portalAndrea: I come through the portal door within with the air element symbol upon it. On-aira, are you with me?

On-Aira: I have been here always. You come now and now we are here to meet you at this appointed place of now. Shall we begin then to allow for your expansion of understanding to occur?

Andrea: Yes. I’m ready and curious to know what is in the packages you referred to yesterday. This is day one of our trysting agreement. I’m feeling excited about it.

On-Aira: Good! Your excitement is the force that will guide you to that which is for you in this now. Remember how this feels as this is to be the navigation tool you will want to use over and over again.

When you began the entry to the portal, you perceived the void space, did you not? This void space is perceived initially as dark and the feeling from it is a strange sense of vacuum. Once this is perceived, an intensification of focus reveals this is not the true nature of this meeting place.

When conscious focus is applied it reveals itself to be a space alive with certain higher forms of light perceivable only to your higher senses. Feel these vibrational frequencies and log them into your mental and emotional notebook for later reference as well.

The tools to navigate from now on are those of recognizing vibrations and frequencies. You will feel them before you ‘see’ anything in these realms which can help you to navigate or orientate and therefore know where you are.

Notice the blackness is blacker here. Notice that it is devoid of sound and of light completely, unlike anything experienced in your ‘normal’ awareness. Feel in yourself how this is an edgy feeling of unexpressed potential that is permeating this space.

Is this space empty as it would seem? What do you think?

Andrea: I noticed this right away, this feeling of being in a vacuum of some sort, like there is a very subtle form of sucking out of everything. Very hard to describe. The feeling of extreme vibrational potential is definitely one of bordering discomfort. No light, no sound, this emptiness is full to the brim with the suggestion of something/Everything about to pop out of it!

On-Aira: Yes! This is the between space we would have you notice. Noticing also that we meet here in this space to begin our journey together. Here is the center of the dot. Here is the tiny pin hole in the heart zone which is the portal of our doorway into and out of the realm of your normal perceptions. Did you notice that the portal door led into instead of out of yourself?

Andrea: Yes, I did. I noticed that stepping through the portal door gave the distinct feeling of falling inward. So very surprising then that I fell into this truly black and lightless environment. Though it changed again to a background of darkness and some unrecognizable light source I’ve never seen before when I managed to focus my attention again.

On-Aira: So then, you have already begun to unpack the packages! Hahaha! The first package is the knowledge that there is, in fact, no darkness. A closer inspection with expanded awareness shows the darkness contains yet another source of light. This light is light that will someday be discovered and explored by your sciences, there are hints of it now tickling around the outer edges of the community of searchers now.

Outside or in, the spaces between are the dimensional passages and the pathways. We use them all the time to travel where we will, and for those who will enter them without fear, they can travel them too.

Andrea: Is there a need for a special sort of vehicle to travel in these pathways?

On-aira: You might say so, if you to want to perceive it in this way. The realm of sacred geometry shows the forms, like the merkaba and so forth that comprise the ‘containers’ for such traveling. Though we would say the more direct route would be to feel the frequencies and to attune the self to these, riding the waves of these, without effort like a fish rides the currents in the seas.

In our realm, we ride these frequencies without the need to explain them, and without the need to describe them either. We know them directly from the feeling of them and they need no further identification or labeling for us to use or utilize them.

Andrea: Ok, I’m losing you now. Thank you for coming to meet with me and we will meet again tomorrow. Blessings.

On-aira: Farewell.

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