Picture of The Star card from my 100 yr old tarot deck

Inspiration as THE STAR

The main theme of the year 2020, as I read it is Inspiration!

What a relief after the long slog through 2019, along with the theme of The Devil. I’m sure many of you join me in feeling completely worn thin and tired of the main theme of 2019 being all about the expose of the rot and the funk and the unconscionable. The fakery, the corruptions and the bad intentions too. (If you missed that reading from last year, you can find it here.)

I’m going to jump right in this year and begin with the predictions I have for the year of 2020. 

All archetypes have both positive and negative polarities, and this includes The Star archetype, representing what I’m basing my predictions for 2020 on. However, my main interest and focus is on the amazing opportunities this coming year, and not so much on the negative or challenging aspects.

Which polarity is most highlighted for an individual in their journey through the year 2020 is going to be mostly dependent on how much mastery they have developed. Many of us have been practicing our mastery for a long time now, dealing with ourselves and our abilities to master ourselves in real life. It is these same people I direct this article to.

Inspiration as Clarity

20/20 and vision!

In terms of clarity, I’m talking specifically about knowing what matters. After being told by a non-stop parade of ‘authorities’ what matters and what it means and why we ought to care about it, we finally begin to collectively see through the fake outs and facades.

2020 asks us to assign values and meanings to what truly matters for ourselves, just like we always can and should be responsible for doing. I believe this year is going to be an epic fail for those who try to grind out that old paradigm programming.

Mainstream media, aka fake news, fits this bill nicely, and I think 2020 is going to bring forth its breaking point. Whether this means it fails and fades from existence, or that it limps along with decreasing relevance, or whether it gets a clue and changes to something relevant again, I don’t know, but this year it reaches the tipping point.

Inspiration as a Sense of Destiny (and the Grinding Wheels of Fate)

This year comes with a blossoming sense of Destiny, both on an individual level, but also in terms of events on a global stage. For those who are still struggling with the most common spiritual question of what they are doing here and why does it matter, 2020 brings with it an epic opportunity to know what this is. 

There are two faces to this concept of Destiny. The face of Destiny and the face of Fate.

Destiny has to do with finding and knowing one’s personal alignment with Divine Will, it is an invitation to step into a role in one’s life story which feels like it is custom-made and Divinely orchestrated. There is an epic feeling to this, whether it be framed in ways that make the role influential on a humble and personal level, or a global one, or somewhere in-between. 

The other face is Fate, or taking the standpoint of being completely in the grinding wheels of predestined stuff that happens to us, whether we like it or not. If we are still in the illusion phase of insisting every thing and every one else is in control of our lives and realities, then here comes the fickle Fates to bring us plenty more reasons to validate those same notions.

Inspiration as Epiphanies and Miracles are Possible for Those Who Flow With Divine Will

Oh, yes, clarity leads the way into understandings that have eluded us up until now. Miracles are also possible too under these auspicious conditions. Being receptive to these possibilities is a prerequisite though, so there is that…

For years, we have been faced with many challenges and opportunities to release our old paradigm baggage to prepare to co-create a new paradigm for a new and better world for everyone. 

For those who have been preparing faithfully and with devotion, this year will bring many blessings with it. It’s been difficult for so long, and it’s not like we haven’t earned this. We have and it’s time to be open to receiving what we are due by virtue of being in personal integrity and open to receiving what we need in any moment. 

Inspiration as Freedom and Hope

The longing and calling for, and the realizations of freedoms which are inherent in simply being human and being here will be all over 2020, along with hope for the future.

The Star represents both freedom and hope, and especially after an extended period in a difficult environment. I’d say this last year fits that bill. We’ve seen a lot of exposes of what we wish we never knew and wish never existed. Yet, they do exist, and 20/20 brings this home to the core of our attention, if we are willing to move out of denial and hopelessness these realizations may bring with them.

There have been many ways our freedoms have been curtailed as human beings, some very subtle and many not so subtle, but for certain, none of it stops so long as we don’t recognize what these are.

I believe there will be increasing pressure on freedoms of everyday people all throughout this year of 2020. Because of this, the concepts of freedom are going to be increasingly highlighted. It’s going to show up clearly as what matters, and bring forth responses which push back with a vengeance. 

There is more clarity on these agendas to curtail freedoms now for a larger ratio of the population than there ever has been before. We see this playing out all over the world, in diversity, as is reasonable, given so many cultural and social differences.

