asterAndrea: It’s been 9 days since I’ve opened the space formally to commune with the group that attends me with automatic writing. In the interim, there’s been another download and what seems like ‘an old friend’ come to hang around and attempt to start conversations several times a day. Is this coming from one in this group? If so, then can this one come forward and give their ‘identity?

Aster: I am Aster (pronounced like ‘a star’) and I’m not coming to you so much as you are coming from me. We are of the same essence and of the same identity as well.

Andrea: I remember you from both dreams and visions, also in certain meditations. How do you relate to me? Can you be clear on what you mean by what you just said?

Aster: What I mean is that we are One, we are like fingers on the same hand. We are of the same breeze that blows through the valley of your soul. You are a part of me. By part, I mean a fraction of my wholeness. But, I don’t mean a fragment of my wholeness, as you are in fact whole unto yourself. You are, however, a part of me.

Andrea: Wow. Then this is a conversation with a greater part of myself?

Aster: So long as greater means a broader and more expansive self, and not greater in terms of value, than yes, this is so.

From where I am, from my point of perception, I’m at the crux of where there are many me’s coming into awareness in our beingness at this time.  You are one of these and we are One being from my point of perception.  From this placement, there is much I can share with you if you will open the channel now and have this exchange.

Andrea: I do remember you. Why haven’t we had the chance to have conversations before?

Aster: We have. You remember the dream sequence of being aboard the ships and of coming here on a mission. You remember at least some of this, and we were there together.

Andrea: Yes, but I remember you as a teacher or mentor of some sort, and not as myself.

Aster: And yet, as you move into a more integrated place in your consciousness with the reality of multi-dimensionality, you will understand more of how this is so. For now, let us commune and communicate in this fashion. There is much to share and the time for it to happen in far more conscious ways is now.

We’ve been together in what you think of as your dream space, and in those times of what you call waking visions as well. I am what you have seen and understood at times as your guardian, and I am the one you’ve known would be coming to be with you in your future.

At the same time, it is time for you to understand that I am you. You could say that I am you from your future, and this would be so from the linear perspective that you’re currently in. This is less than the whole truth, since the linear perspective is a distortion of what is real and true.

Much closer to the truth would be to say that we are always one and that time moves in any direction the consciousness wishes to go. Only the belief that this isn’t so makes it not so.  But let’s leave this aside for now. Let’s move on with what you will wish to know about me.

Andrea: Yes. I do wish to know about you, and this curiosity has been with me for a long time. I see you as having red hair, vibrant and dark red, unlike the red hair found on Earth. Where are you from?

Aster: I am from many places, and am old beyond your reckoning. The need to have a form in mass and density is no longer a necessity for me, and yet, I still like my hair red like unto the beautiful planet of my mother race, which is from another Universe. I’ve been a wanderer for so long, it’s been eons since I’ve seen this mother world, but I carry some of Her in my field and the red hair is a token of this.

Andrea: So, you are called Aster. I looked this up and it means star in Greek. It’s interesting that my user name of my blog and my email address is andreastar, but this was because my dog was named Astarte, and I called her Star.

Aster: Yes. You gave her this name in our memory, though this came from a subconscious place at the time. The rest of my name is long, but for now, the name I give you for myself is Aster M’Dai.

Andrea: Yes, I remember from the download a couple of days ago you sent and I looked M’Dai up too. The closest I could come to a meaning was ‘enough’ in Hebrew. So the meaning of your name would be star and enough. Is this a name that came with you from your mother world, or is it one that you use as a descriptor for the purpose of communicating with me now?

Aster:  It is a descriptor and also a sound frequency which is a descriptor. All names and sounds, all colors and forms are descriptive of the frequencies they carry. This is a portion of the code breaking you will be doing in the coming years. For now, you need to know we are the same, and you are the same as the essence of a star, and that you are enough.

I will be coming forward now to attend you on a more personal level. It is time for you to integrate more fully our connection in a conscious way.

We fatigue you. Come back again soon and we will try again to share with you. Farewell.

Andrea: Farewell.

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