masteryCalling All Masters of the Human Divinity to Come Forth!

‘Who me?’ If you find yourself looking around to see who I may be talking to, it is you. If we’re looking for the hero of this story, we don’t have far to look at all. It’s never farther away than your own sacred self.

In all the little ways and in the little things each moment brings forth, we can find this mastery in each moment. May we find in each moment the ability to appreciate what these are.

It doesn’t need to be fancy, and it doesn’t need to be acknowledged by anyone else. We all have our challenges. Embracing these challenges with a sense of appreciation for them is a form of mastery.

We all have different forms of mastery we bring to the proverbial table. In our quirky and marvelous diversity, there are many things to appreciate about ourselves and each other, if we only will. Before this is possible in a balanced way, in a truly authentic and true way, it’s necessary to bring this same common sense appreciation to ourselves first.

I say this right now to ground down into the core of what this is. We are all masters of being human and we are all divinity in form. Failure to appreciate or admit this, changes nothing about the reality of it at all. What it changes is the quality of our ability to choose the higher expressions of this, which are always and perpetually available to us.

Rather than falling into frustration over what challenges are, we might take them to heart in order to use them as a measure and a contrast to remind us of what is really important. What is really of value? What are the true meanings of these values of everything?

As the world grinds to nearly a halt for so many in these trying times, the biggest challenge is to now examine carefully what works and what doesn’t in our personal and collective realities.

I’m not suggesting that this is all fun and all easy, either. How difficult or painful this is depends on the individual. For many individuals, this time provides a disturbing wake up call, bringing up what can no longer be ignored. It’s uncomfortable or even unbearable.

I bless these people with all my heart. Finding our broken-heartedness and appreciating exactly what that is for anyone is not a fuzzy and feel good thing. Yet, if this is what it is for anyone out there, I’d like to remind you that you are the master of the divinity we are all made of.

I object to the narrative that suggests that our access to divinity is all bliss and yummy fun-fun. This has not been my personal experience of it at all. If you, like me, have also been mightily challenged with the not-fun aspects I’m referring to here, please consider that these deeply sad and disturbing feelings you are dealing with as a sign that you are indeed a divine human master. This is the stuff and the stories that heroes are made of. You are the hero of your own epic story. One of the mighty heroes of this epic tale of the changing of the ages.

People are out looking for masters to follow. Not everyone is, but many are right now. There is a great longing for solutions to the scary world narratives and to the uncertainty that is so prevalent in our collective realities right now. I’m suggesting, while this is perfectly normal and is a milestone of the sacred journey of the discovery of our mastery, that following anyone is falling short of what these challenges are asking for from each of us in these times.

I’m here riffing away in the very briefest and most general of ways to suggest the most pared down and simplistic of solutions. This solution is to find the way to have gratitude for it ALL.

I know! Crazy, right?? How can I say this, and what kind of crazy am I to suggest this under the insane conditions so many are experiencing? Is this even possible?? Have I lost my mind?

No. I found it. I’m offering this pared down to the bone solution to pretty much all the challenges right now as gratitude, because this is the ‘highest’ and most effective and most practical application of vibrational and frequency mastery available to everyone on this planet right now, regardless of where along the path to mastery anyone is in this very moment.

I’ve written hundreds of articles in the past decade, give or take, and I estimate around half of them are on this same theme. GRATITUDE. Not chasing either polarity of bliss or agony. Not flopping around trying to find and identify who or what or why there are reasons for shame or blame or guilt. Not holding to the illusion that we may only find gratitude in what is pretty or sweet, or all about what the neighbors think or agree with.

None of that is what I’m talking about here. I’m talking about bringing real and true appreciation to whatever it is. Period.

Even the evil which is so prevalent in this cosmic passion play going on, even this, I can find gratitude for. The reason for this is that it shows me, finally, in the stark relief of contrast, what distortions to Divine Principles it is based upon, and (more importantly) the many subtle ways I’ve played a personal part in carrying it forward into the now. We all have done this. Mastery asks us now to appreciate what this is on a personal level.

If what I’m saying here sounds like a heroic task fit for someone else and not you, then you are invited to appreciate that too. However, there are so many sleeping heroes right now. Perhaps you are one of them.

Like the theme of the movie, Mission Impossible, your mission, should you choose to accept it (and if you ask me), is to find gratitude and hold this vibration. For yourself, for your mastery, for the world.

It’s not a small thing or a mundane thing, either. It’s a sacred task. You will know if it is your mission. If you’re reading this missive to the end, I think that suggests it is.

I bless us all in our collective journey. May your path be an epic journey to treasure forever. Remember, all adventures involve some challenges or they would not be an adventure to begin with.

Notes From the Center of the Spiral

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