leadershipAndrea: Aster, I come today with some thoughts about speaking about leadership and what this truly means. With so much in my lifetime of what I would view as improper leadership, I’d be interested to know more about leadership from your perspective.

Aster: We will be glad to share our perspective of leadership. It’s not the issue within our current perspective that it is in yours, nevertheless, we, through you, have watched carefully for how this important subject may be handled and transmuted among you.

Andrea: Thank you. It seems like this question of what is leadership and what is just chasing one’s ego like a dog chasing it’s own tail is one that’s coming more and more to the fore. Along with this is also a whole tangle of confusion over what is intelligent discernment and what is inappropriate judgment.

Aster: We would suggest that these two subjects will be transmuted in parallel. Though they’re different views, they’re different views of the same thing. Allow us to attempt with your limited vocabulary and vision to unravel this tangle with you.

Andrea: Yes, this would interesting and appreciated. 

Aster: Let us first focus on the current climate we see is prevalent in your societies. Without losing track of our focus on what it is that a being may do to transmute and to raise consciousness instead of focusing on blame.

There has been a long, long stretch of unconsciousness in the realm of personal responsibility among the incarnated ones. Yes, there’s been those who’ve played the roles of the ones that encourage and force this upon others, but let us put this aside in order to focus on where the true responsibility for this lies. We would point out that, for most all of those incarnated at this time, there’s been much exploration of both sides of this interplay, and so all the judging and blaming are not productive.

Instead, what we suggest is that there will need to be a raising of consciousness into ownership of one’s own self, one’s own experience, one’s own talents, one’s own passion, and every other ownership that we could mention.

What we speak of here is the reason there is a confusion of what leadership entails, and why there’s a need for a leadership of a completely different quality than is currently being modeled, and may we add, that is currently being pulled into being by those who would wish to deny their own ownership in all things.

There’s a form of leadership that will arise among you that is much more inclusive and much more a form of skillful and intelligent interaction and integration. This is not only a modeling of Divine principles, but a specialty that certain beings are incarnated to integrate into your midst.

In order for human kind to begin to move as an integrated whole, and this is where you will all be moving in the new paradigm, there will need to be among you those who are skillful and compassionately devoted to encouraging people to integrate and agree to move together in purpose. There will need to be many who are capable of this interaction and holding space for such integration to occur on any level, and on levels, that will continue to be more and more intense.

The true magic of the human unit, as we think of you in terms of being a whole and holistic unit of individuated beings, will be fulfilled totally, only when the whole unit, one by one, is healed of the denial of personal ownership in all things, and also when there is a willingness to honor all beings as being worthy of sacred partnership.

This must start with self, as all judgments and improper ways of interacting start with the deeply lodged judgments and dishonoring of the self.

So, let us talk more about these specialized beings that may take up leadership roles and how they may eventually find ways to integrate the seeds of unity into your collective midst.

Andrea: Thank you, that would be wonderful.

Aster: Indeed, we would say that without the honoring of one another and without the sacred nature of each relation being honored, from our perspective, there’s no way to BE truly integrated. This integration begins within each being, and without this, there will be no opportunity to share this with others, or to model it either.

So, we would also speak to what may be at the roots of a being’s desire to step into leadership, as this is the vantage point where there is most likely to be the most judgment, and the most opportunity for beings to project their own mistrust onto another. We would say that when the trust is healed within each being by ownership of all experience, that this alone will remove all the illusion that there is ‘someone else’ that will be needed to make decisions or to tell another what to do, think, or say.

The true role of leadership is, as we say, to inspire, to encourage, to integrate, to support, and to serve the needs of groups in terms of standing firmly in a place of being responsible for the conducting actions that will be needed to include many beings, in order to have a far broader impact in many different areas on Gaia among the human kingdom.

All ideas of hierarchy can and should be abandoned here, as leadership is only a role among many roles, and all are of equal value. Any who are having difficulty with this concept are invited to look deeply at the inner realms and see what is taking up space within them to suggest that there’s a need to have another take responsibility for them and therefore keep them from the right, the privilege and also the responsibility of their own decision-making, their own intelligence, their own direction, passion: whatever may be locked down and denied within as being within the sovereignty of any being.

To lead in these new paradigm energies is going to have to be within Divine principles, which means there will have to be honoring of one another, and this will be key. Those who don’t honor others and are out to honor only service to self, without balancing also service to others equally and with sincerity, will not make it to the future that’s unfolding now.

Equally, we would also point out, that from our perspective, those who are unbalanced the other way, and have notions of being in service to others without honoring the self and tending to the sacred nature of service to self, are not going to not be able to bear up to the intensity of this coming passage and will fail because of this neglect to self.

We would counsel balance in what will serve self and others. We would encourage all to take up the portion that is theirs to hold in their own sacred ownership and stewardship, in terms of personally being attentive and honoring the sacred nature of all interactions and all actions. With self and with others, with all kingdoms on the surface of Gaia, and with all beings embodied and unembodied.

So, these so-called leaders that will come forward, and are coming forward now, will be coming forward simply because of their realization that someone must help to seed this process that will set off integration of the human species to a higher level of evolution. Like cells of the same body, the human kingdom of Gaia will eventually awaken to the truth of being one Being, and of being one being with Gaia Herself.

We see that this magic has already happened, and yet we understand that from your perspective this is yet to come. Let us encourage you to expand your own awareness enough to know this integration for yourself. You’re now talking to the results of this greater integration.

Andrea: Oh, my! That’s a surprise! But this makes perfect sense in a way I’ve not thought of before. Thank you for this and now I will be smiling at this for the rest of my day. How profound.

Aster: We love and attend you, dear Andrea. And we encourage you always.

Andrea: Thank you, my other me, and farewell.

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