attitudeAndrea: Hello, On-aira. I’m back with you now after a very busy weekend, and yesterday I just found I was exhausted and needed to just be mindless and rest. I enjoyed the discussion about predictions and time we had last session. Would you care to continue with that?

On-aira:  We would first like to commend you for honoring the body’s need for rest. The effects of the recent incoming energies have been quite a burden to the body, and also to all the systems within her.

We know you have the tendency to view all the increasing demands of the body for attention to be beyond what you wish to deal with. We would say this is what is needed to assist her to her optimal function. This is a sacred task, as much or even more than those tasks which you see as being in service to the Divine.

You forget that your body is a vessel of Divinity. Remember again and be at peace over the tasks you must do to attend her. She is your most precious asset and ally!!

It’s so easy to put all your attention to ‘outside’ of you. Consider that your vessel is the conduit for your spirit and honor her in all ways. Become conscious of your relations to her, dear sister, and understand that the ways you regard her affect her deeply.

If you regard her as a distraction that takes you away from more important business, how is this regarding her as the holy vessel she is? Look deeper at your attitudes and upgrade them.

The need for the extra care now for the body is due to the intense and rapid changes in her field. You and she need each other, and the better you treat her, the better she will serve you. This is a sacred covenant between you, and you need to remember this. Build the relations you would wish to have instead of one of negligence and abandonment.

We say this in compassion for the unconsciousness that’s preceded these times for you. We understand this is the result of an entire lifetime of programming, but now is the time for waking up and shedding all that isn’t true and real.

What is true and real is that there are changes going on at all levels of being all over this Universe. There’s no place in that isn’t feeling this change now. It will take all your latent skills and senses to begin to perceive these changes, but you will.

Giving the body the care she needs is crucial to this process. This is going to include changes in resting patterns, eating patterns, activity patterns, and more. Many of the beliefs you currently hold over what is needed for the body to function are in need of adjustment, as the body itself is in the most powerful and rapid adjustment it’s ever been a part of. More so even than the rapid period of infancy.

Be kind and be patient. Listen carefully to the body and what hints she gives about her changing needs. To ignore them at this time would be a mistake. Take all the time you need to attend to the body’s needs and love her in the process.

There’s much healing to be done on subtle levels in your relation to her. If you will do this, the payoffs will be great. There will be an increase in abilities to sense far beyond what you’ve already experienced so far. There’s a reconfiguration going on and this is also happening on a deeply physical level.

There are aspects of this that are far beyond what your mind can deduce, but the body knows very well how to get what’s needed, so listen! Allow for rest, no matter how it may seem to exceed what you feel should be appropriate. Allow for changing habits about eating or activity or any other thing about the body. Only follow her lead and this will repay you in every way imaginable going forward.

The passage for this intensely physical manifestation at the heightened level is one that’s long in your estimation, but it’s one that will produce an exponential shift in capacity and capability of your earthly vehicle, your dear body.

We will speak again about the nature of predictions another time. This time we speak about the body and remind you to look after her with the love and the knowledge that to do so is a sacred task.

With love, we attend you always. Until next time, we love you. Farewell.

Andrea: Farewell, and thank you.

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