On the downside of this Star archetype, are those who cling to the notion that nothing is changing, all is lost and nothing anyone can do about it. Social media is full of such howling, as most of us know all too well.

Inspiration as Creativity

Creativity, especially with themes of Divinity, and divinely inspired works of all kinds will be featured this year. Creative people who have felt stymied by the energies of 2019 are feeling much more like the energy is present for creating this year.

There is an earthy and practical aspect to it, as is seen by the naked woman beneath the star pouring out her vessels upon the Earth and into the pool of water. Some devotion and perseverance will need to be applied to produce outcomes that are earthy and practical. 

All arts and even sciences are bound to be featured this year in inspirational and creative ways, as well as some surprises that seem ‘other-worldly’ too. The theme of greater good is going to be featured widely.

I expect to world changing innovations to appear openly throughout the year and continue to develop into the next decade. (Finally!)

Inspiration as Idealism Made Manifest

2020 is going to be a year of idealism and idealists. It will be a year for manifesting things that matter, for ourselves and for the greater good of  humanity.

Dreamers of a better world are going to be getting busy with ideas and beliefs of an idealistic sort. No amount of discouragement is going to be effective to suppress or subdue those that do take up these tasks, and the roles which are created along with them. 

The energies are now favoring such endeavors, and may definitely be seeded and beginning to take root throughout and by the end of 2020, for those with the will and the patience to pursue what is important and worthy to them and their life force, in inspired ways, in partnership with Divine inspiration.

Inspiration as Patriotism

We’ve already been seeing signs of this patriotism building for some time, and in the year of 2020 it will be patriotism on steroids. Of course, this will continue to be intensely highlighted in the USA, but I think it will be a world-wide phenomenon. 

Nationalism is going to be very popular, I believe, and certain to dismay those who are striving to produce a homogenous world which is easy to control by a centralized government or corporations.

There is sure to be interplay between what is swelling up from grassroots regular people and attempts to highjack these same movements by those who just want to control outcomes.

Never mind all that, because in spite of these attempts, the true and noble nature of love of country and the people in it is going to be grounded into the very fabric of realities by the time the year plays out.

Inspiration as Great Awakening and Q Phenomenon

An interesting thing I found when deeply considering this Star symbology was how the Roman numeral of this card is 17! Those of you following the Q phenomenon will know this number is a frequent feature in ‘Q proofs’. 

And then, I noted how the smaller stars around the central one form what looks like a mirror image of the bottom of a Q! ‘Think mirror’ is also an often mentioned statement from Q, so I find this to be very interesting indeed, given that the main theme of Q is a great awakening of the masses.

High five to all the Q fans out there. It’s been a truly amazing thing to appear on the scenes, and with all it’s messy glory, it’s been a boon for awakening the sleeping masses, while also being a fabulous place to build discernment skills and hone them.

The Q sphere may not be for everyone. I’ve been monitoring it from its inception and there is a whole lot of chaos involved in it, as well as a whole lot of very deep exposes of seriously disturbing information being dug up and speculated on endlessly, too.

I think it will be interesting to see what 2020 brings to this particular venue. It’s bound to be something ‘big’! LOL!

Inspiration as Service to Humanity

The service to Humanity and the greater good is going to be a main theme for 2020. Not everyone is going to agree what this is and how to do it, so there is going to be some rub on account of this, but regardless, the energies are present to make this topic a bigger deal than it already has been.

I’m going to be watching carefully for various agendas offering up facades and fake outs, and hiding what is not designed at the core to produce anything really about the greater good this year.

Buyer beware and be careful of who you follow is a good course to take on this factor, but the general theme of clarity and 20/20 vision, I believe, is going to make fake outs and facades much easier to detect (read – in your face) this year.

Inspiration as Integrity

2020 is going to go down in history as the year when integrity and authenticity is going to be breaking through the facades which used to be so spell-binding and hypnotizing to the masses.

And, I believe, it’s not even going to matter much if any individual or agenda is utterly self-serving or serving the greater good, in terms of whether or not this integrity factor shows up whether any of it is seen as real and true.

By integrity here, I mean specifically not fakery. Serve self or serve others, or somewhere in-between, is all good in this. If is real and true, it is real and true, and either way, this is what I’m talking about here. For good or for ill, but no fakers will make the cut in 2020, not on a broader scale.

Oh, they will show up, but we will be able to see right through them. Then, we ignore them, or they utterly fail to find relevance. The energy we have access to in 2020 will be going to what is in integrity to itself and authentic to who and what it is. The end.

