzle and the puzzle has been putting itself together inside me, beneath the level of my awareness. When brought out in these sessions, there’s somehow a picture which is both familiar and also containing a lot of details I’ve never put together before. This is just amazing to me.

On-aira: Congratulations! Another packet has been unsealed for you in this moment. The relationship you’re building in this now with us and with your own vessel and its storage capacities though out you’re bodies is going to open for you new vistas as yet unknown. Within this ‘unknown’ is more than you can currently imagine. Within this unknown, is the conduit to information beyond this as well. More to explore than you will understand for a long time to come.

Andrea: Whoa! I think it’s enough in this moment to do what we’re doing with this. I’m not yet ready to range that far out, hahaha! Though I can imagine I may someday be, I’m more interested now in finding the foundations I need to support me and my mission.

On-aira: The foundations are building and they already exist at the same time. You are building with the foundations of Universal Law. This law is love, but you have yet to solidify what this means to you. It’s been a long journey, we know this. Long way home is the way you’ve expressed this, but there’s actually no space at all, and no time in linear terms that exists. You’ve gone nowhere, nor have you ever been away from the strong foundations you need. All of this is a dream.

This dream is one you’ve chosen. You may find this difficult to believe, but you have chosen it or you’d not be having it. All the wandering is coming to an end, as the spiral has come near to the opposing ‘ends’ connecting again. This is well beyond what can be explained here at this time, we know, but feel into this and be comforted.

We would bid you farewell for today, dear sister. With love, we will come again.

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