Where To Find Me

daisy-heart-flowers-flower-heart-mediumA short note for those who have been following this blog. First off, sorry to be missing in action for so long. The truth is, I’ve simply been busy elsewhere.

I have a confession to make. I have another love that has kept me away from this blog and whatever promise I made to it, and those who’ve been so kind as to be interested in it as well.

My other love is a community forum called Gaia SceneThis is where to find me on any day of the week, I’m always in there with the most loving devotion, with every beat of my heart.

It’s where my family is, albeit this family connects virtually via internet and most of them have never laid eyes on me in person. In spite of this, the long-term holding of space for authentic and deep sharing ,while honoring each other with acceptance and respect, has made this forum a uniquely safe and sacred space like no place else on the internet.

It’s a private forum, but all are invited in. We ask only that people have good manners and little else other than following our guidelines. We talk about literally everything, nothing is taboo except blaming, shaming, and picking apart the shares of others.

But there’s more! My other love has recently become twins!

This same loving forum community has grown up, and is now offering a new blog format that highlights the empowered human being walking in mastery.

This is a twin platform that’s been funded by, built by, and for, the light player community as a place for the voices of our diversity to be heard, and it is filling a niche no other blog on the internet is at this time. It’s called Gaia Scenics’ View. 

Click here to go to see our blog mission statement and find out more about this brand new and ambitious project.

I think if you go and see my loves for yourself, you will love them too. The love they have to share is huge, so there’s no need for me to be jealous of them. You’re invited with open arms to share in the love-fest and the co-creation process going on.

I have to tell you this working in a group of like-minded lovers in equal and cooperative co-creation has been the most exciting and joyful experience of my lifetime! Bar none!

We’ll see what happens with this blog, which has become primarily a repository for my sojourns into automatic writing. I have room in my huge heart for more than one thing, even though my focus has been intensely elsewhere, I still love this space too.

Oh, and thank you for the love you’ve shown me in this venue! xoxoxoxox!!

Hope to see you soon!



Life Transitions

road aheadLife transitions and lots of changes in my personal life have taken me away from blogging here for the last 5 months. In the meantime, I’ve been busy with continuing this automatic writing on the behalf of some people who’ve asked me to bring forth some information for them.

The other busyness was about the community forum, Gaia Scene, which is the result of a long time love affair I’ve had going now for about 5 years with community. This forum has been through some changes too, and is currently the revised version of what used to be a yahoogroups forum platform called Golden Gaia, and before that was called 2012 Scenario.

The core of the long-term forum membership is now seated in this relatively new platform. If anyone wonders where I am and what I’m up to, I can be found there. Here’s the link to find it: http:/gaiascene.com.

I will be starting a new series of messages. I think the subject matter will be more information about the elemental kingdoms and (of course) ascension energies. We will see how that works out, but that’s what is coming up soon.

If interested in a private reading, you may contact me here, or otherwise at the Gaia Scene forum. A few examples of private readings have been posted in the forum. Since it’s a private forum, I wont be posting them here. Those shares are for forum members only. I may also be posting future messages in the forum first as well.

Where is the Love?

where is the love?I continue to observe that for many of us there’s a whole lot of suffering still going on about not receiving enough love.

Love is the essence of what powers us in each moment. The perception that there’s a lack of love in our lives is one that is both brutal and intensely hurtful too.

In the spirit of teasing this knot apart and looking at some of the individual strands of this mind-virus in the matrix of consciousness, I’d like to make some general observations and also share a personal storyline of my own in order to illustrate what happened to me that allowed for my perception to change about this matter of receiving love, and my painful lack of it.

To begin here, I’d like to say that we’re told that we Are Love, and that Love is the essence of all that exists. This might be accepted intellectually, but then why (in the name of Heaven) can’t I feel it?

My story is about myself as a young woman, barely into adulthood, who became intensely ill from cancer.

My perception at that time was that my world was one without love, and frankly, there was no part of me that wanted to live in this world. I was also afraid to die, but actually, at that time and from that perspective, death was preferable to living in the poisonous place I was in. Without love, there’s nothing to live for in my view.

I held my grief inside me. I didn’t wish for it to be known or shared by anyone, and it was literally eating me up inside.

Bear with me here as this story has two important elements. Continue reading

It’s All About Gratitude

grateful eyesFor me, it’s all about gratitude.  This has been, and continues to be, the magic key for me in all ways in my life.

I’m only now, in my 50’s, coming into understanding of what love is.  The love my parents taught me was more about power than love really.

Love was a lever to get the upper hand, and a prize you would get if you towed the line.  It’s how they were trained too, and in their view it was how to train the little animal to be a human.  It’s what you did with your children if you cared enough to pay attention to them.

Of course they loved me, and they did this in the very best way they knew how.  If I ever thought anything else (and I did), I’ve forgiven them and myself for it.

The truth is that we’re all doing the best we can all the time.  I can hear the groans out there, because they’re in here too, but this is the truth of it.

I can look at this from the perspective of understanding the best I could do in my past was pretty weak, and yes, it was petty plenty of times.  I was petty, weak, destructive (particularly to self), and worst of all, unloving and unappreciative in general.  Under the spell of such an attitude, all the obvious and consistent worldly and spiritual blessings of every moment went unnoticed. Continue reading

Attitude Adjustment and Teamwork With the Body

love the bodyThose of us who consider ourselves Lightworkers and path-cutters are perhaps experiencing the brunt of the pressure in this current phase of integrating the energetic changes.  If one imagines us as the ‘tip of the spear’ in terms of pioneering this effort to embody the increasing light streaming at us these days, it’s easy to understand why this is so.

Though some of this pressure is expressed in emotional and spiritual challenges, a great deal of it is being expressed as deeply physical for a lot of us.

The automatic writing I’ve been engaged in since last February has repeatedly been about my neglect, inattention and dishonoring in thought and attitude my body elemental/avatar.   These messages coming from my body have been swept aside over and over until I’ve finally realized that this is the source of quite a few of my ‘ascension symptoms’.

With this realization, I’ve been rearranging my priorities in some basic and very down-to-earth ways.  I’m finding I absolutely have to pay more attention to my body and my physical well-being.  It’s no longer possible to put this aside, or I risk not be able to function at minimal capacity, much less the enhanced capacity I would wish for. Continue reading

On the Edge

edgyI’ve been feeling lately.  Oh, I know I’ve always been feeling, but this is a somehow a new sort of experience for me.  There’s a newness in this feeling that’s slippery to describe, but I want to give it a try anyway.

I could say, without stretching the truth in any way, that I feel edgy and tense.  This feeling is real and true, yet looking around me I find no real and true edge to speak of.

The feeling comes up over and over in waves, tempting me to take this feeling and label it with something.  I want somehow to find some reason for it or something to blame.

“I feel edgy because of …….” Continue reading

Pamela Wells: The Healing Path of the Wounded Healer

wounded healer journeyI’m posting this jewel below to give support to myself and others who find this archetypal storyline of Wounded Healer in their own lives.  

The story below is, in fact, my story.  Perhaps it is yours as well.

Take heart, have faith and courage!  If you do, the Divine and Benevolent Universe will have the portals available to send you the support you need.  

Always remember receiving is vital part of communing with the ever-present help available from our higher selves and our angelic support teams, and be good to yourselves, too.

The need to embrace our own dark sides and wounded selves is crucial to where we are going with this finding of our own mastery again.  Continue reading