lightAndrea: Day five is here and I come to receive more information. The meeting place is no longer so dark as it was. It seems like its filled with much geometric light of some sort. Is this the beginning of sensing some more of what you were talking about in here that I haven’t yet discovered?

On-aira: What you’re seeing is the underpinning of the matrix of form and matter. It’s not matter or form itself, it’s the movement of energy that gives the illusion of form. Isn’t it beautiful?

Andrea: It is!  The movement is not only ‘seen’ but also felt. I feel as if this movement or subtle vibration is inside me as well. I suppose it is, since this meeting place is inside me. How funny that this journey inside seems from my perspective to be ‘outside’.

On-aira: It’s all perspective. The consciousness can and does shift perspectives anytime it wishes, or believes it can might be more correct in this time and space in Humanity’s level of communal consciousness.

The beliefs that humans hold about what is and isn’t possible has formed a prison for the senses. The key to sensing outside of this box is to release the beliefs of it being impossible to do so. What is real is a matter of perspective, and it’s the nature of consciousness to shift in perspective and to move freely from perception point to perception point.

This is the basis of freedom and also the basis of a sovereign being’s ability to move through time and space. This is so poorly understood by Gaia’s human kingdom at this time, it may as well not exist, but nevertheless it is so.

As there is more releasing and more permission given to self to travel freely outside of the ‘normal’ or habitually limited pathways of thought, feeling, and of spirit, there will be an expansion of epic proportions in both the abilities to sense and the abilities to move for Human kind.

These shifts in perception will happen in increments, but happen they will. The energies are expansive and not supporting these contracted forms anymore. This is a simplified version of what is occurring now, but in this way you may begin to notice what is happening and why.

Andrea: What I’m sensing with these light structures and their vibrations is very beautiful. They also seem like they are intelligent somehow. I feel like I can sense intelligence within them.

On-aira: Good! Another package has been opened. These energies that are now arriving in full force on Gaia, that are permeating everything on and in Her, this is what you are looking at, and they are highly intelligent. Filled with and even brimming with information, they are carriers of this information in a form of intelligent and vibrant light.

Like tiny packets of encoded light libraries, they are passing through all that you would normally consider solid. There’s no barrier to their passage, as there’s no thing that exists that can resist them. Light trumps all, for it is a form of Love in expression.

Andrea: If this is so, then it’s no wonder everything is beginning to be ‘seen in a different light’, as the saying goes. What do these light energies do when they permeate everything?

On-aira: They are the mighty transmuters. They transmute consciousness, and they reorder all they touch to align with Divine Law. The Law of Love they carry, and wherever they touch they transmute anything not in alignment with greater truth as well.

All of creation is being reactivated and enlivened by this passage of these Divine Beings of Light and the information they carry at this time. In fact, this is the reason we come forward in such an open and accessible way at this time.

The devic kingdoms of Gaia are awakening. Many are noticing this in this now and so it is.

Andrea: Thank you for this meeting. I’m very grateful for the sharing of information you bring.

On-aira: Farewell.

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