About Andrea Scully

I'm a co-owner and administrator of Gaia Scenics' View and an online community forum, Gaia Scene Forum. I'm a loving community servant in love with the idea of upgrading communication skills to promote harmony and understanding. I'm a natural mystic and have pagan roots with a life-long study of symbolism in my eclectic skill set.

The Archetypes of 2021 Revealed


For the past few years, I have used my trusted Tarot deck to guide me to predict, through those age old archetypes, what the theme will be for the year. This year, I have also done so, and I have taken a different approach [...]

The Archetypes of 2021 Revealed2021-05-07T09:09:05-04:00

Personally, 2020 – Values and Meanings Time


I’m going to be sharing here a bit about my personal journey through 2020. Disclaimer here is that I honor the natural year cycle, and not the Gregorian year one, which I regard as fakery (or f@ckery). That said, for me, the new year [...]

Personally, 2020 – Values and Meanings Time2021-04-27T07:58:49-04:00

The Unwinding of the Paradigm


                          The unwinding of the paradigm the midst of the shift where thinking falls short and the future is unrealized   This moment between when the implosion hangs mid-air and motionless freeze [...]

The Unwinding of the Paradigm2020-05-24T01:44:36-04:00

Calling All Masters of the Human Divinity to Come Forth!


Calling All Masters of the Human Divinity to Come Forth! 'Who me?' If you find yourself looking around to see who I may be talking to, it is you. If we’re looking for the hero of this story, we don’t have far to look [...]

Calling All Masters of the Human Divinity to Come Forth!2020-03-29T12:19:22-04:00

Rest Easy, Remember


                        Rest Easy, Remember   No worries, darling, rest easy, There is no rush for anything right now   Remember We are not any of this stuff With or without it  We are [...]

Rest Easy, Remember2020-03-24T13:38:09-04:00

The Nature of Pluto – Archetypes by Andrea Scully (Video)


This short 15 min video is about my take on the nature of the archetype of Pluto. As many know and many are talking about, this mighty archetype of the Lord of Death and Resurrection is being highlighted in our world and in our [...]

The Nature of Pluto – Archetypes by Andrea Scully (Video)2020-03-17T19:40:35-04:00

The Theme of 2019 – The Devil


The Crossroads of 2019 and the Devil Drawing a Tarot card to suss out the theme of the year is always a interesting prospect for me. I have a sense of anticipation over it every time, as year after year, the read on it [...]

The Theme of 2019 – The Devil2019-01-24T17:52:42-04:00