narrowAndrea: Hello, dear Aster. It’s been 10 days since the last time we were here together in conversation, at least ‘formally’. These days have been pretty rough for me, both physically and also somewhat mentally. Lots of clearing in the body and let’s just say my mind isn’t obeying the rules of engagement as I’ve come to know them.

Aster: And so it is. This part of the passage is narrow, though the passage itself is to bring you to a more expanded space. We say narrow because the energies which are streaming through your bodies both physical and mental are pushing your conscious awareness into a sort of a tunnel.

Allow for this to go on and do so without concern, as on the ‘other side’ of this narrow passage is the spaciousness you desire. Nor is this spaciousness completely new to you, you will remember much of how it is, even while being astounded by how different it is to anything you can remember of this lifetime.

Like sands through an hour glass, so is the human collective following the same route through the passage to the new paradigm, and this IS to be a feature in both time and space, or as you would understand it, in 3D. Just like single grains of sand, some will pass through a bit sooner, but all will pass through to the New time and space experience in their own way.

We say this in order to call your attention to how your experience will be the same in many ways, and yet, it will also be completely different in how you experience it. Relax. There will be time and space to experience. It is that your experience of it will change dramatically.

Your body is changing and integrating and upgrading and transmuting. The same is true of your mind. Many will and are experiencing this as confusion and even illness, but the truth is that these energies are irresistible and your bodies ‘know’ what to do and how to navigate to the next phase, if you will release the controlling and fearful attitudes.

There is, within this energetic change, highly creative energies. Your thoughts, and your feelings too, will cause whatever vibration you’re generating to manifest much more quickly now. We know this is being said in many places, we know you also have noted this for yourself.

Confusion is not the enemy at this time. It is a prelude to much greater clarity. This clarity will come with the integration of that which is the source of what is currently being felt as either confusion or even forgetfulness.

Allow for the forgetfulness to happen. It need not be a source of anxiety, for this is a portion of Grace. The Grace it entails is such that it may be understood that the things which are important and of value will not be forgotten. That which is worthy of your life energy and attention will come forward without the need to control or worry.

Embrace trust, for the Universe Itself is conspiring to assist you in the most miraculous and wonderful way. Never has it been so easy to release what isn’t in alignment with the Divine, and never has it been so easy to create that which is in alignment with it.

The time for co-creators in alignment with LOVE is here Now. This is the time all have come here to be a part of. The diversity of what this means is so very broad, we would suggest that any judgments made on what this is or isn’t for others is an utter waste of time.

You’ve been through an intense period of integration in the past 10 days. Continue to be good to yourself in all ways and to give as much special support to the body as you can. All the extra sleeping has been wonderful, as this allows for most of the bodily vitality to go into cellular changes and adjustments which are needed now.

Andrea: I’m glad to know this. I have been sleeping a great deal lately, some of it is very deep and some of it is restless and filled with dreams.

Aster: And you note your dreams are very lucid now, do you not?

Andrea: Yes. My dreams are nearly always ‘awake’ dreams these days.

Aster: This is the way you’re moving into more inter-dimensional states while allowing for the conscious and waking self to get comfortable with the idea of such great expansion. The movement between dreams and waking will continue to collapse until there’s very little or no difference at all between them, but this will take a good while longer to be established for you.

Andrea: This makes some sense to me and I’ve already noticed that for myself. Where there used to be a huge difference between waking and sleeping and the ‘rules’ in each space, there seems to be less and less of this and I’m nearly always aware I’m dreaming too. The amazing thing is that waking is taking on a certain quality of dreaming as well.

Aster: Rejoice! For this means the quality of life is revealing itself as it IS.

We end this session now as you’re beginning to loose the connection. We love you and farewell.

Andrea: Farewell, and thank you.

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