by iriloth

The appearance of an air elemental asking to commune in this message is its focus. She’s invited me to commune for 40 days, saying there are ‘packages’ I’ve left with them to hold for me until I am ready to unpack them.

By this time, I’m intrigued. Imagine, there are packages for me to receive here that I left in their care! Wow! Who could resist hanging out with the fairies or sylphs or whatever ‘name’ we would wish to label them with. And all this without leaving my own ‘space’.

April 15, 2014

Andrea: I’m here and my intent is to be a clear channel. I listen now for any who would come forward to speak from this assembly. Let one come forward to speak and identify themselves.

On-aira: Hello, dear one. How often we say this and do you know why? No? Of course, you do know why, and we’ll be glad to remind why this is that so often we address our direct connection sisters and brothers in this fashion.

We do this to remind you of the fact that you are dear. You are of infinite value and this is never too much to recall and to give honor to.

I am speaking for all of us when I say these things. You are looking for my identity and this is what I can tell you about myself. I am you in another form, my name is one that is known, it is known more as a vibration, a signature in sound, than in the form you currently understand to be a ‘name’ or signifier of identity. Let my name be On-aira for this time and place. In this way, your request for identity will be satisfied for now.

I’m feminine in form, as you would understand it. My form is one that is of a subtler vibration to that which you currently are experiencing however. You might experience me more as a wisp of smoke, or as a gentle and swirling breeze. You might say, in terms that you would currently have some understanding for, that I am a form of elemental, a sylph perhaps, a being of air.

My form is one of freedom unimaginable from where you are in this moment. Still, there are far greater forms of freedom beyond form as well. Does this suffice in terms of identification for now?

Andrea: Yes. I think it does. So, On-aira, what information do you bring to me tonight? I’m open to understanding more about the elemental kingdoms and nature devas of Gaia. Is this your kingdom, and is this the location you are inhabiting and speaking from now?

On-aira: The kingdom you speak of is but one layer of many layers I inhabit at all times. As a being, my form is ONE with the All-That-Is and in my form, I have free access to all dimensions as you would call them. My form is what you would call fluid, and yet it’s more than this. The multi-dimensional aspects of my being are fully engaged, I know no other way to be, and from my view, there is only one location and time, this being here and now.

Andrea: There are beings called fairies that are supposed to be air elementals, there are many legends and stories about them. Is this what you are?

On-aira: Ah, fairies! Delightful stories have been shared about this, we know! These tales contain some of what could be said to be our attributes, but there is much more to us than this. We are the scaffolding of Universal Law and of Divine Manifestation on many levels. Not only on Gaia, oh no, we are permeating the matrix of Universes.

Not only universes, my love, but also in you and in your very body, we comprise a portion of your body and even add of ourselves to your personal essence.

Andrea: Wow. This is an idea that’s new to me. Can you continue to describe what you mean by this?

On-aira: We can say we are happy to share our view with you. As you know, there are also other of our ‘kind’, that of the devic nature in the essence of water, of fire, of earth, and of aether. Beyond these, which you already know some small part about, there’s more as well. These are of subtler substance and beyond your comprehension for now, but this will be changing soon.

What we would bring to you now is expanding thoughts, this is our element, thoughts, and also dreams and fantasy realms. We would remind you now that you have these within you. We are within you, and our bodies comprise some portion of your own.

Andrea: So, this conversation is sort of me talking to some portion of my own body? As in the aspect of the air element that my body contains?

On-aira: We would say that this is true. And yet we would also say that we are much larger and more expanded than this. What you suggest is too limited to encompass our beingness in any appreciable way.

But, in order to make this personal, let us say we are within you and our ability to connect with you is most powerful if you will expand your awareness to include us in your appreciation of yourself and our presence within you.

Our presence within you is waiting for you to awaken to our partnership. It waits for you to open your sleepy eyes and notice what is happening. We come now, and the time element is pertinent here, as the tide of energies is ramping up in this here and now. Because of this we are ready and you are ready to begin this conversation. We have always been here however, always we have been with you. Without us, your form would be missing a vital piece and cease to be viable.

Andrea: In what way do you make my form viable? What do you do that helps to keep me in form?

On-aira: We carry multi-dimensional messages in your bodies. We exist in ways you have yet to be able to perceive, but perceivable are the results of our presence. Like a light throws a shadow on the wall, this is what you may now perceive of us and our action and purpose in relation to you and all of the Sacred Dance in this and many other Universes.

Our ‘cousins’ are those nature devas that comprise the elements of fire, earth, and water. However, I’m representing the air element and come forward to ask you to make a deeper connection now with us.

Andrea: Is this my call to pay attention in particular to the air element?

On-aira: Yes! It is and this is our call to you to connect to us in your sacred and dear self. We are waiting to serve you and to help you to step into your multi-dimensional self in ways you have yet to imagine. We aren’t the only ones in line to get your attention now, but we are in the front of this line for now.

Andrea: Is there a personal message for me at this time you wish to give before I go?

On-aira: We ask you to spend time with us each day for 40 days. We would ask that each day for 40 days, a few minutes be put aside for communion with us in particular. We await you at our meeting place and you know where it is. This is by agreement that we remind you now of this meeting space. Use the air symbol on the portal door and this is the path to our place of meeting.

Nothing special need be done in preparation. Only meet us there each day for 40 days and we will give back the stored packages you’ve left in our care to be delivered now to you.

This is your loving sister, On-aira, reminding you of our love and our devotion. We meet with you and we commune again as ONE.

Farewell, beloved one, and soon, we ride the wind…

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