channeledAndrea: It’s with gratitude in my heart that I approach this assembly again to commune. Are we to talk about the nature of channeled messages today? I think many people are curious about information that is disseminated in this fashion.

Aster: With gratitude, we attend you! We attend you with the most intense and intimate focus, and it pleases us immensely when you choose to return this focus with your attention.

So, yes, let us begin by saying that what we offer you is our perspective. Our perspective is broad, since it comes from such a large assembly of beings. Let it be known that this assembly is together in our perspective in certain ways that allow us to speak as One.

The way we may speak as One, though we’re many perception points individually, is because we share certain basic perceptions. We share the perception that we’re the same Essence, regardless of individual expressions of this Essence. We’re beyond the illusion that suggest this isn’t so based on the differences in expression of Source energy.

Therefore, from this shared perspective, we are One. This unity is perceived by you as powerful and strong, clear and resonant. It is, in fact, a resonance, a sound, a frequency, a signature. It may be perceived or sensed as a feeling, as a sound, as a vibration. It may be felt on the skin, seen as a glow, felt inside the heart, heard in the ears; sounds, colors, sights, tastes, these may all be experienced in response to our vibrations, our group expression.

Andrea: Yes, I do feel it. It is strong and very clear. Thank you.

Aster:There are diverse perspectives in this Universe. This is important to understand. Diversity is the Law of Source Expression. So, there are many diverse perspectives that may come through for channeled messages as well.

We would also point out that there’s many portals (individuals) who are diverse as well, offering to share channeled material, such as you’ve labeled this process we’re sharing today.

Andrea: The diversity is what makes the discernment process a challenge for people, I think. For some, there’s the question of integrity of the information coming forth, whether this be the naming of a particular name that is suggesting authority is speaking, or whether the information given is itself correct and without some sort of hidden agenda.

Aster: We understand this is so. This is incumbent on the individual, always, to discern. The individuals in this assembly discern. This is why we gather to focus on you, and many others as well, you’re not our only focus. Our connection is much broader than you may understand as a ‘single’ individual.

Information is given according to what the individual is seeking. There’s no other way for information to be passed through the veil between ourselves and yourselves.

Being mindful of what you’re seeking will allow the most aligned with truth/reality information to flow through you into the perceptual range that you’re currently capable of.

The seeking is the tuning knob, if you will. Dial into what you seek and you will find what information is available to you at the vibration or frequency which is in the closest alignment with the vibration of what information is being sought.

Andrea: I’ve been wondering about this for a long time, since what you’re saying is what I’ve been suspecting for the longest time. Thank you for that confirmation.

Aster: The information available in the Universal Field is immense. Its diversity defies imagination. There are many perspectives and these may indeed include agendas as well. Since like attracts like, coming with a particular agenda will bring forth information which is a vibrational match to that which is being sought after.

This is in alignment with Universal Laws and therefore, may not be mitigated.

Andrea: Well, that puts a whole new spin on ‘Seek and ye shall find’! So, how may the receiver of channeled messages tell if the information is in integrity or true?

Aster: Truth is a matter of perspective and perspectives may shift according to the evolution of the individual journey. The need to develop discernment is key to understanding that information is just that. It is a perspective.

Do you wish to share that perspective may be the question to ask in the search for the inherent and Divine abilities of each being to know truth. What is true is going to be seen in a series of unfolding awareness over a broad spectrum of experiences.

Andrea: So, there’s no pat answer here, is there?

Aster: We would suggest you know the answer already. You decide. This process involves taking sovereignty in the process that’s unfolding. There are no mistakes, only unfoldment, and the broadening of the Universal field of awareness in unending stages.

We would never attempt to interfere with this unfoldment process with offering our perspective. The reason for this is that your unfoldment in awareness is OUR unfoldment of awareness. As your awareness unfolds, it is so that ours does as well. We are One.

Andrea: Wow. This is profound and yet, at this moment it is suddenly so obviously so. I never thought of this in this way before. Thank you.

Aster: The field generated by this assembly is one of broader truth, simply because our diversity is broader than that of any individual. Though there are individuals present which are very broad in experience and perspectives indeed!

Wisdom unfolds with the experience, integration, and practice of many perspectives brought into a balanced state. This is true, both for the individual and for any group, provided there is enough awareness involved with the individuals to make for an aware group.

There may also be groupings of beings aligned with the focal point of one or a few individuals. This is not what we seek, as this is the breeding ground of controlling agendas and is not in alignment with what we view as the greater good for all.

Andrea: Thank you for this sharing of your perspective. It will give me some things to think about for some time. Is there more you wish to share about agendas to bring more clarity to what you’re saying?

Aster: We would wish it to be clear that we’re speaking of the fact that information may be disseminated or shared in a diversity of ways. What is the being seeking to find out? What is the source of information seeking to share and how? These are the central points to clarifying what the information agenda is all about.

We may not interfere with this process for any being, as the whole point of experiencing in this Universe is to allow for the greatest diversity of conscious awareness to occur. Seeking wisdom outside of Self is one path of discovery. We would suggest that even this method is folly without including Self in the process.

We leave you now with love and gratitude for the opportunity to share our perspectives and experience with you.

Andrea: Thank you, and farewell.

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