Inspiration as Divine Guidance and Psychic Abilities Increase

A main theme of The Star is all about higher guidance. Whether we want to call this God or Source, or Higher Self or Soul Connection (Oversoul), or by any other terms, including connections to Angelic or Galactic Sources, all this is indicated for 2020.

I believe it will be an epic year for prophets and prophetic types of validations. Psychic abilities for most everyone will increase this year as well, depending on the person and how clear of a channel they are for such information to flow.

There will be incredible opportunities this year to more fully integrate into the body (physically and in full awareness) our Soul Essence and our connection in real time to the All That Is/Divine Source, no matter how you frame or name it.

On the negative side of this theme are those who believe there is nothing going on in terms of connecting with God and are embracing the rhetoric of godlessness. There are many levels of this conditioning in our modern societies and to ferret it all out would take a much longer conversation. 

However, I believe the year 2020 is going to show up people with this godlessness affectation in how depressed and depressing they are through this coming year. 

Inspiration as 8 Pointed Star

I invite those who have interest in the number 8 appearing in so many contexts in The Star archetype to suss this out for themselves. There are plenty of internet links about the number 8 and the numerology of it out there to do so. What I will share here are my own epiphanies around my contemplation of 8 as related to The Star and the year 2020.

I would like to mention again the Roman numeral of The Star is XVII or 17, which reduces to 8 (1+7). There is an 8 pointed star in the center of the card. There are 7 more stars around the central one, making a total of 8 stars, so there are multiple layers, and perhaps, multiple dimensions of meanings suggested in this archetype surrounding the number 8.

And so…

Inspiration as All Directions Engaged

This number 8 relates to The Wheel of Fortune tarot card too, representing the wheel of karma, among other things, such as a wheel with 8 spokes. This is related to the idea of a Medicine wheel, featured in many indigenous cultures and eras.

Essentially, what this represents, in my view, is directions. This number 8 in a wheel design is like a two dimensional (flat) representation of the geometries of all directions at once. These being forward, backward, left, right, up, down, and incoming or outgoing directionally.

The number 8 laid down horizontally makes the infinity symbol too. It occurred to me (once I got my mind around the directions factor of this 8 pointed star) that the geometry this represents in motion (not flat) is one of a torus field.

These last two dimensional directions, incoming and outgoing, hold the key to what gives motion to this geometry, and I invite anyone who would like to meditate on this to see what you perceive also.

One could speculate on this, but to me, most simply, this suggests that the year 2020 is going to be one where all directions are engaged and activated. The ‘flat’ reveals as a holographic torus field! Wow!

Inspiration as Physical Ascension – Source Chakra # 8 Activation – Upgrade to the Human Template

Several things have occurred to me, while considering this Star archetype and the number 8 for the last few days. One of these is the 7 chakras of the human body (the smaller stars), and the way there is a naked woman kneeling under 8 eight pointed stars, with one great big one in the center at the top, making 8 stars altogether.

Where is this 8th chakra? A lesser known chakra is one that is not in the usual field of the body itself, and said to be above the crown chakra. It’s been know to different traditions by different names, but the essence of this is, when it is activated, it is said to give direct and conscious access to connection with God-consciousness. It’s been know to be accessible to certain masters after very long and devoted practice.

What I see here is an upgrade to the human template, an evolutionary one, that is available now to those who are prepared to reach for it. The way this appears to me is as a very real part of the physical ascension of humanity process, available in a broader sense than ever before.

What used to be available only to the few and the incredibly devoted, who would quite literally be called to leave the world and abandon being in it, I believe is going to begin to be available to those who have come here at this time to be in the world inspired by Divinity in real time.

This particular epiphany is a surprise to me, and one I did not expect to show up. Regardless, it has revealed itself to me while watching the geometries involved with the 8 symbolism in motion, and it’s very exciting news. It’s a possibility now that has not been so readily and widely available before!

Whether or not this possibility is a probability on an individual level is going to vary wildly. As I said before, this is for those who have prepared themselves appropriately to be a vessel for Divine Will expressing itself in the world at this time.

Anyway, I invite the reader to explore this idea for themselves and see if it applies to them.

Inspiration as the Ability to Navigate

More obviously, with the 8 directions featured, the compass is indicated, so navigation is a central theme for 2020 as well. 

The compass suggests clear navigation is available, but this all depends on whether or not we have a basic understanding of the map, and also a basic sense of how the map differs from the actual terrain. Always a challenge for pioneering unknown territory, as many pioneers have found out to their peril. 

