inspirationAndrea: Hello, Aster. The last few weeks have brought to me the new tasks you promised earlier that would be coming my way. I’ve been so busy, I haven’t even had time to spend some time with you, though you’ve been on my mind for many days now.

Aster: It’s as if the dam has broken, is it not? The drawing back action of the bowman allows for the flinging out of the arrow. We mention here this metaphor to communicate multiple things in one image. What do you make of this image?

Andrea: It is indeed as if the dam has broken. I see many places where there used to be a sort of backwater or stagnant, still water and now these are moving along in a streaming motion. Although I could spend pages commenting on the details of this or that, the main pattern is as you say.

I have seen there to be a drawing back, this is so, and in those moments, I could feel the tension mount. Following this, again, as you say, there’s been a flinging forward of action and activity, very focused too, just like an arrow, with aim and all.

Aster: Such is the power of a metaphor, if properly chosen!

Andrea: Continuing with this metaphor, if I may, does this mean the ‘high aim’ is what will make the ‘arrows’ sent out in these actions travel far in order to reach their ‘target’? The same as a real arrow does from a long bow?

Aster: We would say this is true, and we would say this is the same sort of physics involved in the activities you’re doing with others at this time. This is a feature of the times and is also playing out in many other places and with other groups of people right now.

Andrea: All this is extremely encouraging and gratifying news. It’s been chaotic all around most everywhere I look, and yet this chaos has loosened the stuck places in so many ways. All of a sudden, or so it seems, there’s movement and an infusion of inspiration as well.

Aster: The source of the inspiration is you, dear lover, and those who share your devotion to bringing into this here and now that which is in alignment with the creation of a better world, and in ways of being that are concerned with the greater good for all beings.

All these energies flying around in chaotic ways are looking now to align with those ways made available to bring beautiful new order, and to fly away from those structures that don’t align with this new paradigm to come. Love the chaos, as this is the raw substance of creation, it is the same stuff (in essence, transmuted) that will build again in this new paradigm unfolding now.

Can you imagine what’s to come? Can you imagine that you, yourself, will be among those who take these primal pigments and paint with them to make a new masterpiece upon the canvas of your shared creation?

You’ve yet to come into this realization in its fullness. There’s still much of you that is awed by the moment, and is not yet grounded into the knowing of the power of your own desire. This is fine, you needn’t know so much to dream and follow that dream to this awakening we speak of.

Andrea: This is, in many ways, just like a waking dream. Is this yet another metaphor for you to say it this way?

Aster: Yes. Your language holds many codes for greater understanding. We use those as we may in order to invite you to awaken even more to yourself, and enable you to more fully participate in this magic moment.

Andrea: Thank you for your sharing today, Aster. I’m tired now and will need to integrate this message later.

Aster: Yet another plateau has been reached for you. Allow it to have the space for integration. We are with you always, and so, will be here for you when you return to share with us again.

Andrea: Farewell.

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