Decoding Inner Messages and Archetypes


The Dream Message and the Archetype In the very early hours this morning, a dream message was delivered to me with a powerful archetype.  I dreamt of Polar Bears. In my dream, they were coming to stay in my house. I saw them coming, [...]

Decoding Inner Messages and Archetypes2018-07-10T11:00:15-04:00

My Introduction to Automatic Writing


Before I left for my journey across the country to come to Arizona, I was surprisingly and strongly guided to start doing automatic writing. I admit, at first, automatic writing was not such an alluring idea to me.  I mean why bother?  I've been [...]

My Introduction to Automatic Writing2017-10-14T07:41:45-04:00

Merging With The Oversoul


About merging with my oversoul. It's not going to be easy to describe what I experienced. When I say this year has been one of new horizons, I'm not only talking about the issues I've been dealing with to get my husband a visa [...]

Merging With The Oversoul2017-10-16T09:30:19-04:00

Spiral in Motion: Sacred Geometry in 3D


Night before last, while lying in bed before sleeping, yet another series of integrations were taking place concerning the sacred geometry subject that I have been trying to unravel.  I wanted to write it down while it is still fresh in my mind in [...]

Spiral in Motion: Sacred Geometry in 3D2017-10-16T09:08:26-04:00

Spirals, Sacred Geometry and Unwrapping the Package


I've been a student of symbols for a long time now.  So let me begin with a very rough outline of this study in my life.  It's been a rather eclectic mix of the metaphysical and the scientific, taking it all in seeking to [...]

Spirals, Sacred Geometry and Unwrapping the Package2017-10-16T06:20:00-04:00

The Spiral and Download From the 12-12-12


The spiral is a very central sacred geometry. It's found all over in the Universe, far and wide, both large and small. The foundation of understandings on spiritual icons is so important to ponder in these times. Based on foundational teachings, I've been having [...]

The Spiral and Download From the 12-12-122017-10-16T09:07:04-04:00