peacefulFor any who’ve been following the 40 days of messages in automatic writing I’ve been doing, this last 6 days have been deeply peaceful.

I come to my keyboard each day and make a try for a few minutes to connect into the next message.  Instead of getting one, I’ve simply been experiencing a deep peacefulness, a quiet contentment.  There’s nothing to ask, and there’s nothing to yearn for.  There is only a balanced place of no longing, of nothing to worry about.

After a long life of highs and lows, I have to say this is a wonderful development, this not having drive to do, or to focus on needs, or problems to be solved.  From this place of being, none of these concepts have any meaning really.  In the realest sense, it feels deeply like such concepts are only that and don’t exist.  Not in this now.

This is remarkable, so I thought I’d share it.  I can’t remember having a period of this kind of feeling ever last so long, though I have felt this before.  It’s always been rather fleeting.  My mental habits have always come with a litany of excuses why I should focus on some stuff to work on, or some problems to solve.  Yada, yada, yada…

I’ll get back to the 40 days soon, and share what comes when I do.  In the meantime, I feel strongly that there’s been some fundamental movement in myself to make this experience even possible.  I frankly wouldn’t have believed it to be possible for such an extended period before this last week proved me wrong.

And that’s a really, really good thing!

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