passionAndrea: Hello, Aster. This is a call out to ask for any information you can give me about the current reset energies I’m feeling.

Aster: I am here.

Andrea: I’ve been feeling like I’m being squeezed through an eye of a needle. This passage feels like pressure on one hand, and like a strange longing on the other.

Aster: The current energies are spinning out change, according to the expansion cycle unfolding. How any individual will ride this change out, or if they will even notice it, is another question.

This will depend on their flexibility of perception, and more importantly, on their focus and baseline vibration of being. None may perceive outside their vibrational frequency in the moment. The nature of perception is variable in this way, and this is the nature of reality as perceived by consciousness.

For many, the greater opportunities for resetting the realities at this sacred time will be overlooked, because of habitual focus limiting their ability to perceive such possibilities.

Regardless of this, there are greater realities underlying the perception point of the human being, and these will unfold whether or not there are humans who perceive them or not.

Andrea: I’m looking for a way to manage my focus at this time, and also any advice you have on how to ride out the strangeness and the discomfort of rapidly shifting perceptions I have been having.

Aster: My advice is to follow the focus your passion and desire lead you to. This is the way of navigating through unfamiliar territory, and is the only method that results in the greater good of self. Taking this further in expansion, this is also the way to navigate into the realities of the ‘greater good of all’ as well.

There is no authentic change or shifting of realities that spring from anywhere other than the core of being. Though perceived circumstance may be tagged as cause, the true cause is always far more central to the core nature of the perceiver. Hence, the truism of ‘free will’ and choice, and what a big deal it is in this Universal unfoldment of multiple realities.

So, the desire, the soul passion, this is the key to mastering the current energies. These energies are powerful and supportive of massively resetting or reconstructing realities. And yet, they do not do this by being present. It is the choice of individuals which utilize the energies available, not the other way around.

One may take the perspective of being a vessel of Divine Will, and this is a time honored way of aligning with the energies present in a sacred fashion. But, make no mistake as to what the core of the action is. It is the personal passion, sacred desire and the longing from deep within which directs these energies in manifestation of realities.

My suggestion is to begin in the most authentic and deeply personal ways to manage these current energies. Begin in the center of self, and take the time and care to restructure, restore, and reestablish conscious and loving relations with everything which is personal, right down to the foundations of being.

Be aware of attitude while doing this. It isn’t a rush job, or one that may be pushed, pulled or bullied into shape. There is a deep wisdom in the core of being which is now awakening. It is asking to have a new relationship established in a conscious way.

Andrea: I understand what you’re saying here. It seems like this is related to the deep longing I’ve been feeling and the rediscovery of my truest nature; that of a lover.

Aster: Yes. This attitude of longing, desire, and passion is a good way to realign with the core of your being. This will reestablish the ability to embody so much more of your Essence, what you may describe as your soul.

The intensity you’re feeling is related to this expansion of awareness of self. There is so much more of you than you’ve been aware of, and now it asks you to embrace it. Not only embrace it, but integrate and embody it. The aspect of MORE is going to be experienced by the senses as both intensity (at first), and also as a sense of blessed wholeness beyond what has been experienced before.

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