lovemademanifestAndrea: Can we speak some more about the nature of channeled messages? I’d like to hear more about your perspective on them and how they play into the path of the empowered human being.

Aster: We’re pleased to speak with you again, and this subject is one that we also wish to expand on.

When you mention the empowered human being, inherent in this description is the idea that there is a human being in the experience of seeking to be in sovereignty and ownership of the experience they’re having. There is a certain level of spiritual maturity that is a necessity for this to happen as well.

As a being matures spiritually, self-responsibility becomes central to their path. There is no way to embrace the truth of the power of Self without first seeking this discipline of self-responsibility.

Particularly for those who’ve been shown mostly examples of immature behavior being glorified socially, as if this were a normal occurrence for mature beings, this process of awakening to the truth can be challenging, and even painful.

We’’d like to suggest what is painful is showing what isn’t true, when it comes to the places where expanding into sovereignty and self-responsibility is presenting as painful or a threat to survival in some way.

Bringing awareness to places in consciousness which have been hidden can bring up whatever traumatic emotions that are attached to, or trailing, the information revealed. We’re saying outright that if the expansion of light of awareness focusing into what was hidden is painful, that there is a lie attached to the traumatic emotional charge that is responsible for the painful part of the experience.

While talking about and understanding these principles intellectually, in the mind, is useful, the magic of transmutation happens in the chamber of the human heart. Removing the emotional charge by heart transmutation is essential for the lies to be extracted and for the being to move into personal mastery and empowerment in any area where such wounds are located.

While awareness itself is the magic solvent, mental or intellectual awareness is insufficient to budge any emotional charge providing the life-force energy that is essentially holding in place these blocks to true and authentic empowerment and mastery. Maturity happens naturally and quickly when these blocks are released through a loving heart.

What we are saying is that Self-love is essential to being spiritually mature. Bar none, there is nothing more important to do for any being seeking to be an agent of Divinity in form than to embody Love itself.

How else will love be made manifest? This always has, and always will, begin in the center of beingness.

It is with the greatest compassion that we watch the struggling of our deeply and intimately related earthly counterparts struggling with these artificial burdens. To our perception, these challenges to loving Self don’t exist. We’re saying they don’t have any reality from our viewpoint at all. Essentially, from our view, their existence, not only isn’t true and real, it isn’t even possible.

We also understand through our direct observation through our relations, such as you, dear Andrea, that these challenges to Self-love are distortions which are possible in the experiences of those who are inhabiting the human form, based on the distortions made possible in the translation into the physical realm of the Divine Principles on which all Creation is firmly based.

As pure spirit moves into denser material forms in polarity, there is a natural experiential move into patterns of preferences and contrast in order to distinguish this from not-this. While it is true that experiences of both extremes may be unpleasant in that they may overwhelm the sensory equipment of the being, there’s usually a range of experience which is preferred, and chosen to create some sense of balance and stability.

This range may easily become a comfort zone of the familiar. We observe that some of these ranges are so far from what we would consider tolerable, it’s difficult from our view to understand how anyone could endure such discomfort to be present in the consistent ways that are considered quite normal in the current human collective.

Love is the essential key to unlock and to allow these blockades to mastery to be released as the unreality that they are. Modeling Self-love then becomes the most important thing a human master may share among the human population.

All attempts at Unconditional Love must fail, until this same love is embodied. Such love may not enter the human field from the ‘outside,’ as its essence is the essence of the Self and it is generated in the center of the Self, which is located in the human heart area. While it is a space which defies the notion of being only physical, it is indeed, also physical in nature when it is being embodied in the human form.

This is the mission that our embodied Divine human counterparts have taken on, this embodiment of Divinity, this modeling of the ability to embody Unconditional Love.

The upgrades to the human genome and body elemental which are happening now, are happening directly because of the efforts of human beings moving into sovereignty, maturity and through this show of mastery of embodying Unconditional Love, the transmutation of the human form is proceeding.

We congratulate you all on the progress you’ve made possible. It is, through the human form, that Unconditional Love is made manifest in the world of matter. The human being is in the process of sanctifying form with a direct infusion of Divine Intelligence, bringing with this an upgrade in the levels of conscious awareness within form itself.

All the believing in the smallness of the value of the human experience may be laid aside, as the truth is something quite different. Humans walking in mastery are the focal point of such intense attention for this reason.

We’re excited and encouraged by the unfoldment of this process of Love made manifest and of Divine Intelligence brought directly into form in the human being in the current process of transmutation.

Since awareness is the solvent and Love is the essential key to it all, we send our love and moral support out to cheer on our amazing sisters and brothers who are pioneering this miraculous and Divine process in its sacred unfoldment.

We love you, and we leave you for now to consider our point of view.

Andrea: Thank you for attending me today. You’ve given me much to consider. Many blessings to you.

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