releasing Andrea: I hear you calling, Aster. What would you like to share about current circumstances? I can feel some information coming in around the edges of my consciousness. Shall we bring it through together?

Aster: We may do so. All that is required is for you to be willing and interested. We stand by for such opportunities, should they appear and should you choose them.

Andrea: All of last year felt to me (and some others as well) as if it was a birthing period. Some of us felt the imperative to push, in some inexplicable way.

Aster: The time for birthing is done now. The new pathways are born in this now and are here for development. The imperative to push was mostly about how to push through the thinning ‘membrane’ of consciousness still clinging to the old paradigm principles.

The energetic support for such old school principles have been dissolving steadily, and this will continue. This development won’t let off and it won’t reverse again or go away.

This all has to do with the natural spiral of Sacred Geometries, and these geometries play themselves out in a natural progression. In time and space, they dance the cycles of Life Itself. In diversity and in Sacred and mysterious ways, this dance of energy and form will expand possibilities.

These new possibilities are within the current experience of dissolving structures and may be perceived as chaotic. In fact, this chaos is only one way to look at the breaking up of bound energies, of bound and static or stale realities.

Within these swirls of seemingly chaotic energies, newly unbound, newly loosened and freed from their bonds, is a wealth of abundance. This abundance is of resources, both tangible and intangible. Within this jumble are the code-breakers and code-makers, present at this time to remake realities.

These codes are buried deeply within each individual. Regardless of the chaos, there is, within each one, the ability to choose new combinations. The ability to recode realities is why we are here now.

So, yes, it is the personal we suggest is the focus for this now, and this portion of the passage, this current circumstance. The answers to puzzles and solutions won’t be found by observing the chaos. The chaos is here to provide the raw materials for the new creations that are possible now that the unbindings of major structures are happening. Relentlessly, this will continue.

So, how will these energies be brought out of chaos and into order again? Will this order be one that supports Life and honors all beings?

You will find the ways and provide them. You, yourself, and those like you, will crack the codes and reorder them again. In the ways that you choose. In the ways that you decide. Make certain these choices come from your deepest truths and spring from your Sacred Heart. It’s why you’re here and it’s why you came forth into form at this time.

There are many of us, Andrea. Not only those few that are, in essence, ourselves, our other ‘me’ personas. There are so many of us springing forth to represent the pulse of the Cosmic Heart in this time. Each one precious, each one representing a tiny piece of the pulse of Life Itself, here at this time and place for a purpose encoded deep within.

Each one contains these sacred seeds. None are identical, as this is the purpose of Divine Diversity. So honor one another throughout this sacred passage. It is in this diversity that the wisdom will be found to find the alignment with the unfathomable Will of Divinity.

Andrea: There’s a lot of discomfort with all this experience of breaking of bonds and dissolving of structures. People define this as suffering, particularly with the seemingly destruction of relationships happening.

Aster: The nature of these energies are to free up and to dissolve bonds. All that is not already in alignment with Divine Principles will be, in one form or another, dissolved of its bonding. Clinging will not even be possible. Attempts to cling will be exhausting and the energies to sustain such choices will also not be available.

Attempts to sustain choices made about trying to keep these unbindings from occurring will fail. On the way to failure, they will only increase the chaotic circumstances surrounding the issue. This will play out in personal and also in collective, global arenas. You need not take my word for this, observe and see for yourself.

Andrea: Yes, well I’ve known this was coming for a long time now. Still, waiting for decades for it to show up like this has jaded me a bit as well.

Aster: My sister, myself, even this jaded exterior casing you speak of must be unbound and broken. And so it will. It’s been built up like a grain of sand will be covered in pearl, in order to sustain the irritation and potential of damage in a harsh environment.

The encoded seeds within you will break this shell and emerge. You may choose this or not, it makes no difference. The energies of the Pulse of the Heart of Creation favor the seeds at this time. The cycle of growth now is stronger than anything that might inhibit it.

And so. The many break open to release the codes of the new paradigm. Watch for the ‘chaos’ to be recoded and reordered by these seeds. They are many and diverse beyond imagining. Everything from the minute and mundane to the grand and Universal will be affected. Nothing may change this trajectory of Divine Will in motion.

Andrea: Thank you for this information, Aster. I will meet with you again in some other now moment.

Aster: This space for our communion is always available to bring about more clarity. We invite you to it whenever you wish it to be so. Farewell for now.

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