foundationalAndrea: Welcome, On-aira. It’s day eight and we meet again.

I came to meet you and had a stream of consciousness that was amazingly lucid. I saw and felt as if there was green grass flowing, rippling and bursting from the ground beneath my feet and before me. Not only this, but at the same time, I perceived it to be it’s entire life cycle all at once.

All of a sudden I totally get how all things are a continuation of the same being from generation to generation. When I remove the perception of death and the concept of an ending, and can perceive the continuation, adding time as one of the elements, it’s clear that this is so. I’ve never noted this before. Incredible!

On-aira: Yes. You can see how adding one dimension to limited perception can shift the entire understanding of what the nature is of what is being experienced. The notion of ending in death is a hard one to tackle, but it’s not so difficult that one can’t perceive it from an expanded view. You just have. How does this feel?

Andrea: It feels like a great burden is lifted. Even though I’ve gone through the cancer experience and know this death issue isn’t what it’s made out to be, this is still a major shift to view the stream of life in this way.

I also clearly see much light this time here. It’s looking like it’s forming a pathway. The light is like a glowing pathway before me, stretching out for as far as I can see. It’s very solid and bright, like a foundation somehow.

On-aira: It is a foundation. You may choose to walk this path, it’s beyond a dream and into the realm of manifestation in this now. This path is clear, strong, and it’s the direct path you seek. There need be no maps or road signs, as there’s no longer many branching roads for you to be confused about. Only step forward, and you will be illuminated from your foundation going forward.

Andrea: Can this be so? I’ve had so much anxiety over the years about not knowing in advance where the ‘right path’ was for me. It’s been such a challenge to get here with the feeling like the path under me appears only as I take the next step!

On-Aira: We would say this is still your challenge. What you know, you still haven’t integrated enough to know it on a conscious level. It is, in a sense, a need to know situation. Going forward is still a matter of finding it in yourself to not know in the moment and step forward in faith anyway.

This will change soon for you on a basic level, but still remain on others. Be aware that your experience in this is serving you perfectly. All is well. Integration is occurring, and the rapidity of it is astounding!

We are astounded by your progress and wish you to know that this agreement to meet is one that wasn’t written in stone. None were sure it would be possible or that you would indeed take up this task. You have, and therefore, you will succeed with the agreements set forth before you came.

We celebrate this victory with you, even though you have yet to comprehend it in all its complexity. There is much more to follow this beginning, and the magic of you being in this starting place is the sign of the eventual roll out of the rest of this mission.

In the same way as the grass you saw was containing within it all the life cycle and the generations, and all were a steady stream without beginning or ending when viewed from an expanded perspective, we can now see this potential as complete in itself. The line of generation is complete here and strong, the path ahead is clear and bright.

Andrea: I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed just now, and I think this is enough for today. I bless you for your help with integrating all this. I’ll return tomorrow and meet with you again.

On-aira: Farewell, and all blessings to you as well.

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