Hi, welcome friends and visitors to the proverbial campfire circle here at Notes From the Center of the Spiral.  I am Andrea Scully and these are my stories and my thoughts put to digital paper.

In my imagination this is where we gather, a few of us to take out stories back.  We’ve allowed out stories to be highjacked and it is time now to own them again.

I’ve spent about the last three years monitoring the Golden Age of Gaia discussion forum and made many wonderful friends there.  The Golden Age of Gaia blog owner, Steve Beckow is one of them, and he has nagged/nudged me enough to get the notion in my head that this blog should exist.

So, here it is and I hope you enjoy it.  Whether or not anyone does, it will give me an outlet to express the many thoughts and experiences I am having during this time of intense expansion and change.



10 thoughts on “About

  1. Dearest Andrea,
    It’s so nice to see you have your own forum. i enjoyed your videos from the 2012 Conference. Thank you! For me, losing my fear of death was a key part of my waking up a few years back. I think its central to the process… I was reading Betty Edie’s “Embraced By the Light” when I realized this.
    Also this, “My body is composed of the love of Gaia.” puts into words a matephysical concept I seem to think over a good bit.
    Thank you, Love you,

    Never again to fear death. Think about this one. It’s all good to consider the philosophical in a mental way, the theosophical treaties on life after death and so on, but to have a direct experience is a whole different world of wonder.

  2. Hi Andrea. I’ve been reading a bit about you (and dear husband’s) current challenges, and my heart is with you. These are indeed “interesting” times. I’ve just posted my first new poetry at my blog in what seems like eternity (!) and thought I’d pass the word along. You might find resonance there. Or not. Nice to have you as part of the WordPress family. Blessings to You!

    • Hi, Rachel!

      Sorry for the delay on approving your comment, I slept all day today. I’ve been going through a healing crisis and was just wiped out.

      Maybe tomorrow I’ll get the chance to see your new poem.


  3. There was a gardener who had a beautiful garden and in this garden he had many different flowers, trees, some fruits and vegetables and in one little corner he had one tiny little bamboo growing. The bamboo loved his gardener more than any of the other plants and trees in the garden. He loved him because the gardener use to take extra time to talk to him everyday. One day while the gardener was watering him the bamboo asked the gardener what his purpose in the garden was? The bamboo said I know the flowers are here because they give a beautiful fragrance to the garden. And I know the trees are here because they give shade to the garden, and I know the fruits and vegetables are here because they give you food. But what am I here? Why do you pay so much attention to me? The gardener said, “I have a very special purpose for you that you cannot see yet.” Although the little bamboo did not know what his specific purpose was, he was still very excited because he now knew he had a purpose. Time went by and the little bamboo grew into this great, mighty bamboo, he was taller than any of the trees in the garden. One day while enjoying the cool morning he noticed the gardener coming his way but this time he did not have his usual bucket of water he only had a large knife in his hand. As the gardener approached the bamboo he asked the bamboo, are you ready to be used for your purpose?” The bamboo was very excited and he replied,”Yes” I am ready to be used for my purpose. So the gardener begin to cut the bamboo down with the large knife and the bamboo screamed and said, Master what are you doing? That hurts so much! The gardener said, if I am going to use you I need to cut you down. The bamboo said, If you must cut be down so I can be used then have your way master. After the gardener cut the bamboo down he took him to the side of his house and laid him on a lng bench. The bamboo said, what are you going to do to me now master? The gardener said, if I want to use you I must split you open and rip your heart out and all your insides. The bamboo screamed, no master that will hurt to much! The gardener told the bamboo if I don’t then I cannot use you. The bamboo said, if you must split me open so that you can use me then do what you must master. The gardener split open the bamboo and the bamboo screamed out with pain but before he knew it the gardener was done. The gardener left the bamboo to dry out for a couple of weeks on the side of his house and the bamboo was growing in anxiety wondering when and how the gardener was going to use him. At this time he noticed that the gardener did not pay as much attention to him as he used to. He noticed that the gardener spent most of his time taking buckets of water to the trees and the plants that were in the garden. The once little bamboo was wondering if it would have been better for him to stay in the cool of the garden then to want to be used by the master. Afte a couple of weeks the gardener returned to the bamboo and he began to put the bamboo back together. The bamboo was just so happy to be touched by the gardener that he had completely forgotten that the gardener had a special purpose for him. When the gardener was done putting the bamboo back together he picked him up and took him to the side of the stream where he used to get the buckets of water to fill the garden. The bamboo asked the gardener, master what are you going to do with me now? The gardener said, I am going to use you as a pipe from the stream to my garden. The bamboo replied, master you are going to use me to water the garden? You mean I will bring water to all the plants and trees in the garden now? Yes the gardener replied, I will now use you to bring life to my garden, without you they will not have water. The bamboo was overjoyed and could not believe the gardener would give him such a wonderful purpose. The bamboo now understood why the gardener had to what he did to use him. Many times we do not know why we are going through the thing we are going through but we can be sure that God is working His purpose out in us. Sometimes God has to cut us down, rip everything out of us, let us dry out then put us back together to use us. Remember no matter what you are going through God is going to get the glory out of your life.

  4. Dearest Andrea

    I have been been a reader of the GAoG site for a little under 3 years (but only recently stumbled on this blog) and have appreciated and enjoyed your contributions to that wonderful blog. Steve and the rest of you all are performing invaluable service to so many.

    I notice that you posted Matt Kahn’s video today … thank you so very much for doing so. Isn’t the simplicity of what he brings through so delicious?!?

    Sending you love and wishing you all the blessings one being can bare.

    Mark x x x

    • The beauty of it is that the truth always simplifies. All the most obvious stuff to begin with begins to come up for awareness in the process of removing and debunking what isn’t true and never was.

      It’s the hugest blessing to share the personal fruits of this process. Soooo yummy, and in my view, there’s nothing so fine as sharing the goodies. Can’t relate to having the good stuff and no one to share it with!


  5. Andrea, I always enjoy your input to GAOG. I support your moving out in whatever way you are guided as you are with this. log. I resonated with this writing today….sad, tired, can hardly remember what it feels like to be in joy and trust. Keep on keeping on, there is no other way, for any of us. I remember that what I have experienced is real and filled with hope and knowing. Namaste, Andrea. Know many are out here doing and feeling the same things. ❤️, Diane

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