heartAndrea: Here we are on day seven of our 40 days of meetings.  Dear On-aira, what will we talk of today and where will we go together?

On-Aira: Here I am to attend you, and we are together as one in this moment of now. Where will we go you ask, and yet we know you noticed the rhythmic swaying before this meeting began.

Andrea: Yes, it was like a heartbeat. I could feel and hear it, as well as seeing the fabric of this space subtly expanding and contracting in rhythm. I thought it was like being in the interior of my own heart. How extraordinary!

On-Aira: This is yet another perception of this meeting place we’ve been in now for many days. The interior of your own heart, indeed, it is. It is also within the heart of Gaia Herself, and it beats to the rhythm of All That Is. This rhythm is relayed and related on all levels, both macro and micro, though out the Universe.

It is the foundation of movement in the Cosmic Dance, the in and out pulsation echoes both inward and outward forever. Take the time to feel how this feels to be in the center of the drum of the heart.

Andrea: It feels like nothing I can ever remember, and yet, it is utterly familiar at the same time. I remember now! This is the sound from being in the womb before birth! Wow! How could I ever have forgotten this feeling, this sound, or any part of this amazing experience?

On-Aira: We are here to hold this space with you now for your remembrance. This remembrance is key to moving forward again out of this space again into a new world. The birth of the new awaits you and you are again in the birth canal.

Andrea: No wonder I was feeling and perceiving some sort of tunnel and the suggestion of light from the other end of it! This whole experience is just full of surprises. At the same time, the progression here is perfectly obvious! Is this the way of it then? I’m here to shift perceptions so I can finally perceive the obvious?

On-Aira: We would agree that this is so! (laughter) Make no mistake, however, for this passage is one of initiation and is quite real and necessary. Though it can be mirthful, it’s also a sacred passage. There’s no part of it that isn’t needed, and no part of it is useless or unnecessary.

Try to understand and also remember what the true meaning of this heartbeat is. There is much more to being in the sacred chamber of the heart than you may suppose. This is the chamber of initiation, of healing, of transmutation, of many layers of meaning and purpose. Nothing here is mundane, dear lover. You are in an ancient and Holy chamber and you are in the Heart of the Divine here.

Andrea: Oh, my.  I’m overwhelmed with awe and also reverence, and yet there is joy and laughter. This is a strange mix.  I can’t ever remember being both at once.

On-Aira: So yet another package comes undone. This space is a balance point, therefore it contains a balance of extremes. The Alpha and Omega, the beginning and end, simultaneously.

Don’t be concerned with the play on the mind you are accustomed to, for this is a multi-dimensional way forward and will have what you will be experiencing as strange mixtures of what you would have thought to be unmixable and opposed in the past.

We move from this sacred space out/in to the new world to explore soon. Things will look quite different than they ever have before.

We leave you now to enjoy this time here and will meet with you again tomorrow.


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