OK, so I think I get it now. I feel the rising energies and need to ground. My thoughts wander to our conversations and then the transmissions begin, whether or not I’m prepared.

The conversations are going on in many fashions now.

In order to remember properly what the messages say, one should perhaps write them.

There is no push, only there is the agreement made to bring forth the truth and to integrate it into the collective.

This is the promise and this is the mission. Whatever ways this is accomplished, it is good.

The ways have changed many times and it is as a drop of water finds its way to earth, it is the path of the least resistance, but the end result is assured.

I want to know if AAMichael is present with you and I want to know if this transmission is totally of the Light and can be trusted.

We can say that both of those statements are correct.

Michael is among us, of course, of course He is, as He is with you always.

How can He be with you always and then not be with US?

This makes no sense. but we understand the need for there to be an authority figure and for there to be some sort of familiar face to feel ‘in the mood’, as you say, for trusting.

Let go of the need, for the trusting is the same portal as the receiving, and the trust is in thy own self, is it not?

You have spoken of this to others, so we know you know this.  There will be much more to say about this in the future.

On what subjects are we to converse going forward, and to what purpose?

We are to converse on a range of topics, but the main theme will be the unfolding of and the unwrapping of the gift of the new paradigm.

There is much to do in the coming times and there is so little time to do it.

Of course, there is no rush, but the unfoldment is here and now, so there is the birthing to do.   Like a mother at the time of birth, there is a time for pushing and opening for the child to come forth.  This is time for the pushing and the opening.

We are here to attend thee!!

I can’t stay with my mind enough for questions this session. (The energies were too high.)  Can you just tell me what I need to know to proceed?

What you need to know is within you, but you are asking for something to study out and for validations to share.

Also we are here to attend the ones who are stepping forward now to be the conduits of the bridging that is now in the process of happening. The Rainbow Bridge is happening now, as all the Rays are coming forward and indeed, backwards too!!

The fabric of time is vibrating to our songs and many are flying to and fro to our musical (creation song).  All you need do is stand firm in commitment and to be the willing participant of this.  The way forward now is wide and deep, and there is no passage too difficult.

Give the body the time it needs to assimilate the changes happening very quickly now.  Simply listen to her and make the attitudes toward her the ones she asks of you. Be kind and allow her to guide your choices about her needs.

Throw away all the ‘shoulds’ about her, the way forward is one of new patterns and of (the) New Alchemy.  There will be surprising things she asks, but just do them and don’t worry about this.

Ok this is enough for now.  Thank you for coming and for your assistance.

Farewell Kavia.* (kah-vee-ya)



* Notes: I googled this Kaveeya and got a link to a Hebrew site talking about the Kaballa, the tree of life. The meaning is as given here;

“Seper HaShorasheem

“The Book of Gates: 484 roots from the Sepher Yetzirah Keys to the Kabbalistic Meditation at: http://www.treeoflifeschool.com/jmcbookofgates/bookofgates.PDF

“The meaning is given as a burning; that which is charred, pierced, spelled kaveeya in English, and below that is the meaning of the first letter.

“a burning; that which is charred, pierced

“The Letter Code 11: k – Kaf
The eleventh letter of the Hebrew alphabet is the letter kaf (k).

“This letter can be seen visually and experienced in your hand when it hand reaches to grasp something. The kaf refers to the hollow of the hand, the palm, a hollow vessel. The related verb, kapha, means to bend, to bow down, to submit oneself; to be curved, arched, hollowed out. A key derivative root is the word kaphal (lpk), which means to fold together, to double or to divide equally.

“The hieroglyphic image of the kaf gives us a picture of the hand cupped in the action of grasping, ready to take hold of an object, with thumb and forefinger arched. From another perspective, we see the palm of the hand curved up in receptivity. Yet another image gives us a picture of two hand cupped together in the act of making the first hand made cup to drink water from a stream.
“Grammatically, the kaf is used to signify the act of assimilating, moulding and comparing. Its sound can be either hard or soft, forceful or receptive, masculine or feminine. You can hear the hard vocalization in the word kaylev (blk), Joshua’s friend, who is noted for his courage and his strength of heart. The soft vocalization is heard in the phrase layhh le’hha (]l ]l), which means to go on your way.

“Consider the two kafs as the two palms of the hands. From our Tree-of-Life energetic model of a human being, there is a line of light that enters in at the place of keter (rtk) (the positive pole of a human being and the receptive centre for light from the upper realms) and flows to the place of malhhut (twklm)(the negative pole of a human being and the emanating centre in relationship to earth energies).

