prophecyFirst off, it’s important to understand that the art of prophecy is a real thing, though it isn’t what it’s sometimes considered to be. It’s a study of potentials, probabilities and trends, and attempts to bring this information into awareness using our divine mastery.

What it isn’t is something written in stone, static or otherwise frozen into the fabric of reality. These trends can be identified and worked with.

All realities and manifestations-in-motion are accessible by, and capable of being mitigated by, consciousness. If awareness is present, this is where the rubber meets the road in terms of the ability of the sovereign being to trump the situation and to bring forth the best case scenario with conscious awareness in any and all situations.

I’m now offering my time and energy to serve up my adept expertise for private readings.

I’ve always had some sense of prophecy in me, but practicing this art for so very long has given me the self trust and the many validations I needed to really shine with it.

In these readings, I specialize in identifying opportunities and challenges, while focusing on spiritual or Divine principles in play.

I have 48 years of experience with Tarot reading. It might be said to be my training period into the study of symbols and archetypes, and their meanings.

The personal readings I do are highly customized to the individual, the situation and the moment. I’m all about a practical approach, designing them to be useful and helpful. My role in this exchange, as I see it, is to give the recipient prime opportunities to understand themselves and the roles they play within the dance of current energies and in future trends of potential and probability.

The amount of time and energy to give a reading depends on the amount of information that someone is seeking. My focus is strongly spiritually based and my approach to reading cards is founded in helping people to understand the archetypes in their lives.

It takes time to deliver my understandings of these archetypes in ways that are understandable, practical and useful. An average full reading is usually an hour to an hour and a half, though I offer shorter readings too, as you can see below. The information is delivered via a Skype video call and recording. I no longer offer written documentation, as it’s far more difficult to assure understanding and that’s just not good enough.

Nothing offered here is computer generated. It’s 100% adept generated in the moment, coming from my understanding and experience, my heart and soul, and utilizing my mighty intuition from my highest integrity as well.

One of the best parts of this upgraded process of delivering information for the recipient is that there is a video recording to take away with you to be referred to later. These are very personal multi-dimensional messages, delivered by an expert with a lifetime of experience. They are gifts to that keep on giving, revealing layer after layer of meanings over time.


I’m offering these possibilities to access four levels of my personal magic to choose from.

Level one: $55

A one card reading to explore the defining spiritual principle in action at this time for you, and/or concerning a situation. I will dive into the opportunities and the potential challenges as defined by this principle, along with what I intuitively pick up when connecting to your personal field through your contact. 15 to 20 mins

Level two: $77

One simple yes or no question answered in depth. Reading will be done with a three card spread, and we may pull another card or two for clarity. 30 to 40 mins

Level three: $111

A full and in depth reading concerning a circumstance or particular theme, with attention given to a highly customized approach, drilling for the details and the solutions to whatever challenges are presenting, if any. An hour to an hour and a half

Level four: to be negotiated

A customized approach is preferable for certain people and certain circumstances. I prefer this approach anyway, so feel free to contact me about it. Let me know what you need and we can go from there.

Contact me through the contact form, please, or email directly to (zero, zero, not O O). 

Refund Policy


Click here to fill in the form with the information I need to identify you and contact you. It will lead you to the PayPal portal you can use to pay, either from a PayPal balance or by credit card.

I will contact you to let you know I got your request and allow me give you an idea on how long before I can deliver your information by email.



During the last years, Andrea has made several readings for me. Each one of them has been different, but they have all been truly amazing, filled with insight and things for me to ponder about. Some readings has been straight forward and some has been more convoluted, and has given me new understandings each time I have read them. In my opinion, Andrea is the real deal, and I find both her and her readings to be filled with integrity.

Kim Nestlén-Staaf, Sweden

Andrea Scully, expert and honourable. My experience as a client of Andrea has been very positive.

I have asked for a channelled reading, which was packed full of relevance, and not a word of rubbish the usual Psychic software provides, as she is the real deal. Recently, I asked for and received several pages of a Tarot reading. Again, a warts and all, relevant job done. I’ll be back. Andrea is trustworthy, accurate and a super value.

Dawn Bellamy , Australia

Andrea, your reading are always spot on! You have a strong sense of what lingers in a person’s energy field, and an inviting way of clearly expressing things which fosters understanding and the ability to take new choices. What an awesome skill-set! I’m so glad that you offer it to a wider audience now so more people can benefit from it. Thank you for your support on my path!

Devapriya, Germany

We’re told we have all answers within, I agree, though sometimes we just need to hear it from someone else. I’m deeply grateful to have had connected with Andrea, and to have received a reading from Andrea’s sister self, Aster, was as grounding and soothing like a good cup of tea, something you just needed at the right time, and it came with little gems that I’m still realising one year later. Thank you.

Paul Newing, China

Andrea! I knew you were excellent at doing readings intuitively. You helped me so much in May 2015 to realize who I really am but how astonished I was when I received the last one depicting precisely the overwhelming challenges that I was going through! It’s so good that you’ve decided to ‘come out’ more publicly with your tremendous hidden abilities in this field.

Fernande Rancourt, Canada

“Great stuff. Fantastic reader, very insightful and has a powerful intuition. Well worth it.”

Steven Lynch, Australia
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