profile picHello, and welcome friends and visitors to Notes From the Center of the Spiral.

I am Andrea Scully and this blog has evolved into a depository of the pages I’ve collected in my journey to get better acquainted with my inner guidance team through automatic writing.

I’ve been blogging for a while now, but my love of blogging grew out of a love developed in community. If you’re interested in getting better acquainted with me, you can find me regularly at Gaia Scene community forum.

I also write articles for a community blog springing from the hearts of those of us focused on the journey of human mastery. You can find me and others with this same focus sharing our journeys at Gaia Scenics’ View blog.

My personal history and journey includes many situations, all culminating in my current focus on mastering the human experience of walking a Divine path. As a vessel of Divinity, I see this as my role here on Earth, to serve as a vessel of Divine Will.

Lest this be seen as a touch too much, allow me to spill some of the other milestones of my life along the way to be here now.

At 20 years old, after abandoning my fundamentalist religious upbringing in my teens, I underwent the initiation process to become a priestess of a pagan tradition. This taught me many useful tools for self discovery and for honing my supernormal (psychic) abilities.

I’ve been a pagan high priestess and elder since 1983. The gist of this is that I know I personally represent the Great Goddess Mother principle of the Universe in Her many forms. It’s what I am and what I do.

At 25 years old, I survived stage 3B Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. This near death experience was a wake up call for me very early in life. Full on mystical experiences along with many years of recovery through natural means were all a part of this passage, as well as the dissolving of the illusions about death and my fear of it.

Born and raised in a sort of localized and mini drug cartel situation, I spent some 30 or so dealing with my many kinds and levels of attraction to a variety of addictions. Drug addiction, gambling, sexual promiscuity, food, you name it, I’ve been there and gotten busy with it. My understandings of the base line roots of addictions is acute and deeply personal.

I’ve explored many levels of lifestyle, from fairly affluent, with lots of excess money, all the way to extended homelessness. My relationship with the flow of Divine Abundance is still in the process of shifting into the greatest alignment with mastery, and yet, I’m familiar with more of this territory than many people are.

The truest truth is that this Universe is a highly benevolent place that loves me and supports me in every way. I continue to surf these energies as we all do.

I’ve been a devoted and dedicated community servant since late 2011 in the spiritual or lightworker realm. I’ve been administrating a community forum since that time, the newest incarnation of which is mentioned and linked above. It’s become a close family type of interaction, based in the principles of evolving into 5D communication skills of authenticity, harmlessness, and integrity.

I came to this task directed by my personal connection and interaction with Arch Angel Michael, who brought me to these opportunities and charged me to personally get involved and to bring His principles to life in these specially focused communities.

From this community base, we dreamed of and co-created a community blog (also mentioned above) to showcase our sharings and to highlight the human mastery factor in the Ascension process. I serve as Executive Editor for this blog as well as being a writer and editor.

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