reunionAndrea: I come through the portal with the air elemental sign on the door to meet on day four with On-aira, the air elemental as agreed upon. This is the fourth day in the forty we agreed to meet.

On-aira, are you with me now?

On-aira: Yes, with you and within you. With you, as in supporting you, as well.

Andrea: What will we share this time?

On-aira: We would say that there is much done in the way of stabilization in your field since the first day. Still, the body is in a state of intense change, and this is using a huge amount of energy.  Even so, you are noticing a massive difference in the levels of energy you have at your disposal. Remember from now, going forward, what the source of this energy is IN the body. (1)

If you allow yourself to wander from this knowledge, it will only cause you to fade in ability to function again. The body now is upgrading and transmuting mightily, your good vehicle, your portal into form and connection to this beloved planet in matter and in spirit is the body, your own body.

Take care of Her, She is precious and sacred. The ways you regard the body must be upgraded, too, in order (for the body) to be in the shape to host your greater Self and in order for the increased levels of the Essence of Who You Are to inhabit within it.

This is an agreement and a covenant you brought with you when you came into form this time. It’s now time to remember and to honor this promise, in order to fulfill the promise of Who You Are.

There’s much more to the body than you have ability to comprehend right now. Much, much more and there’s no amount of sacredness in how you treat Her that is too much to convey onto Her being. You have no idea of what we speak, nor do we have a way to explain this now in terms you could understand.

Soon enough the gates to this knowledge will open for you, and you will then know for yourself what we’re talking about, but for now, this is a hint and a reminder to care (for) and to transmute all the ways that the body is disregarded and under appreciated.

Andrea: OK. I do get on some level that this is very important. That my body is a portal, and also something much more than a mere vessel for spirit. The knowledge seems to be right on the tip of my awareness, but not quite here for me yet.

On-aira: Let this rest for now. Have faith that this will all be revealed in perfect timing. As you’ve already seen and felt directly, there’s no way to deny the extra care the body needs in the now. Without taking and giving care, there’s no way to function properly like you did before.

This is enough for now. Only remember what has been given here, about not only the physical care, but the subtler ways of regarding, feeling, and thinking about the body. There are significant ramifications to this shortly to come, and to disregard this warning and advice will be very costly.

It’s a crucial part of your mission to be in a vessel that is in condition to serve, and it’s up to you to arrange this. Not only this, but the attitude you have toward this issue will have some certain consequences in how this vessel will choose to serve you going forward.

Andrea: I feel like what you just shared is more significant than I really comprehend in this moment, but I’ll be reading this again tomorrow, and take to heart what’s been advised.

On-aira: We would ask you to again stay in this antechamber for a night in rest and to continue to just BE here without expectations of what is to come next, or casting yourself ahead, to where we will go forward to and when.

All these things will reveal themselves, in the now, in perfect timing, and as they need to. For now, the most important thing is to allow the body to recalibrate enough to carry you forward.

There will be a far greater communication between your mind and your body going forward as well. Listen carefully to your body, and try to understand She has some deep wisdom (which) you do not, and this wisdom is something you don’t yet understand.

Honor Her as She honors you by hosting you in form.

There is a healing, and a reunion of matter (or form) and spirit that is going on within you. This is why you feel as if you are all stirred up inside and the reason it is feeling very, very physical. This stirring is happening from the most dense parts to the most subtle parts that you are made of. This is the best way to tell you (of this) in your current level of understanding.

For greater understanding, there is still much to remember. To remember much more, there’s still much strengthening and recalibration to be done.

Allow yourself to rest, and know this work is aided by the elemental kingdoms, and the will and love of Gaia Herself. She is moving through the will of the Divine Mother and the All-That-Is.

This is the fulfillment of purpose and passion for coming here at this time. Rest now and come again tomorrow.



(1) The reference here is, I believe, to the chamber in my own heart being the source or connecting point of the connection to Source through Gaia.

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