Aster: All Serve the ONE (or Stepping Out of Polarity)

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Sunday, January 18, 2015

I make a space for communion with my guidance team today. Though this is something I’m open to all the time these days, still, in this formal setting, is there anything you would wish to share with me?

Aster: We would. We would point out that there’s no time that isn’t communion with us, we attend you and all of you always. It is only a matter of choosing to bring attention to us, our attention to you never wavers.

So it seems from what you always share with me. It’s true my attention is the one that wavers.

Aster: Indeed it does, but we would remind that this doesn’t matter. You’re sovereign and it’s up to you to determine what’s in your best interests in every moment. Though we’re here in support for you, and by we, we include the Heavenly Hosts and the Ascended Masters, and also those beings you would refer to as extraterrestrial beings too.

Even those beings who have disrespected your sovereignty have served you too, and in the bigger picture aided in your development. No matter what can be discerned and known about their intent, they too have been agents of the ONE. Continue reading


Aster: A New Realm of Discovery and Wonder

stop asking permission to be greatThursday, January 1, 2015

It’s a joy to open up a page to converse with you again after more than a month. I can’t say I’ve missed you, as I feel we’re much more integrated now than when this all began. I’ve been talking to you each night as I relax to go to sleep, too bad this doesn’t get recorded, as it’s been all fascinating information.

Aster: Welcome, and more welcome to you! We attend you as always and are always pleased to do so.

At this auspicious time, when so many are setting the intention for a new year, what can you share with me about how to go forward in what seems to me to be very new energies? This is not only from my own personal perspective but also is being reported to me by many of my peers.

Aster: We would comment on this by confirming that what is being reported and also experienced by yourself (ourselves) is a wholly new realm of discovery and wonder. As you have observed and have been talking about with others for weeks, this is a space of newness and one which is a transitional phase as well. Continue reading