enlivenAndrea: Day six of these meetings has come really quickly, it feels like to me. Meeting with a spokesperson of the air element is also truly amazing. I’ve been thinking about what’s been percolating away in myself about our recent conversations, On-aira. I have some clarifying questions I wish to ask today.

On-aira: We come forward to answer them. We support you and would encourage your desire to know. Your curiosity is a Holy attribute, one that will continue to expand your access to knowledge and to enhance your experiences.

Andrea: I want to know what the nature of these conversations really are. I feel like it has something to do with the massive downloads I’ve been receiving since the 2012 Sedona conference and even before that.

On-aira: Indeed! See how you find and unpack the packages which you, yourself, have prepared for us to give back to you?

Andrea: I got the clear thought earlier that you are riding on my neural pathways somehow, that somehow this is possible now since I’ve recently had some major ‘re-wiring’ done in a healing session. There’s also the fact that all this opening up to more and more light has been going on in my world. Frankly, at times, it’s been almost too much to bear.

On-aira: Correct on all counts, except the part about it being too much to bear. You’re much tougher and more resilient than you have the capacity to imagine at this time. You’re aware of the team of angelic beings attending you and you have been for a long, long time. Yet you imagine that their support for you is limited.

This is truly imaginary, lover, and you’re never without support. Instead, in your realm of time and space, all is unfolding perfectly in Divinely appointed fashion. You’re also aware of this, and still you wonder.

Allow for this sense of wonder to buoy your feelings. The magic of what is truly and absolutely Real is beyond what can be explained here. It’s not beyond what can be experienced though, and you’ll continue to be supported in miraculous ways, there is literally no end to this. Wonder and Awe are expansive, in alignment with the Divine Timing and Plan at this time and in this space. This is a part of the reason you’ve chosen to be here at this time.

We are riding on your neural pathways. Though this doesn’t exactly mean that we’re simply your thoughts. We’re much more than this. We’re more closely aligned with the thoughts of All, this is a larger and truer truth. What part of this can be accessed and run through your neural network is still too limited to handle more than these tiny bits at a time. Still, we’re here to attend you and to assist you to move further into expansion.

A big part of the why of here and now and our presence coming forward for you and for many others too, is that there are the before mentioned vital light messages/messengers streaming in from the All-That-Is. (1) This is enlivening and activating devic kingdoms of Gaia at this time.

In fact, all kingdoms on Gaia, and all that aren’t on Gaia are having this same experience at this time. All are being infused with Living Energies from the Creator. These energies are forms of Light and their Essence is Love.

My kingdom of Gaia in the realm of air is also getting this same energy influx, and we’re also expanding in our consciousness. Our awareness and our ability to commune and communicate is expanding. We’re pleased and excited to begin to have these conversations with any and all that are opening to them, and to us.

Andrea: Thank you for this clarifying information. I’ll continue to come daily to meet with you. So, I also would like to ask about these packets of information again. Do I already have them from the downloads and are you in attendance here to help me unpack them?

On-aira: We would say that this is indeed so. Understand that this is but a part of the story however. As air elementals, we have our own beingness apart from our oneness with you. This is beyond what can be described here at this time, but it’s enough to consider that we’re one with you enough to be a part of the process of helping you to unpack and integrate the massive amount of information you’ve received already and haven’t yet begun to bring into your awareness on a conscious level.

As this happens, this bit by bit unpacking of what information you have residing now in yourself, we will be here to attend you. In this way, there is also a process of intimate building of relationship between us. It is a growing of a love, a remembering of a promise. The circle which is more truly a spiral is coming again to this region of remembrance.

We go now and allow for you to rest and to integrate what’s been shared here.

Farewell, and love attend you.

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