channelingThere’s been a few people ask me to talk about my journey with the automatic writing, so I’d like to do that now.

It began back in mid-February 2014, when I kept getting the thought repeatedly to begin automatic writing.

I spent nearly a week with this thought cropping up over and over throughout the day and night. It was almost nagging me, though I didn’t feel any irritation, only confused as to what that was about.

This is because I’ve not done automatic writing, nor did I have any idea how to go about it. Where was this idea coming from and why was it repeating itself all the time?

As I related in My Introduction to Automatic Writinganother post I put up on this blog back in April, I thought to myself, why bother? I’ve long been aware of being a ‘channel’ for information to come through. Nearly 40 years of doing tarot and ‘psychic’ readings have trained me pretty well to simply open my mouth and let the information out for the person asking for it.

If this isn’t a form of channeling, I don’t know what is.

Mostly what this entails is getting out of the way with what you know, or think you know, and just letting information stream through and be said. The more one practices this and the more trust is built, the more amazing and accurate the messages are.

So, one could say that I’ve had plenty of practice on some level with this over the years.

This getting out of the way is much easier when it is for someone who I don’t know and who I couldn’t possibly have any information about at all. This is the proving ground for how well this works, because without any access to any information at all about someone, if one can truly step aside and allow information to roll out, it will. It will, and its astounding how accurate it is.

The challenge comes when one is trying to access their own information in this manner. It can be very hard to get out of the way and just allow the information to come through without getting highjacked by doubt.

When doing this for someone else, and you know nothing about them or their situation, rattling on without getting in the way is like talking about what you know nothing about, but this is ok. The person listening (amazingly and impossibly) does know what is being referred to.

When doing this for oneself, I’ve not found it to be very workable. Is this wishful thinking? Is this negative thinking and fear? Oh, brother! I gave this up a long time ago for just surrendering to the now and allowing for life to unfold as it does.

S0, I thought, why should I do this automatic writing? Who am I doing it for? For what purpose will it be worth my while to spend time doing it?

I’m thinking to myself that I’m not interested in being a channel. For one thing, I think there’s got to be a tremendous amount of pressure on those people who are good at it and have a following.

People like Linda Dillon and Suzanne Lie get a standing ovation from me because of the service they provide and the modeling they do for the rest of us, but I don’t envy the pressure and I don’t see myself as being so dedicated as they are in terms of being the telephone line between dimensions.

On another level, isn’t this what I’ve been doing all along anyway? Which gives a hint on what resistance is and isn’t about, now doesn’t it? In other words, it isn’t about being a channel, it’s about owning up to it.

So, the whole idea was one that I had more than a little resistance to. At first, I just laughed it off, and shook my head like, what was I thinking?…

Well, it wouldn’t go away, so I had to deal with it.

I finally caved in to the litany of random thoughts that just kept after me for a week or so to do this automatic writing, If nothing else happened except to make this outlandish idea stop rolling through my head all the time, then that would be good and life would go on as normal.

I had to first go to a friend who I know who does automatic writing and ask her about how it’s done. Since I’d never had any interest in it, I had absolutely no idea.

She gave me some ideas on how she did it and I did a bit of research about how some others do it as well. It seems that pencil or pen and paper is the traditional way for this to be done. Could it be done by laptop and keyboard? She didn’t know, but for her it was pen and paper.

After some consideration, I decided that the keyboard was the best way for me to proceed. Pen and paper is too slow and to cumbersome for my thought processes, and my typing skills are such that, for me, this is a better choice. For me, the pen and paper method would be too distracting. I’m not sure this is clear, but this is the way I felt about it and so this is how I proceeded.

I sat down with my laptop on February 13, 2014, and with my fingers on the keyboard, proceeded to move myself and my thoughts out of the way to make space for the information to come through.

I carefully checked my space for the vibrational signature that lets me know I’m in a protected space. I know this because I can feel it.

For those who have trouble feeling the difference, and/or holding high vibrational space, this would be a good time for prayer or ritual designed to protect, and for calling in support from angels to attend and assist with the space holding. (It’s been a long time since I’ve had to do this, it’s a form of automatic pilot at this point.)

I had no idea what to expect and had no agenda, no specific expectation, and felt rather foolish. Of course, I did! Did you think I didn’t? Wrong!

So, I sat there. I felt foolish for a bit and then watched all the thoughts of foolishness go through their paces. I allowed them to go on through like clouds in the sky. Then I cleared the space again and waited.

I felt my energy level go up, and up, and up. I began to feel very blissful and high, with a not so subtle vibration humming in my body.

This is when I typed the question, who is here? The answer to this question came like a bell ringing, and the session was very short this first time.

It was just too difficult to maintain the space because of the intensity of the bliss. It made me feel like I wanted to go unconscious, or at least just lie back and bask in the pleasurable feeling, forgetting the keyboard and the whole prospect of having a conversation with invisibles.

In those first sessions, the levels of energy were so high, I literally felt high and full to the brim with bliss. It was difficult to stay grounded enough for knowing what questions to put forward. It felt a lot like a see-saw effect, with my awareness rising and dipping again throughout the process.

Another interesting thing that happened was a feeling of ‘presence’ approaching that let me know there was a session coming on. On the approach of the presence, there was a feeling of strong vibration and the closer it got to me, the more blissful it got. I’m not talking about only spiritual bliss here either, what I’m talking about was intensely physical as well.

I’d have to say the closest thing to describing it is the onset of a physical climax, only this vibration is more seamless and smooth somehow, less like ripping and tearing away of inhibitions. There was still a hint of embarrassment with this process though, some pink cheeks and some sighing too, no doubt remnants of sexual programming going out the window.

I think this is worthy of mentioning because from the realm of ‘normal’ awareness, this is stretching of vibrational beingness and it is experienced as extreme pleasure. Since there’s few things that can be as powerfully blissful as orgasm, then there’s bound to be some confusion when first feeling this.

On the other hand, it can be said that the same energy source in the body that powers orgasm is the system and energy that powers the vitality and the life of the body itself. Those who study the Kundalini will already know this, but for those who experience this without having some warning may have to slog through some old programming and prohibitions concerning sex on the way to finding balance with how this feels at first.

Swooning, sighing, gasping, tingling, gulping air, oh yeah, all this and more. It began as subtle, but building, and then, as I focused on it, it became more and more profound. I found the only way to proceed to the automatic writing part was to allow the feelings to bouy me up and up, and then focus intently on grounding back into the ground and Gaia.

As the weeks went by, and especially with the instructions of paying attention to the body, and cleaning up my act in terms of how I treat and regard her, the feelings of intense and un-grounding pleasure subsided. The feeling of being in higher levels of vibration did not, but I think this shows my levels of vibration over all have risen and therefore more ‘normalized’. I now feel more normal in these frequencies, and so the feeling of ‘being high’ has dissipated.

Instead, my normal levels of self are just plain higher than ever and the lows that were once ‘normal’ don’t occur anymore.

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