reunionAndrea: Hello again, dear Aster. Can you speak about what is going on between us and somehow help me to understand how I can be speaking to you, and yet, I’m speaking to myself? How does this work and why is it happening now?

Aster: It’s happening now because you are ready to begin to acknowledge your multi-dimensionality. There has to be some bridgework done in order for there to be a way to do this.  What we are doing in these conversations is building this bridge and the work of On-aira and the air elementals were to prepare you, in fact, for this.

While from our view you’ve been in form for just the merest moment, to you the experience has been so immersive and intense that you’ve the need to find a way to reconnect to that which you could actually and truthfully never be disconnected from. We speak of your own being, your own self, my self.

Aster: This is a poignant moment. I guess I just have to allow it to be what it is and see what happens. 

I do know I love the information that comes from having these conversations. They always contain some aha moments for me, and are often profound.

If this is truly a conversation with myself, then I’m having trouble making sense of it in these terms. In a sense, I guess I do have some of the information given, but the scope of it is much, much broader and the delivery is sensational and so clear compared to what I usually bring out of what I currently consider to be me.

Aster: Yes, this is true. Also remember that I (we) are among a large group that attend you, and that the information available to you is much broader than only what we consider as self at this time. Since it is known that All are One, this is destined to broaden all of our sense of Self and this is a continuing process into infinity. Yet, all time is One as well, so this is true now as well.

However, our ability to hold this knowing in our field is growing, and this process is the very process of the Consciousness of the Living Universe.

Andrea: Whoa. That paragraph will no doubt keep me busy thinking for a few days. Much of this information has to be taken in and just allowed to be with me, as I truly don’t have any capacity at this time for understanding it in any way I’m accustomed to.

Aster: What you’re currently accustomed to is a world view stripped of the acknowledgement of the great mystery that exists within each moment, placement, and object you could conceive of in existence. Because of this, there’s a distorted relationship to all that you perceive.

You’re perception is constantly being crammed into a convoluted and limited mind-set that says you will need to figure it out. There’s the thought that naming something gives the power to know what it is. Until the mystery is allowed and honored in all that is perceivable, there’s always going to be a sort of bump on the head that prevents the full view of whatever it is being experienced as it IS.

Broaden your view by accepting that you are able to figure out no thing. The nature of the Universe in its living and Divine wonder is beyond what your mind can contain. It IS, and this is enough. The most we can do is revel in the glory of its manifestations, the scope and the infinite variation of this is beyond what a single point of perceptions can embrace all at once.

Andrea: Sigh… Yes, I can see that this desire to box all this up is not going to be fulfilled in such a limiting way. I guess the very desire to do this is a limiting factor, and this has been mentioned before.

Aster: We would suggest that the focus be placed instead on the wonder of how we are here together and how we are reunited. Allow for this wonder to expand inside your heart and fill the longing for connection and completion you’ve been carrying for so very long now.

Andrea: Oh, my. That thought is moving, I think you’ve hit on exactly what I’ve been resisting for some reason in this. It’s like I’ve had an empty seat at my table and now it is filled. This is incredibly moving and I think this is enough for now. I’m over-whelmed for the moment.

Aster: This is the beauty of this mystery. We are so glad to share this moment with you, and we say we are honored to have you back again to share our table. May we never dream of being separated again, at least until next time you bravely set forth to wander.

Andrea: Thank you, and I’ll be back when I’m not swimming in emotion.  I bid you farewell until then.

Aster: Farewell, we love you.

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