Navigating the year 2020 is going to need some common sense planning to get the most out of it, along with the inspirations that come forth through intuition and inner knowing.

The greatest promise of the new paradigm energies to play out in the next decade are on the horizon now. Navigating now takes on a much different level of intentional focus than ever before.

Inspiration as Pioneers Blaze Trails into New Paradigm Creations

Pioneers are hip to the necessities of preparations and planning, for making their way into uncertain environs, and making their way with basic provisions. Out of these provisions are taken the pieces and parts of what is needed to create in real time along the way. Also, good to pay attention to what we can reasonably carry along with us too, in order to not get bogged down in difficult terrains and passages.

A good plan is the foundation of a successful journey to the mostly uncharted future ahead of us. And yet, the actual journey cannot be planned out at all, but unfolds one step and one day at a time.

Or, perhaps just stay put… Just saying. Pioneering is not for everyone. This too is a valid choice for many people at this time.

For those who are here to pioneer new paradigm ideas and projects, 2020 and the coming decade as well, are going to be highlighted and a veritable fountain of energetic support for such endeavors will be available.

The question of success or failure of any individual project is that this will vary according to alignment with the Will of Divinity, and also, in my view, whether or not there are determined and common sense practical applications of sustained effort applied. 

Not at all unlike the pioneer metaphor I’m using here to discuss it.

Inspiration as Divine Will Through the Individual into Our Collective Consciousness

The pool of water in The Star archetype is all about our collective consciousness. It represents emotion as well, as it is water, but taken with the context of this coming year and rest of the symbology here, I believe it holds a much broader and multi-layered meaning.

The kneeling woman filled with Divine inspiration pours it forth from her vessels in both hands, from one onto the Earth, from the other into the pool, simultaneously. With her foot in this pool, it suggests she is not only intentionally interacting with the Earth she kneels on, but also with stepping right into the pool of our Collective and shared consciousness.

The individual human element is seen here channeling the Divine Will through inspiration into both the physical realties in practical ways to Earth, and at the same time into the collective consciousness pool (through the personal and individual realization process), simultaneously.

Inspiration Through the Universal and Cosmic/Galactic Memory Pool

Collective consciousness goes further than only what we think of as humanity’s shared consciousness, and includes what we might tag as Cosmic or Galactic consciousness as well. 

2020 reads to me to be moving even deeper than we have been into the slippery territories of the 4D realms that border between 3D and 5D. I call this the realms of angels and demons. Angelic consciousness? ET or inter-dimensional beings consciousness? Even malevolent or demonic consciousness too, for that matter?

I think so. It seems to me to be a very good idea to be on high discernment as to exactly what we commune with and especially what we align or attach to when delving into all the channels of communion and communication, and all those kind of opportunities this coming year of 2020.

With the heightening of psychic abilities this year, particularly for those unpracticed with such perceptional abilities, it will be good to keep a healthy and self-protective attitude. Not necessarily cynical, but skeptical enough to suss out what is in our highest good and what is not so friendly to health, well-being and sanity. Particularly, if we still have a lot of self healing work to do.

For those who feel uncertain how to protect themselves while they build discernment, there are many ways and many places that give instructions on this. Find those which suit you and use them wisely.

Using common sense when interacting with the opening realms of communication that will surely be happening even more in 2020 makes sense. Call on your guides, your higher wisdom, on the Source/God/Force that animates everything with living energy to assist you and protect you.

Inspiration as Self-Healing

Each of us are individually a ‘portion’ of our shared collective consciousness pool. Therefore, we each affect this pool with Divinely inspired healing energies and shifts, when we ourselves are healed and engaging in healing our subconscious or shadow elements.

For many of us, this healing process has been a focus for a long time now, some of us a very long time indeed. For others, perhaps only now realizing on a conscious level how important our self-care truly is. It’s not only about ourselves! This affects all of us, both ‘high and low’, earthly and heavenly too. 

Whether this means there is some sort of tipping point, which is what I feel is a good guess, or whether some powerful healing or technique is going viral as some sort of  fad-arama, I really don’t know. I know self-healing will be a theme in some significant way for 2020, and will be watching to see how it expresses itself this year.

Inspiration as Self-Care and Authentic Balanced Self-Esteem, Which are Expressions of Divinity in Human Form

Imagine this. If I shift, everything in relation to me must also shift. I may not control how this shift occurs anywhere other than myself, but that is also, on a very core level, not my business anyway. 

