ascensionAndrea: Hello again, On-aira. Yesterday was another day of intensely physical adjustments, it felt like. It was, once again, all I could do to get through the day. I felt the need to take another day to rest and be with my body without pushing myself to do the ‘ought to’ list.

On-aira: We are here and attend you ‘out of time’, so this is without pressure and without judgment. It doesn’t affect the nature of this building of the relations between us, for there to be space between what you perceive as of days passing. Only the intent to continue to deepen this association is important, and this is your choice.

We hold no specific expectation for you to fulfill, this is expectation you hold in regard to your own devotion. We know of your devotion, and we know of your intention to deepen your own experiences and your connections to all that IS.

Andrea: What amazes me at this time is how intensely physical this passage has been for me. I guess I thought there would be less on a physical level and more on a spiritual, or maybe mental level happening, but the physical part just seems to be deepening further. Is this to continue? And how does this play into the ascension process?

On-aira: We would say from our perspective there is no separation between physical and non-physical realms. What you perceive as separation is coming from artificially constructed perceptions. The entire polarity system of this and not-this is dissolving now, and we would say the more attention one pays to what IS, the more such paradoxes will ‘come into view’.

The goal of ascension is to ground more fully into the physical in awareness. So from our view, there will be necessity to align more with physical everything, rather than less so. It is through the realignment with divine principles that this will shift the perception of what this is, what this means, and all will reveal itself to BE what it is in ways that will at once seem completely changed, and at the same time BE as it always has been.

In different wording, we say what IS is, and always has been existing in alignment with Divine Principles and Laws. The perception has been what is outside of alignment. The extreme creativeness of the BEing is what has built what we would call a ‘story’ or description of what IS, and this is causing the perception of what IS to be what is called ‘illusion’.

The shifting of perception will be happening so very quickly now, and this is the perception of all beings, by the way. The human kingdom on Gaia isn’t the only kingdom which is going through this shift in awareness and perception. We speak mostly to the human perception point, since this is the passageway where we now are meeting for this communication.

Andrea: I’ve been having all sorts of strange symptoms physically, but I’ve been taking more time to rest and to listen to my body. Also I’m practicing the honoring of my body as you suggested. There seems to be some major movements now in some of what I would have to call chronic conditions all of a sudden as well.

On-aira: So, we would say this is the result of the shift in your attitude and in your relation to the body. These chronic conditions have had a long time to develop, so give the body time to readjust and to rebuild what has suffered from unconscious misaligned treatment over a long period.

She is in the process as well of getting an upgrade in awareness. This is happening on a cellular level, or this is as close as your current language and understanding can come to what is happening right now. The body is the liaison between your spirit and your access into form. She is Gaia, and belongs primarily to Her. She is your body, and also an expression of you in form, but she doesn’t really belong to you as you’ve always assumed.

Andrea: Really? Now here’s a new concept. I guess it makes sense though, given this is part of a message given me long ago from AAGabriel in a dream.

On-aira: We would ask you to keep giving the body the attention and the rest she needs. Even more important, give the love. The love is the healing balm, the fuel of transmutation, and the blessing of your spiritual Divinity. You are the channel for this to come into the body, and also the channel for this cosmic and spiritual love to ground into Gaia.

This love is a two way street as well. Again, this is paradoxical, but you must do your part to be the Holy ‘between’, the channel, the conduit for this love to flow.

We feel your fatigue. This is enough for now. Know your intent and loving intentions are serving a greater purpose than you currently know, and be at peace.


Andrea: Thank you and farewell.

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