frequencyAndrea: Hello, On-aira. Here we are on day fourteen, two weeks now and the time is slipping by quickly it seems. I can’t decide if this is getting easier to do this or not. It feels like there’s still quite a bit of resistance, even so there’s a lot of good information coming in for me. I’m very grateful for this.

On-aira: We are here for you. Much of this information is already what you would consider to be ‘within’ you, this is true. However, there is the building of relationship we are working on in order to make the connection to much that is beyond what the vessel can contain.

The vessel itself can contain immense amounts of information, again it is building of relationship with the body which will enable this information to be translated or decoded in order to bring it into a conscious place for understanding. There are many levels to this process.

The process itself is in motion, in terms of what is possible now, and what will be possible in the future as well. Much has happened in the past couple of decades to enhance the clarity and ease of transmissions.

Andrea: It’s a bit difficult at times to know what is coming from ‘me’ and what is coming from ‘not-me’. But for now, the way I view this is that the energetic signature or ‘feeling’ of what I’m receiving is different enough to tell a difference. When I return to reread what is here, I can’t remember it, and this seems strange to me since I typed it.

On-aira: This, again, is the level of frequency that is different, and so the quality of communication and understanding is different at different levels. The beauty of this is that having put these ideas on paper, you can return and find them again.

Though it seems to be incomprehensible that you are coming and going into different frequencies and that the understanding in one is different than another, this is the beginning stages of moving out of the lower frequencies altogether. We support you and the way you’re documenting this process.

Andrea: Yes, well, if I weren’t so silly, I might be embarrassed by the incongruity of this whole process. It feels rather strange and uncomfortable at times to type pages and then have no idea what they say in a couple of minutes. I have to read them again to remember.

On-aira: There are many more in this now that are communing with an expanded version of themselves. This can be viewed in many ways and for most, there is a private practice and this is the way they are doing this.

There’s much need for releasing the anxiety over whether or not these sorts of messages are real or not. More important than this is the content and whether or not it resonates. The naming of entities is fine, but this is also only necessary for those who are still having problems with identifying what level of frequency they’re generating during communications.

It’s true that there’s entities or fragments, as we would call them, that are able to come through in these sorts of communications. If one is within the frequency of the lower levels of some dimensional planes these can play havoc with what is given.  All that is needed to know what is happening with this is to learn to feel the frequency one is resonating to.

This is also true in my own realm, and this is the reason for the name not being an important one in my realm. One is recognized by one’s vibration, and this cannot be hidden from any who are also of sufficient frequency as well. We know the translation to this way is difficult in your current translation process, so we give the name, On-aira.

Andrea: When you gave this name, I thought to myself how punny this is. It sounds like a description of what the purpose of this connection is. On air, this could describe a radio show, and at the same time, it could describe an air elemental riding the wind.

On-aira: Your language is one that is holding within it many meanings for the same sound frequencies. There are layers to the forms of language on this planet that are spoken by the human population. Most of your kind don’t give thought to this but it is so. We gave thought to this in the giving of the name for our use in building this relation. We know how you love a puzzle and how this might delight you!

Andrea: It took me a couple of days to figure it out, but when I did, it made me laugh. Was this a way to tease me?

On-aira: In a sense, this is so. We would like to delight and to play, as well as discuss serious issues. Our nature is to play! And our desire for relations with you, we wish to include this! Not only does this raise you up, it also raises us up!

Andrea: Thank you for coming. Farewell for now.

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