predictionsAndrea: Hello, On-aira. We’ve been talking a bit about the nature of time in these conversations over the last couple of weeks. I’d like to know more about the nature of predictions and how this relates to our current concepts of time.

On-aira: We would also like to expand the awareness of these ideas. As we have stated, in our truer truth as air elementals, there is no time in a linear sense as you have experienced it. We would see this experience as a form of distortion of the truth from our perspective.

We also understand that this has been in place, this distorted perception of separating everything into now and not-now as a way of exploring your realm and reality in certain way. This has served in a way to evolve the consciousness and given ‘lesson plans’ to follow in a sense, quickening deeper understanding of the Greater Mysteries of our shared Universe.

The truer truth is that there’s only one great consciousness and we all share It. The truer truth is that in this way we are ONE. In what can be seen as a more practical view, when the focus is concentrated to a point of perception, this can be experienced as separation when compared to another point of focus.

This is the basis of this and not-this, or also said as, this and that. This concept of separation is, in actual fact, not in alignment with truer truth, yet we would say that in some practical sense it serves its purpose. The purpose is to allow for focus to be used, and to be done so in alignment with freewill and the immensely diverse and creative nature of all living beings.

So, let us talk more about the nature of predictions and how they play into the creative drama of consciousness in your realm. Your kind loves these sorts of stories, do they not? These are stories of the not-now. In our realm, this not-now isn’t not-now, all of Creation is Now.

Allow for this paradox to exist within your mind for a moment. If there is, in truth, no time that is not-now, what then is the nature of a prediction? It’s a creative storyline. It can be based on the sensing of the moments that exist all at the same time, be they ‘future or past’ not-nows and this is well known. Therefore, predictions often do have some validity.

These creative story lines exist within the Holy and Chaotic realms of possibility and probability. Your science is in the infancy of touching upon these concepts and noticing their existence now. Shamans, mystics, and prophets have known of these realms though out the long history of human kind.

Possibility and probability are related but not exactly the same. Possibility is only so free to create as it is unlimited by the belief of the creator being. Probability takes it even further than this, as it asks for the work to be done in the etheric realms in order to attract that which is most ‘activated’ into manifestation.

The beauty of prediction is that it can, if used in ways that are inspirational, open the door to possibilities. With prediction, what was not thought to be possible, and is therefore blocked completely, may be moved from impossible to possible. This is only one step however, and will need to be moved into activation in order to be created in the etheric and the realm of probability.

Does this clarify? Or are you asking about a specific prediction or set of predictions, and their status in the realm of probability?

Andrea: Well, thank you for that information. That was more than I’d hoped for, frankly. I’m so glad I thought to ask. I’ll need to go over it again and see if I understand what was said. Right now, I’m curious as to how you feel about predictions. Many of those I know are torn between being inspired by them and feeling let down when there seems to be no immediate evidence for their validity.

On-aira: Oho! We see this playing out and we laugh. Not a scornful laugh. A laugh and a playfulness that sends its healing into what we would see as a mis-aligned understanding of how the Great Mystery and Its individuated forms (all beings!) are constantly and in a great flurry of activity, adding in every moment to the field of potential, to the realms of possibility and probability.

We would ask this question then of you and of your race, who is it that creates? If not you, then who? When this question is answered, then it’s obvious where the probabilities stem from, the source of such is in each focal point in all kingdoms. Not only on Gaia, but in the entire Universe.

We have compassion for the confusion about this obvious fact that’s going on in your field. We would say that predictions are, at best, a wonderful story line which has the potential for opening the tiny pinhole in the contracted field of possibilities from the focus on your particular, and human view, or point of perception.

Understand who creates this contraction and you will understand much more about predictions, their purpose, and potential among your kind.

We have much, much more to share on this subject, but enough is given for now for thought and consideration. Farewell for today.

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