We all swim in the same ‘fabric’ of reality here. We are connected. The same tapestry of time and space, of the ‘matrix’ of what we perceive all around us, this is our shared territories, and this must also include our collective perceptions and beliefs too. 

If I heal my relations to myself, this leads directly to the healing of my relations to everything. The healing of, and the developing the mastery of my individual ‘portion’ of our shared consciousness, therefore, contributes to the healing of all other ‘portions’ too.

This is what the broadest value of self-healing is, as it has been revealed to me, and is the way our shared consciousness heals and changes. The realization of this in 2020 is showing up as a theme, so we all play a role here. Yeah, it’s personal, and it’s our best way to help one another too.

Inspiration as Faith 

Faith is also a huge factor in 2020, as without some faith to sustain such inspirations and high-minded visions, there is little chance of grounding them into anything practical and effective. 

This suggests faith in one’s self, as well as faith in the Will of Divinity itself and its reality, potency and power, as well as its true nature of benevolence, abundance and ultimate wisdom applied to the greater good for all beings.

Inspiration as a Resurgence of the Christ Principle

With faith being highlighted in 2020, there is going to be a resurgence and revitalization of the Christ principle and Christ Consciousness. 

This resurgence will be seen in increased interest in Christianity globally, and will also be expressing itself as a restructuring of the dogmas and tenets of traditional world-wide religious structures overall.

The Christ principle or Christ Consciousness does not belong to Christianity as a religion or dogma, and in fact, is much older than the establishment of the Christian church. I invite any who care to dig into the actual history of this to do so, I certainly am not here to school anyone on what this is or isn’t. 

What I will say is that the Christ principle itself is not one of victimhood or a savior at all, but one of mastery in human form as divine children of Source and co-creators of realties.

The core of the meaning of Christ consciousness, which is related practically and very directly to the heart of the seeker and their personal connection to Divine Source and Will, is going to be a big deal in 2020. It’s bound to play out across the globe in different religious venues, depending on culture and traditions of the region.

On the down side of this aspect, is godlessness or the lack of connection to Divinity in both an individual and societal context. There will be many with an utter sense of hopelessness and also a lack of and/or a loss of faith in pretty much everything. 

Anything which doesn’t offer instant gratification, regardless if this is even possible or appropriate, is going to drive this sort of thinking for those who still cling to contemporary modern conditioning and have nothing else to do but offer complaints and victim-based excuses, without caring to create and offer solutions along with them.

Clinging to a belief in godlessness is not going to fare well in 2020. I predict those that do are going to find the well they fall into about this is going to be a whole lot deeper and darker then they ever imagined. A virtual hell on Earth? Maybe so.

A flip out of such states of mind is always possible though. Offering some inspiring words might be helpful (or not), but it certainly seems appropriate to me to at least offer them.


The Will of Divinity Wins

This is the part I feel goes the deepest into how this archetype is likely to play out this year. There are multiple aspects of this as described above, and I’ve shared how I believe it may manifest this year of 2020, even though this one year will not be the end of the process, but only the beginning, in so many ways, of what we may see come to pass in the next decade, at least.

What I see for 2020 is so many incredible opportunities for those who find the will to take up a role in the unfoldment of Divine Will, right here and right now. This alone is reason to marvel at the abundant benevolence at play here this year.

Inspiration as GRATITUDE

May we find gratitude for everything, as this is the highest and most effective vibration for the greater good energy available to all of us on Earth at this time, no matter who you are or at what stage of development you are in, in your endeavor to develop your personal mastery in human form.

Inspiration as Prayer

And so, in closing this very long article, I want to encourage everyone to remember to ask for, in prayer, what we need to sustain us through the challenges and blessings these amazing times have to offer.

It is our right, our sacred birthright, to ask for direct Divine wisdom, clarity, and support for anything and everything. 

When I speak about prayer and praying, I mean very specifically to pray in a way that is appropriate for the Divine children of a Benevolent Universal Source Deity, which is the source of our life force, and is, by birthright, our benefactor, always.

Prayer is a two way street, lovers. There is the asking, and there is the receiving too. Being a vessel for Divinity means literally to be open to be filled with it and the willingness to be an expression of it. Without the receiving part, none of this can happen, it’s just common sense.

So, clear out what is unworthy of the best we can be, and let’s get on with it. It’s hard for me to imagine energetic conditions that would be more inspiring, encouraging and supportive for us than The Star archetype represents for the year 2020!

Notes From the Center of the Spiral

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