Andrea: I’d like to talk about about any practical considerations that our conversation might be able to bring some clarity to. These new energies present at this time bring challenges for those of us who are focused on finding what works and what doesn’t. Many of our old paradigm ways of being are no longer finding purchase in attempts to go forward with them. Can you comment on this and perhaps give some helpful hints?

Aster: We can say that taking practical approaches at this time will ease the transition going on. What most will define as practical, however, isn’t exactly what we would consider as the appropriate definition.

Practical from our view, isn’t always about producing what an individual prefers in every moment, but takes into account what may be produced that’s more in alignment with the concept of the good of all concerned.

So, from our perspective, being practical will entail releasing the concepts most carry about what is good being all about producing preferences in each moment. This is a distortion pattern that serves no one and instead creates much friction in manifestations.

This friction is generated by the resistance to the natural flow of energies at this time. The current energetic environment is one of a much more ‘organic’ flow than has been supported by the energies available for the fueling of manifestations in your realm for a very long time.

But let’s backtrack a bit to parse apart some of the notions we perceive as shielding a greater clarity. So long as the intention and attention is on producing only preferences, so long as this is the only measure of value placed on experiences, this is a point of distortion to reality.

The greater reality is about broadening the range of experiences, and therefore, resisting all that is not the moment’s preferential state of being is resisting the actual environment, the actual experience, which is the flow of consciousness in its perfection.

As soon as the individual consciousness is consumed in the resistance patterns to the natural flow of events, there is no more attention left for the greater potentials inherent in each moment.

What we’re attempting to point out here is this produces a sort of blindness to opportunities which are created by those processes of manifestation in progress, which, for whatever reasons there may be, are felt as failures to produce preferred states of being.

There are so many descriptions in human languages for discomfort. We need not list them here, all know enough to make impressive lists, we are sure. That these states are transitory in nature and not signs of the failure to produce manifestations that reflect goodness, meaning and value are too often missed, in our opinion and observation.

Andrea: To me, this circles back around to appreciation of the moment. Pretty difficult to truly appreciate anything if I’m focused on chasing some preferred state of being.

Aster: This is the point we’re attempting to make here, and it’s one that is only difficult to integrate and utilize because of the intensity of the emotional nature of the human form and (in our estimation) also to the lack of skills to bring consistent levels of awareness to this issue.

The human form is a highly tuned instrument. It’s the master of interface with the environment it’s found in. And yet, without attention given to what is being perceived by the vessel, without shutting down the signals due to some artificial notion that there will be only preferred states of being experienced in each moment, this miraculous instrument is not being utilized to its greatest potential as an interface to environment present in each now.

So, back to practical considerations concerning the energetic environment at this time. It would be practical, in our view, to allow for experiences to flow where they will, without contracting into resistance over what is not a preferred state. These states are transitory, as are all states in the Universe.

The Laws of the Universe are motion, change and flow. Each moment is an opportunity to BE a part of the life stream of Divinity.

Each moment, preferred or not preferred on an individual level is still sacred, as are all moments, all movements in the Divine dance unfolding.

Nor is any moment truly static and frozen into some sort of success or failure moment, as in a goal which has been reached (or not). All these notions are artificial and do not reflect the fact that Universal Motion is endless, or that each moment is reflecting the journey without regard to any attention point in time (or space, for that matter).

Andrea: So, what you’re saying here is that the attention on some uncomfortable moment spent in resistance to what this moment offers is less than practical. Also, I hear you say that the thoughts that there is a goal line to measure success or failure is less than practical as well.

Aster: We would say this is so, when the tendency to focus only on the preferential states of the individual are given over to a broader view of understanding there is a motion of manifestation in process. It never comes to an end, but is always in the process of becoming and also in the process of being adjusted.

These mini-adjustments along the journey are done in each moment, so resisting the moment is less than productive and practical from our viewpoint. This is sort of a beginner’s lesson, if you will, for surfing into the flow of what is being called the new paradigm energy patterns in the current environment.

How this plays out in the attempts being made to manifest greater states of human mastery is of great interest to us. We may make recommendations produced from our viewpoint, but the path any incarnated being will take to deal with the transition of what the current energies support is what we will know only as you, yourselves, do.

Andrea: Thank you for these observations. It’s something to think about and consider. Farewell for now.

Aster: We attend to your journey with much love and appreciation. Farewell.

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