depletedAndrea: Today is day eleven. It’s been a really busy day for me and I’m tired. Here I am as agreed though, and would be glad to receive whatever there is you have to share with me, On-aira.

I’m finding it difficult to settle down. Maybe because I’m tired and I’m having some trouble with allergies. Should I come back later?

On-Aira: We are here to attend you. Your energy levels are lower than normal as the stress is high in the body today. Clearer signals and translations happen when there’s less stress in the body.

We would suggest you come whenever there is time earlier in the day and not put this off until all else is finished for the evening.

Rest for now and let this be instructive and helpful. There’s no rush to come or to go. There’s only a need to have consistent and clear intent.

We love you. Farewell.

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