attitudeThough some of this current pressure is expressed in emotional and spiritual challenges, a great deal of it is being expressed as deeply physical for a lot of us.

The automatic writing I’ve been engaged in since last February has repeatedly been about my neglect, inattention and dishonoring in thought and attitude my body elemental/avatar.   These messages coming from my body have been swept aside over and over until I’ve finally realized that this is the source of quite a few of my ‘ascension symptoms’.

With this realization, I’ve been rearranging my priorities in some basic and very down-to-earth ways.  I’m finding I absolutely have to pay more attention to my body and my physical well-being.  It’s no longer possible to put this aside, or I risk not be able to function at minimal capacity, much less the enhanced capacity I would wish for.

I’m not a lazy person, but physically, I have a tendency to be so.  My body has been put on the back burner in favor of spending an inordinate amount of time with the more ‘important’ stuff.  By this I mean spending hour after hour on the computer scanning for news, communing and networking with others, and writing articles.

The disregarding of, and the ignoring of, the messages from my body as not important and not a priority has gone on for so long now, it’s to the point where I’ve forgotten how to feel what my own body is asking me for.

So, now it’s a process of relearning how to hear again my own body’s wisdom.  But more than this, it’s been the growing realization that I’ve become separated from it in my conscious awareness. This separation in the form of neglect (let’s just call it what it is) has had its consequences.

With the huge influx of energies, the demands on my body have increased by leaps and bounds.  It’s no wonder that I wish I had every nap I didn’t want when I was little!  And yet, when I need a nap it’s so easy to be annoyed and irritated with how tired I am and how my body isn’t serving me instantly and without complaint.

I’m finding that in order to find my vitality again, it’s become a necessity to take a look at how I ignore these basic bodily needs, and this isn’t even considering the increasing pressure on my physical self to integrate upgrades, or especially the needs of my body to be loved and appreciated.

I’m not just talking about good food and water, I’m talking about honoring the need for lots of rest, for special treats and treatments, and for straight-up honoring the service the body has provided me for 56 years now.

It’s occurred to me through this recent process of uncovering the root of much of my ascension-related complaints that I wouldn’t blink if a dear and faithful friend asked that I take time each day to give them some love and devoted attention.  All of a sudden it becomes plain as day why my body is feeling irritated and tired.

This is a rather new development for me, this moving my attention to the physical and devoting some prime time every day to self-care.  I can report I’m feeling much better, more grounded, and the irritation which plagued me for months and months this past year has nearly completely vanished.  I have more energy and the ability to be more productive, even with the naps!

The core of my approach has been to change my attitude.  My wonderful body has been the loving shelter for me, the connecting element, enabling me to be here and be able to interface with this dreamscape with all of you.  Without her, I wouldn’t be here.  This in itself is enough, and more than enough, to merit all the love I can muster up, and the devotion on a day-to-day basis which I’ve been neglecting to give.

Along with this are all the little decisions along the way, in the moment to moment.  No more pushing my body and its messages and feelings to the back of the line.  No more begrudging her wants and needs.  In order to move into the new age with all my faculties and all my vitality, it’s going to take teamwork with my body, and I’m going to give her all the support I can.

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