stonesAndrea: We last spoke about practical considerations in the new paradigm energies. What I got was a suggestion to release old storylines and release chasing preferred states of being. At least, this was what I got from our conversation. I know others may have gotten something else or something more. But, can we continue from there today?

Aster: There is the consideration here of new territories to explore. These are new energetic parameters in form and motion. At the same time, they may look the same as before, depending on the ability of the being to perceive. This is why the first conversation was about perception and the nature of it.

There is a need to free up the ability to perceive in order to most efficiently explore these new territories. These energies are transforming and transmuting as they flow into manifestation at this time. The ‘newness’ here is available for those pioneers which are able to bring their perceptions into a more sensitive and balanced state.

There is much to perceive in each moment. The inherent value and meanings of every perception change the character of the experience. If there is nothing but resistance to the experience, then there is little chance of being able to take full advantage of the possibilities.

This is important in these new territories. In fact, without being able to look at the broadest possibilities, there is a very strong probability of recreating the same scenery as before. Of ‘carrying forward’ the same stories, and therefore recreating the same conclusions as well.

Andrea: You mention here pioneers. It’s been my observation that some of us are of this nature and some of us aren’t so much.

Aster: And this is so. There are many roles to play in Divine diversity. There are some who will be concerned with continuing the breaking down and dissolving the old themes and archetypes. They will also be playing a role in the transition of moving from the old energetic constructs and into the new. All roles are sacred, and all involved will find their own role and disposition.

Andrea: Yes. It seems there is no one way to proceed for all. Depending on the person, we find the way we should proceed on an individual level.

Aster: This is absolutely so, and it will only intensify as the transition out of the old and into the new energies present now continues. The true role of the individual is now coming into being.

Another aspect in this new environment is how individuals will begin to pull together in groups more organically (less artificially or manipulated). This will happen more readily as people learn to feel their way forward. There is no map to follow at this time. Those pioneers present in form at this time are the mapmakers.

You and your peers will find the ways through difficulties and obstacles. You will create paths where there were none. You will find these ways through developing those abilities you’ve brought with you and collected along the way. This happens also due to coming together in diversity. Solutions appear in previously impossible ways.

There are opportunities for riding the flow of perceptions, feelings particularly, and noting the synchronicities that present themselves. Moving in trusting and confidence in individual ways will be the way through the chaotic phases of transition.

Andrea: So much chaos right now for those who are intent on looking outside themselves for signs of this new territory promised.

Aster: And yet, what is chaos except a transitionary phase in the movement of something bigger than is denoted by freezing a moment in time and tagging it with a value? Is it chaos, or is it simply changing form? Is it the death of the old or is it the messy birth of the new?

Andrea: I think it most likely is a bit of both.

Aster: So then, the choice point here is where to put your focus. For you, this choice has already been made for a long time now. The passion for co-creating the new is finding opportunities now and you find this very exciting.

Remember to honor those who find their excitement in tearing down the old paradigm. Though this isn’t your personal focus, they serve the same Divine desire in motion to reconfigure reality into greater resonance with Divine Principles.

The greater the diversity, the greater the evolution in action. Honoring individual focus in following the personal excitement will be increasing in intensity going forward. This pressure will build in parallel to how much resistance there is to not going with this organic flow of new paradigm energies present.

It is time to encourage one another, as most people simply need encouragement.

Andrea: I was just having a chat this morning about this.

Aster: A part of the chaos principle is the shattering into bits of everything stuck or static, freeing up the elements for reconfiguration into new forms. The element of desire and excitement is the driver for the individual to find ways to take raw and newly freed resources and to reform them with purpose.

People have this ability, and yet, most will need encouragement to find the trust in themselves to utilize it. Give each other support and encouragement. Trust in one another, without having to always agree on the next footfall.

We are talking about a migration of species in evolution. There will be many individual footfalls, and a very wide swath of them. There will be some at the forefront of the movement and those that make up the middle, as well as those that make the transition more slowly at the tail end. All is perfect in this. Perhaps the ones at the tail end are those who ensure that every element has been thoroughly transitioned.

Each portion, each individual is honored by Source. The greatest alignment with Source is to align with this truth and to find gratitude in the journey itself.

Andrea: Thank you for attending to my questions today. It is with gratitude that I leave you now. Farewell.

Aster: We attend you always, and shower upon you our blessings, our encouragement for your journey.

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