Aster is Her Name: Me Meeting Me


Andrea: It’s been 9 days since I’ve opened the space formally to commune with the group that attends me with automatic writing. In the interim, there’s been another download and what seems like ‘an old friend’ come to hang around and attempt to start [...]

Aster is Her Name: Me Meeting Me2017-10-30T17:13:28-04:00

Channeling: Opening and Clearing Process for Connection to Inner Guidance Through Channeling


There's been a few people ask me to talk about my journey with the automatic writing, so I'd like to do that now. It began back in mid-February 2014, when I kept getting the thought repeatedly to begin automatic writing. I spent nearly a [...]

Channeling: Opening and Clearing Process for Connection to Inner Guidance Through Channeling2017-10-29T21:20:14-04:00

Day Twenty-Four: Transmutations of the Body and Clarity of the Mission


This message offered me a great deal of clarity, for which I'm very grateful. Andrea: Hello, On-aira. I’m feeling much more relaxed everyday now. Is this going to continue? The underlying (though very subtle) anxiety is gone now. On-aira: This was one of the adjustments [...]

Day Twenty-Four: Transmutations of the Body and Clarity of the Mission2017-10-20T00:30:34-04:00

A Peaceful Feeling All This Week Long


For any who've been following the 40 days of messages in automatic writing I've been doing, this last 6 days have been deeply peaceful. I come to my keyboard each day and make a try for a few minutes to connect into the next [...]

A Peaceful Feeling All This Week Long2017-10-19T07:53:10-04:00

Feeling on the Edge


I've been feeling lately. Oh, I know I've always been feeling, but this is a somehow a new sort of experience for me. It's like I'm on the edge. There's a newness in this feeling that's slippery to describe, but I want to give it [...]

Feeling on the Edge2017-10-15T02:16:12-04:00

What My Momma Taught Me About Love


  Way back when I was in my teens, I came to my mother with some complaints about my lover.  I was lamenting something about him and how he was.  I can't remember now what the details were, but no matter. The important part [...]

What My Momma Taught Me About Love2017-10-14T07:40:57-04:00

Through the US Visa Passage


Yesterday morning, my husband and I went to an interview with the US visa office.  This interview was the last phase of the passage through the keyhole of this process to get my husband documented and approved for permanent residency here in the US [...]

Through the US Visa Passage2017-10-13T04:35:49-04:00

On Prosperity, Lack, and Perspective


Like everyone I know, I've given a lot of attention and thought to prosperity.  With the talk of revaluing currency, the global reset, and the continuing needs of Lightworkers, there's a lot to think about. My own life experience has been all over the place [...]

On Prosperity, Lack, and Perspective2017-10-14T07:40:28-04:00

New Vistas are Here Now


I've been aching to share what's been going on with me for some time now.  Each time I've sat down at the keyboard to try it, there's been this problem of not being able to communicate. This has been so frustrating to me.  I've [...]

New Vistas are Here Now2017-10-07T08:18:03-04:00

The Human Side of Ascension


I've recently been sharing my journey concerning the turn my life's been taking.  The immigration issue and the issue of resources have been the triggers for me to go much deeper below the surface, beyond the superficiality of it all.  By this I mean [...]

The Human Side of Ascension2017-10-07T08:06:13-04:00