“The keter/malhhut connection speaks of a vertical alignment in relationship to the Great Light. At the sphere of tiferet, or the heart, the electrical energy divides into a male and a female current that emanates to the palm chakras of the right and the left hand. It is through the reconnection of the two poles of this electromagnetic field, held with a resonance to the unity consciousness and love vibration, that healing happens.

“The Sepher Yetzirah considers the kaf to be the guardian of the pathway between keter and tiferet. When one considers the astrological connection of the sun with the letter kaf, with the knowledge that the sun is a star, then the Hebrew word for star, kohhav (bkwk), is illuminated. The two kafs that you see in kohhav parallel the positive and negative poles that you find in any magnetic field. To unify the polarities of a field, you need only place your palms together!

“The kaf has a gematria of twenty. Its position as the eleventh letter in the aleph-bayt is highly significant. The aleph-bayt symbolically doubles over or bends between the eleventh and twelfth letters. Therefore, the gate kaf-lamed (lk) means all or the whole, and the gate lamed-kaf (kl) means to go on one’s way.

“The number eleven, according to Pythagorean mathematics, is the one that balances two fives. Eleven is the number of the Tao according to the Chinese. What is said about the Tao can also be said about the kaf: “Tao is a hollow vessel, its use is inexhaustible.” (Tao Te Ching)

“The following are ten key incarnations of the letter kaf:

“Key-tov (bwf yk) (kaf-yod tet-vav-bayt) As it is good.

“Betohh (]wtb) (bayt-tav-vav-khaf) In the midst.

“Hakohhavim (\ybkwkh) (hay-kaf-vav-kaf-bayt-yod-mem) The stars.

“The two kafs in kohhavim represent the positive and negative electrical poles of a complete magnetic field. Kadmutaynu (wnytwmdk) (kaf-dalet-mem-vav-tav-yod-nun-vav) After our likeness. the root damut means to resemble.

“Zahhar (rkz) (zayin-kaf-raysh) Male of the species. To remember.
“Vayahhaloo (wlkyw) (vav-yod-kaf-lamed-vav) And were completed.

“Keter (rtk) (kaf-tav-raysh) Crown. That which receives the upper light.

“Malhhut (twklm) (mem-lamed-kaf-vav-tav) Kingdom. That which receives and integrates all the signals and messages from the world of intention.
“Koahh (jk) (kaf-hhet) Strength. Pathway between keter and hhohhmah. Kippur (rpk) (kaf-pay-raysh) To cover over, pardon, expiate, forgive.

“Introduction to The Gate-Book 11: k – Kaf

“The letter Kaf is figuratively the palm of the hand that performs the functions of grasping, holding, assimilating and making something ones’ own. When a Kaf comes before a letter it means like, as; when a Kaf follows a letter it is possessive, making somethings own. When we join two Kafs together, we have the image of two palms embracing one another. This brings together positive and negitaive energy poles or streams into a unified field. The Hebrew word that contains two Kafs is the word kohhav: a star, a planet, globe, cave, cavity, embryo. As the Kaf is the 11th letter , the gate kaf:kaf will refer to the 11th verse of the 11th chapter.

“The 11th chapter of Genesis gives us the facinating story of the tower of Bavel. It begins by telling us the entire earth had one language with uniform words ( divareem ahhadeem/ \ydja \yrbd) . The second verse takes us to a valley in the land of Shinar or Sumaria.

“The gate here 11:2 bk speaks of that which is large, great, abundant, weighty, magnetic, bound together. In the fourth verse the people of Sumaria intend to make a name (shem) for themselves, by building a city with a tower that reaches into the sky ( the Sumarian scholar, Zecharia Sitchin has speculated that this Sumarian ziggurat may have been some kind of control tower or extra terrestial space port for the Annunakki! ) The gate for this verse is the gate kaf-dalet which refers to the act of striking fire, or drawing water from a well. In the sixth verse YHVH notices that “they are a single people, all having one language.”

“The Zohar suggests that this passage speaks of the power humans have when their collective will and language is one, as it once was during the time of Atlantis. In the seventh verse the unified speech and language of the people of Sumaria is confounded so that one person will not understand anothers speech. After this time humanity is dispersed over all the face of the earth. The gematria for the phrase migdal bavel ldgm lbb is 111, the gematria for aleph. It appears in the 11th chapter of Genesis the unified language and intention of a people (the Sumarians) is confounded due to the collective hubris or egoic identity of the people. Try reading this 11th chapter with the aid of the gate book!”

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