Life Transitions

road aheadLife transitions and lots of changes in my personal life have taken me away from blogging here for the last 5 months. In the meantime, I’ve been busy with continuing this automatic writing on the behalf of some people who’ve asked me to bring forth some information for them.

The other busyness was about the community forum, Gaia Scene, which is the result of a long time love affair I’ve had going now for about 5 years with community. This forum has been through some changes too, and is currently the revised version of what used to be a yahoogroups forum platform called Golden Gaia, and before that was called 2012 Scenario.

The core of the long-term forum membership is now seated in this relatively new platform. If anyone wonders where I am and what I’m up to, I can be found there. Here’s the link to find it: http:/

I will be starting a new series of messages. I think the subject matter will be more information about the elemental kingdoms and (of course) ascension energies. We will see how that works out, but that’s what is coming up soon.

If interested in a private reading, you may contact me here, or otherwise at the Gaia Scene forum. A few examples of private readings have been posted in the forum. Since it’s a private forum, I wont be posting them here. Those shares are for forum members only. I may also be posting future messages in the forum first as well.


3 thoughts on “Life Transitions

  1. Hello Andrea, Good to see your name in my morning email. Looks like your life has had as many transitions as mine of late. I seem to be in a very strange place right now. I had some amazing revelations of self over the summer. The only thing that felt true was that I was dismantling my personality and revealing what was underneath.

    Many weeks of emotional pain, heart pain, scraping the barrel. Then, poof! A light from within revealed so much! Floating for a while, then a vacuum seemed to present itself inside. Actually, felt hollow, calm, but confused. Then an opportunity to housesit for 2 weeks, privacy, quiet, settling, realized there actually was a huge cavern in there and it was up to me to fill choose what to fill it with. I thought I was choosing Light, love, neutrality, and elation resulted, calm, clarity. House sitting was in Santa Cruz, where my grandchildren reside, Lights to the world.

    Now, back at “The Ranch” in Willits for only a week. It feels like it all left. I again feel heavy, manipulated, brain-numb, so much so that I can’t keep track of what day it is, what I was just contemplating, who I am? Back to what am I here for? WTF? How can I possibly be accomplishing what I came here to do if I can’t seem to even stay in the present moment. But maybe the present moment here is not the present moment where I reside? Actually, that would be a relief. Feelings of being out of place, but not seeing another viable opportunity. In short, not sure of anything right now. The pervasive joy and peace of two weeks ago seems so in the distant past. Time means nothing right now, which irritates my husband, oh well. I have separated myself from the Community here, and they are “allowing” me to stay until I find something else, but have cut all forms of support, so don’t know how to get some income going, this is a very strange, isolated place, this Willits……and most people are mind-altered with weed….this piece of the puzzle actually gave me some understanding why I was so confused by behaviors, duh, and why I was having difficulties relating or connecting.

    Wondering, is there a way to have a reading done by you? and….I’m feeling a strong urge to attempt automatic writing myself, but also feel need for some guidance on how to accomplish this? I am experiencing a human numbness which seems to be blocking even meditation right now, having a difficult time getting back inside the safe cavern of my true self. Any suggestions?

    Thanks for any nuggets you may be able to send my way.

    Angel blessings, Charlotte

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