watersAndrea: This is day ten of our forty days of meetings. Yesterday I showed up and there was nothing. After sitting and waiting for a while, I got the message to come back today after a day of integration.

On-aira: A day of integration was needed for you to have the space for letting what’s been given so far to settle. We wouldn’t push too hard, or too fast, or push at all for this to happen. It’s happening on many different levels as well. Not all of these levels, or you could also say dimensions, are within the realm of what you have the senses, or should we say, the expansion (of awareness) to experience yet.

This doesn’t mean you aren’t getting the benefits from it. You are getting benefits, and through beginning to notice what these changes are, you will begin to become aware of shifting throughout your fabric of reality. You may not notice the cause, but you will definitely notice the effect!

Andrea: I have noticed a mighty expansion in the strength and endurance of my compassion. Somehow, my compassion has expanded and deepened greatly. I can feel how wide and deep it is, and (able to) be right in it while still being able to function in the moment. This sort of immersion into my emotions used to take me out of my ability to function. This is really new to me, this level of what I would call the ability to endure the intensity and be truly and deeply in my feelings.

On-aira: We would say this is a perfect example of expansion. Ascension is about expansion, and expansion is about more, rather than less.

This is what is said to be a tsunami, and the metaphor of water is very appropriate. Water is a mighty holder of emotion, the ‘fabric’ of water is encoded from moment to moment with vibrations from whatever environment it passes through in its planetary cycle.

Bless the waters, dear sister, bless them with your thoughts, your feelings, with your words. Water is waiting for our blessings to carry them around the world. This is a water world. Water is the great solvent here and carries the essence of all life in the realm of form and matter on Gaia.

Water IS Gaia’s emotion and Her Love. As ‘agents’ of, as fragments of, as extensions of Gaia, the human and devic kingdoms all share in this capacity, this duty, and this stewardship of water. Water is the lifeblood, the ‘telephone wire’, the connection and network of our emotional interchanges on a global basis. We need to bring this to awareness and intend the blessings to go round the globe.

Andrea: Wow! I never thought of water in this way. This has given me a lot to ponder on. Though a higher level of responsibility, it is so beautiful to think how easily this could be done. Bestow a blessing on water each time I think of it. May I not forget this teaching and integrate this simplicity into my daily habits.

I’m seeing now how this would change dramatically my entire way I regard water. Also, the way I regard my place in the scheme of things as a being on this planet.

On-aira: Indeed. The stream of life on Gaia is all connected in many ways, though this is one of the most obvious ones, and one of the most important. Note the way the body of Gaia is mostly water on the surface. Notice how this is how she is formed in Her beauty.

The human, and in fact all kingdoms on Gaia, echo this same makeup. Feelings are the major portion of the whole, and are the vital element for connections and how the vital energies are distributed.

We would suggest time be taken to more fully bring this truth into integration. Once this truth is fully integrated on this planet, there will be a dramatic shift of epic proportions. A part of the rebalancing of this planet have to do with the rebalancing of misaligned emotions, and a lack of awareness of our partnership between the devic (air, earth, fire, water) kingdoms (and the realm of humanity).

As you are now receiving our help from the air elemental kingdom to integrate ideas, to ‘travel’ along pathways you’ve not even imagined before, in this same way there’s a need to work with the elemental kingdom of water.

The essence of All is love, but this is even more so with water. It’s the most receptive and responsive element in terms of receiving emotional ‘programming’ or intent. It’s nature is to receive, hold and carry, and it’s so powerful that nothing can contain or stop its circulation.

We would say to you to change your limiting views about water, and you will unlock for yourself a power of unimaginable consequence. Bless the water and see for yourself. Bless the self, as the self is made up of mostly water too.

With this, we tell you we love you, we bless you and farewell for now.

Andrea: Farewell and thank you!

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