Internal Guidance and Aster Speak on Oneness and Separation

Monday, February 16, 2015

Hello to my internal guidance crew. I feel today like I’m back in the stadium again with so many in attendance. So, is there any being among you that would step forward to speak with me today? Please let me know who you are and why you come forward before we begin.

Group voice: We would come forward first as a whole to share that we attend you in this way at all times. There are indeed many in attendance to you, and we do this in agreement with you as well. It is with your express permission that we are with you, as has always been the case, though you’ve not always been expansive enough in your awareness to remember this facet of our intimate relations.

Yes, I sense now that this is so. I used to wonder at how there could be this feeling of being watched and supported, particularly in times of danger. At one time this was such an utter surprise as to be nearly unbelievable to me, but I now see that this was my own illusion of separation at play. Continue reading