timeAndrea: Oh my. I’ve gone through this whole day and not thought once about our daily meeting. I would have forgotten it altogether if not for posting yesterday’s on my blog. I hope this isn’t something that’s kept you waiting.

On-aira: We attend you always, so there is no waiting. There is no time as you experience it in our realm, so there is no waiting. There’s only now, so there is no waiting.

We understand that this is difficult to translate into your patterns of thought. The point of making an appointment time, as it were, for us to meet each day for an extended period is to build relations between us and to bring your attention to this consistently.

We know you’re not given to this sort of habitual and ‘timely’ sort of task. We would ask that you continue anyway and without anxiety over it in any form. If we miss a day, it isn’t something that is missed, it is always now. Still, the time put aside habitually will build relations and also build the ability and level of skill in this task for you.

Our skills are also enhanced in this. Our ability to find the pathways within you and to bring the most accurate and useful information into translation are being built bit by bit and line by line. In time, more and more about this will be revealed. For now, it is now, and we are here now.

Andrea: These days I’m losing all sense of time according to whatever ways I ever found it to be. I sometimes feel as if my mind is slipping somehow. This is so hard to explain, but it’s an eerie feeling like I might lose something but I’m not sure what.

On-aira: This is a by-product, in a way of speaking, of the shifting happening in the ‘fabric’ of what you view as your reality. The shift is actually in the perception for the most part, but there’s also some actual shifting in the ‘motion’ or perhaps better to say the ‘direction’ of this fabric. None of these terms are satisfactory to translate properly what this is, but the experience of it can be disorientating.

Andrea: I also am observing what I feel are master’s lessons, or maybe better said, testing situations happening not only for me, but for everyone around me. It’s like this is the time for finals in school. It feels very important to make the proper decisions at this time and to not delay this.

On-aira: The current energies are such as to create the field of faster manifestation in reality than most are accustomed to. This is aiding in the making of connections in the consciousness of cause and effect in the realm of form. The opportunities have always been here, only now the quickening of the experience between cause and effect is making the value of such much clearer.

We would say this is a good thing. These shifts in perception are crucial to move out of the chaotic and into a new order of being. All is well, though it may feel foreign and uncomfortable for a time.

Andrea: It’s late now and I’m too tired to continue. I’ll return tomorrow for more. Thank you and farewell.

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