Aster: Practical Approach in the Current Energies

practical 3Sunday, June 25, 2017

Andrea: I’d like to talk about about any practical considerations that our conversation might be able to bring some clarity to. These new energies present at this time bring challenges for those of us who are focused on finding what works and what doesn’t. Many of our old paradigm ways of being are no longer finding purchase in attempts to go forward with them. Can you comment on this and perhaps give some helpful hints?

Aster: We can say that taking practical approaches at this time will ease the transition going on. What most will define as practical, however, isn’t exactly what we would consider as the appropriate definition.

Practical from our view, isn’t always about producing what an individual prefers in every moment, but takes into account what may be produced that’s more in alignment with the concept of the good of all concerned.

So, from our perspective, being practical will entail releasing the concepts most carry about what is good being all about producing preferences in each moment. This is a distortion pattern that serves no one and instead creates much friction in manifestations. Continue reading


Aster: Relentless Unbindings, Sacred Seeds are Released

releasing seedsTuesday, June 13, 2017

Andrea: I hear you calling, Aster. What would you like to share about current circumstances? I can feel some information coming in around the edges of my consciousness. Shall we bring it through together?

Aster: We may do so. All that is required is for you to be willing and interested. We stand by for such opportunities, should they appear and should you choose them.

Andrea: All of last year felt to me (and some others as well) as if it was a birthing period. Some of us felt the imperative to push, in some inexplicable way.

Aster: The time for birthing is done now. The new pathways are born in this now and are here for development. The imperative to push was mostly about how to push through the thinning ‘membrane’ of consciousness still clinging to the old paradigm principles.

The energetic support for such old school principles have been dissolving steadily, and this will continue. This development won’t let off and it won’t reverse again or go away.

This all has to do with the natural spiral of Sacred Geometries, and these geometries play themselves out in a natural progression. In time and space, they dance the cycles of Life Itself. In diversity and in Sacred and mysterious ways, this dance of energy and form will expand possibilities.

These new possibilities are within the current experience of dissolving structures and may be perceived as chaotic. In fact, this chaos is only one way to look at the breaking up of bound energies, of bound and static or stale realities. Continue reading