containingAndrea: Hi, I’m back again to commune with you, On-aira. I guess it could be also said this is me communing with myself. What are your comments on this topic? Would it be correct to say this is a conversation I’m having with my higher self?

On-aira: Hello, again, beloved. Your question is a good one at this time, for you are considering the expansions in awareness that are just beginning to unfurl in you. To unwrap this package will take some peeling of layers of meaning, so if you will bear with us, we will begin to assist your blossoming understanding.

What you know of yourself has been severely limited, and has been so for a very long time. However, this is only true from a specific point of perception, that which has been what you call your ‘waking world’ while inhabiting form at this place in the spiral of Creation.

We aren’t trying to encode our explanations in order to confuse. We encode into what structure you have available at this time in order to open your awareness to concepts and to realities that are new, and therefore presenting as confusing in some sense.

On an eternal level, beyond time and space and the limiting environment of form, you’ve always been aware of all of this information we come to help you to assimilate now.

The higher self, or Overself of you, encompasses much, much more than you could currently contain all at once. It could be said that you are one fragment of this Overself, but this would also be incorrect, for you are everything this Overself is, in the same way that a seed is the same being as the plant it will grow into.

There are many mythologies that have arisen describing this phenomena, this layered experience of the IAM, and the way it seems to fragment in awareness. We would only wish to mention this as food for thought, and not to go over all of them. You’re aware of so many, and there are many more you’ve never yet heard. The nature of this reality is such that words fall short of being able to describe what is, and what can be known only in direct experience.

The fact is that you have had this direct experience billions of times and more, it is the bringing it back into form and recalling it that falls short of what you are desiring in knowing. You already Know all this, the remembering will happen naturally as the ability to expand and to contain more of what is Known is further along its projected path.

This is a portion of the reason for the intense and prolonged need to care for and build proper and supportive, loving relations with the body at this time. She will bear a great deal of the brunt of the expansion into renewed ability to contain more, and more, and more information.

In order to do this there will be more light, and more light, and the ability to hold this light is how this information will be contained. This is beyond what you understand at this point, though there are many now talking about the coming of light bodies and the process of transmutation going on in those with human form at this time.

Please know also the elemental kingdoms, the animal kingdoms, the mineral kingdoms, all kingdoms named and unnamed upon and within Gaia are transforming and transmuting. Nothing is without the ability to absorb and contain More. This more is a form of light, but it is also carrying Divine information, or you could also say codes.

Codes, information, love, light, all are words to describe a mighty influx and upgrading energetic pulsing that is happening in this Divine moment.

Andrea: I think my efforts to understand this are separating where there isn’t truly any separation, isn’t that so?

On-aira: We would say this is the truer truth of this. We would also point out that although we are here to assist you, we are autonomous to you. We aren’t you per se, though we are closely related to you in Essence, in essence, we are all ONE. Therefore, all separation is artificially constructed.

However, we would say that the relations we build by utilizing this thought pattern of ‘you and us’, is useful as it can be. In this way, there is the opportunity to outline, and therefore recognize, the pathways between us, the actions between us, the ways we interact with one another.

The same could be said of the relations between yourself and your body. We have spoken much about this lately and rather than it being redundant, it has indeed served to get your attention and to shift your perception, has it not?

Andrea: Oh, yes, it definitely has shifted my perception. I begin to recognize the subtle signals and the way my body has incredible wisdom to share with me about what I have no way to access from my mind. I’m truly amazed and humbled by the information given to me by my body, now that I have been paying attention and giving it the honor it deserves.

On-aira: We would say there was little chance for this to happen so long as you were stationed in the mind set you were before we opened this line of conversation for you to consider. We would wish you to consider how important this truly is to the continuation of your development and your ascension journey.

There will be much, much more information to come on this subject.  For now, it is enough to know this is the path you seek and this attention to the physical will repay you handsomely and soon.

Farewell, for now, dear lover. We love you.

Andrea: Thank you and farewell.

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